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POM Pro 2 Go Bluetooth Earbuds (various colors) EXPIRED

stevedensmore 496 281 February 9, 2015 at 12:24 PM in Headphones (9) More Groupon Deals
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Promoted 02-13-2015 by longmanj9 at 04:17 PM View Original Post
Update: Available again, use coupon code PREZ10 for 10% Off has POM Pro 2 Go Bluetooth Earbuds (various colors) on Sale for $24.99 - 10% Off w/ coupon code PREZ10 = $22.49. Shipping is free. Thanks stevedensmore

Available Colors
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White

Editor's Notes & Price Research

Written by longmanj9

These earbuds feature Bluetooth v4.0 with Near Field Communication (NFC), noise-cancellation, in-line microphone with one touch controls and up to 8 hours of talk / music. A brief demonstration video of these earbuds can be found here. -Corwin


Original Post

Edited February 9, 2015 at 05:31 PM by stevedensmore

POM Gear Pro2Go Wireless Bluetooth NFC Noise-Canceling Earbuds
Sweat-proof in-ear headphones
High-fidelity stereo sound quality
Lightweight aluminum housing
Inline microphone with one-touch controls
Multifunctional voice prompts, such as voice dialing
Bluetooth v4.0 with Near Field Communication (NFC) link
Flat tangle-resistant cable
Up to 8 hours of talk/music or 350 hours of standby on full charge
USB rechargeable battery
Condition: new
One-year warranty for all colors
Dimensions: 2" (L) x 0.3" (W) x 0.1" (H)
Weight: 3.2oz.

I purchased these from last month's SD post, and regretted not picking up another pair for my girlfriend. Thankfully I stumbled across this new link today. The signal on mine stay connected over 100+ feet, and through multiple brick walls at the YMCA. They're small, lightweight, and don't bother me at all while shooting around on the basketball court. I'm using them on a Sprint Samsung S5.
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Last Edited by glck23 February 17, 2015 at 07:00 PM
Take note, there are no reviews for these on any major sites site as Amazon. Take all reviews with a grain of salt and make your own decision. Especially new posters who are positive on the purchase.


Quote :
I received mine today and am...90% happy with them. I bought them solely to use in the gym and will never use them for talking. I also have absolutely no experience with other bluetooth earbuds. I've been using a pair of MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 for the past few months. Prior to that I was using Sennheiser CX380 Sport Series.

Obviously I can not testify to their longevity so I just hope they last. If I get around 12 months out of them I'll be happy. And I didn't just join yesterday so all you "detectives" can rest assured I have no affiliation with Groupon or POM. And imo you guys are putting a lot more effort into putting the OP down and trying to investigate everything about him compared to how much effort he is putting in to telling us about a deal. I am thankful for the thread and find most of your comments comical.

As for the packaging, mine is the same. And I would rather they come with the nice reusable case instead of some clamshell packaging that you throw away instantly. I can only understand this complaint if you bought them as a gift for someone. Otherwise, no reason to complain.

Fit - This was a big concern for me, but they actually fit really well in my ears. I left the medium fittings on with the wings and they fit great. I jumped around (in my house like an idiot), did some situps, ran up and down the stairs and they did not budge. I am completely satisfied with the fit. That said, I know everyone's ears are different, so this could be quite a different story for you.

Sound - I am also not an audiophile. At first I was pretty disappointed and they sounded bad. After I let them play for a little while though, they are starting to sound really good. I wouldn't hype up the sound too much but I am happy with them for listening to music at the gym.

Range - Limited to being inside, I left my phone (Samsung S5) in one room and went to the other side of the house. That is roughly 45 feet with a chimney (2 layers of brick) and 2 walls (simple drywall). I stayed there for a few minutes and had no issues. No breaking up of the music, no static, just clean sound. I never plan to be more than maybe 10 feet away so this easily meets my needs. Can it do 100 feet? Well I'll try it on Monday just to see.

Connectivity - Since it has NFC and obviously bluetooth, it was simple to connect to and reconnect.

Size - Since these are my first bt earbuds, I was not expecting the size. Partially my fault and something I'll just get used to.

Controller - I agree with another comment about the controls being flat and hard to tell what is what. It will take a little bit to get used to where they are. I also wish it was a little closer to the middle of the wire. Right now I have the clip after the controller so the controller slightly pulls on the right earbud. It doesn't pull enough to be a functional issue, but it does look kind of silly.

I'll do my best to get some pictures up tomorrow of them compared to some other earbuds. I can get them in ear also to show how they look being worn. If anyone has other questions, I'll do my best to answer. Oh and I also can not comment yet on how long a single charge lasts but they were at least partially charges when I received them.

Quote :
Updated review from me after using them for a couple more hours:

Fit - During my workout this morning I only had to mess with them twice in an hour and 20 minutes. That's pretty good. I think I found a good spot for the clip (just a hair towards the right earbud from the center) and the dangling controller didn't bother me once.

Sound - This seems directly related to how they are seated in my ear. There was one point in time where it started to sound very "crackly". I adjusted the earbud just a little in my ear and it went back to sounding good. I agree they could use more bass, but I am quite satisfied with the sound.

Reception/Range - Call me a liar if you want, but I measured mine inside on an open floor and didn't start to lose connection until 81 feet using my Samsung s5. I did this 3 times and it was exactly the same location it started to go in and out. Inside the crowded gym, I didn't actually measure but I still had excellent reception. I did lose connection once and I would guess it was around 50 to maybe 60 feet? The rest of the time I had it within 15 feet and had no issues.

Controller - This might be my biggest complaint and it is again that the buttons are just too flat and hard to tell where they are. I pressed the power button a couple times thinking I was pressing the volume/search button. I can not think of anything at the moment to make it better. Maybe cut a glue dot to fit on the volume/search buttons? I know my wife has them for her scrapbooking so I might give that a shot.

The bigger annoyance to me right now is just carrying my phone instead of the tiny iPod nano Smilie But that's obviously no fault to the earbuds.

As long as these things do hold up, I'll be completely satisfied with them.


Quote :
np, i too was a skeptic trying to find a cheap but nice working set of bt earbuds , i even went the buds route and they were just too much money to make me feel happy with my purchase tbh , these to me are just as good , i also tried ones i never compared to these cause they are not even close , the bluebudz are decent but not 200 bucks other than the warranty i heard was awesome but again i can buy 8 pair of these for same warranty if i had to , so far im very happy , i live in NC and i never heard of pom i just bought them cause they were small form factor and there claims were wild but they are good enough for the price actually better than good enough and tbh nfc doesnt matter to me , its basically a one time connect just a bit faster but u never really use it that much i think these and my sony smartband are the only time i have used it lol

Quote :
Received mine. Initial impressions
- sounds are very muffled (I've owned many in ear headphones so I know how to fit them properly)
- it's bulky and sticks out a decent amount from the ears
- comes with bizarre sized ear molds. The small one is tiny, the large one is very wide.
- the earphone speaker has a unusually large circumference for an IEM. Pretty uncomfortable wearing them
- I doubt these will stay in my ears when running because the earphones are heavy as well as the controls .

The sound is just awful- scratchy and muffled. I'm going to burn them in for a few hours to see if the sound improves. If the muffled sound doesn't go away I'm def returning them. I may need to return them regardless of sound because they are bulky and I doubt it'll stay in my ears when running.

Attached photos with a comparison to sony wired in ear headphones.


Quote :
Mine came in the mail today. What annoyed me is that I bought a white version but the clip and charging cable they provided is black. The earphones don't even come in a box, just a zip lock bag. The audio starts skipping 10 to 15ft away through one brick wall


Quote :
So I just came home to check them out. Here's what I can see...

-I ordered the white pair and they came exactly how the photo looks. Its white with the metal looking trim.

-Sound quality is actually pretty good. I'm surprised. I listen to a lot of punk/pop-punk/rap and its been fine for me.

-Distance! Well, its not 100ft. Then again, I wasn't expecting it. I'm getting around 50 feet?

All in all, I don't think it was a bad deal. I would have preferred them to be a little less...big? I went for a quick jog and they didn't really fall out of my ears but I don't think I could go hard with them. I think if I was running they might.

Would I recommend this deal to someone? Possibly. They aren't going to wow an audiophile but they are perfectly sufficient.


Quote :
I got these today and am sending them back. I am not a fan of the sound as they have very little bass and found the cord to be very thin and flimsy. Glad there is free return shipping. I am sticking with my QY7 that I got from Amazon for $10 more. Well worth it in my opinion. I found the controls dangling off the right ear to be a problem at times at the gym as well.


Quote :
Wow, this thread is still going. I got mine today, so I figured I'd weigh in with a quick first impression in an effort to increase the grassroots to astroturf ratio.

The buds themselves seem reasonably well made. They're larger than I expected, and stick out a bit more than I would like, but overall they're pretty small and light for bluetooth headphones.

The sound is good. Well, the sound is roughly equivalent to the cheap wired in-ear headphones I own. Nothing amazing, but if you're not picky they'll be fine. Definitely better sound quality than the old pair of bluetooth 2.1 headphones I have. I haven't tried them much at distance, but walking between rooms in my apartment I didn't get any static.

The little rubber things that stick out of the headphones don't seem to do much. Someone asked upthread what you're supposed to do with them. They point up towards the top of your ear, and are supposed to help anchor the buds in place, but they're so rubbery they really don't do anything for me at least. There's another straight set you can replace them with, but I'll probably just take them off entirely. I don't think these buds would stay in my ears for a minute while exercising, but I mostly got them for the train.

I'm probably going to keep them. I'm tired of fighting with headphone cables, and these seem like they'll be a decent replacement for my current in-ear buds.

Quote :
Got mine, sound is pretty horrible. Will go back agin.


Quote :
Hello All,

Not a frequent SD poster but I ordered these and feel like I can add some value. This will be pretty detailed so I'm hoping this helps those who are looking to buy. I don't think it's fair to say the OP conned people, granted I think he was over zealous. On to the review.

Notes: I just got these in the mail today so they have not had proper burn in time.
Disclaimer: I am not a professional audio technician just an average guy who likes sound.

What's in the "Box" (it came in plastic which was very minimal -- I like this because I hate wasted cardboard Smilie ).

1. Bluetooth IEM's with Mic and Controller
2. Extra Silicone Ear pieces
3. Extra IEM ear holders (it comes with the cresent shape ones on the IEM's but you have the straight oval option as well).
4. Carrying Case
5. Clip
6. Micro USB Cable for charging
7. Not the Quarter you bloody SDers that's for size reference.

Test Equipment/Methodology
1. Using a OnePlus One with AudioFX EQ (I tried Flat and Hip-Hop with 50% Bass Boost)
2. Spotify Music with Extreme Quality. I tried multiple Genres. I tend to like my music Bass heavy.

Boys 2 Men - End of the Road
Hardwell- Follow Me
Stevie Hoang - So Incredible
Ahmir - Perfect
Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk
2Pac - California Love

3. I will be testing these on the subway and my points of comparison are the following:
Klipsch Image S4, Harman Kardon NI, Velodyne vPulse, LG HBS-650, and the Moto Rokr -- not pictured.

Build Quality - I'm actually surprised at the way these initially feel. The rubber is soft touch, the cable is flat and feels like the vPulse ones (which I really like), and the aluminum construction resembles the circular "bullet" style headphones. The rubber isn't too hard and it seems like it will hold up on my NYC commutes but time will tell.

Fitment is actually pretty good (I have the big rubberpieces on, but you can adjust). It fully covers my ear canals and provides solid sound isolation. I will put these to the subway test come Tuesday but so far it fits very much like the Klipsch S4's. I'm pretty confident they won't fall out especially with the cresents molding to my ear note that you need to press in till you hear the vacuum effect in your ears. If you do not do this-- your music will sound absolutely horrible like a 50's radio station.

Sound Quality/Usability - I liked that these headphones paired extremely quickly and the range is very good on them. I walked about 20 feet away through 4 walls with no loss. Now for the most important part. These are not Bass heavy IEM's like the vBold. You will need an EQ for this and will need to boost them, for iPhones try to set it to Dance or Hip Hop this will work better for you.

I will say they improved after 3 hours of burn in so I would give these time. These are actually quite balanced and "flat". I did feel the bass was muddy in the beginning but after some time it got better. The detail and sound stage are not full range but I didn't expect it to be given the price point but the treble and mids are clear.

Final thoughts - In this brief review I would say these headphones sit somewhere between the S4's clarity and the vPulse Bass. They lose some detail to add a little bit of punch. These are definitely not worth $80-90 retail. I'd say these are like a $50 pair of headphones.

At $25 it's quite a no brainer (I'm assuming the build and quality hold up after some time- I obviously do not know this yet.) These absolutely spank the LG HBS-650's which IMO are horrible I don't know why people jumped on them on BF and sound better than the ROKR's which I thought were quite stylish and nice (great for running). My advice is not to go in expecting UE or Shure quality at this price because you will be disappointed. Do not expect crazy clarity or crazy bass. If you have EQ settings-- USE THEM. These are lower mid-range Bluetooth headphones that are absolutely worth a look at $25. If you are scared of durability-- use your credit card and Groupon's protection. That's why they are there.

I hope this review helps others decide.

Quote :
i ordered a pair of Whites a few days ago and got it today. have to say, i am pleasantly surprised by the sound quality on these things.

i've owned a pair of jaybird bluebuds x since their release and while these pom pro earbuds are definitely not as good as the jaybirds, they are still pretty good. right away, i noticed the bass is kinda high for me but they still sound pretty good. i'm just planning on using them to pair with my PC and not my phone so i don't care about any of the other features except sound quality.

the build quality feels pretty cheap though. the plastic parts seem to be made of cheap materials, like cheap-made-in-china-knockoffs kinda plastic.

the fit is pretty good in my ear. i kept the medium sized buds and they fit fine. the "wings" that are supposed to keep the earbuds in your ear are crap. they are way too flimsy to have any kind of support. the jaybirds "wings" are of much better quality, stiffer, and work way better.

the controls are pretty heavy. if you take out just the right ear and let it dangle from your neck, it will just drop and tug at your other ear. kinda annoying.

the range also seems to be really good. in fact, they might be better than my jaybirds. the jaybirds will disconnect when i'm out of range but with these, they don't disconnect. the audio will just be super choppy but it doesn't disconnect. the audio will go back to normal after getting back in range. pretty cool.

overall, not a bad pair of bt earbuds at all. have to say i am definitely pleased with these earbuds, especially at this price. for my purposes (pairing with my home PC), this is perfect.

i bought another pair of bt earphones from livingsocial and it was complete and utter garbage so i was kinda wary about this one. but seemed like there were some good reviews from the older thread so i decided to just pull the trigger. this was before the whole thing about this deal being a con or whatever.


Quote :
I picked up a pair of these the other day for working out. I've never been able to have a pair of bluetooth headphones last more than 3 months of working out. Figured I'd give these a shot.

I received these today, and so far, so good. Sound is perfectly good for TV/movies/podcasts, and seemed a bit louder than other headphones, which is good in a noisy gym. It paired and then switched easily between phone and tablet, which some headphones have issues with. They're also much more comfortable than some other ones I've worn (notably the Motorola S-10s), and more comfortable than most earbuds around.

If these last me more than few months, I'll consider the price a steal.


Quote :
I ordered mine on the 12th and received them today - mine is all black and does not have that shiny chrome-like plating on the back as was shown on the Groupon page. No big deal, I actually prefer the way it looks without.

I usually wear headphones during my commute to work and in the office, and the weight of these earphones is pretty light even though the controls are all on one side of the device. The small buds fit fine in my ear, and seem to stay put decently enough (head shaking, head nodding, I looked like I was going crazy) where the seal stayed without needing adjusting.

The connection occasionally skips and that's with my phone sitting less than a foot away from me on the desk. However, it's not that frequent that I'd be bothered by it - the skipping increases if I go down the hall about 10-15ft though. I can say it performs better than the BT headphones I currently have (Meelectronics Venture or something like that) so it's an improvement for me.

Audiophiles need not apply! The sound quality is passable for me - the POMS actually sound a bit more tinny and crackle a bit at higher pitches than the earphones that came with my phone (Samsung). The bass is also a bit underwhelming but it IS present, so take that as you will.

Overall, I'm using these casually and think I'll be keeping them for the convenience of BT - the biggest factor for me is how lightweight they are, but look elsewhere if you're looking for sound quality.


Quote :

So I received mine. Here's the breakdown.
The thing came in a ziplock bag. No case. I wasn't fond of that as the site made it look like it was coming new in box. Made the product look used or refurbed even though the buds looked new. I was not fond of that initial opening.

I got the black ones and it does not have the chrome part as shown on the link. Wasn't fond of this either.

The buds are big but they fit at least for me. Better than most ear buds I have owned. They have this rubber thing that's supposed to do something but I can't seem to understand their purpose. Not a big deal.

They sound like regular ear buds. Nothing much to talk about here. They're like the ones you get for 10-20 from apple or wherever. Doesn't sound bad but not great either. Doesn't bother me, I was expecting sound like this anyways for this price.

Links with my s3 and s5 quick and easy. No problems there. Not planning on using it for talking so I can only comment on how they sound which I said before is mediocre.

The distance is nowhere near 100 feet or whatever. If the songs skip, that's crap, IMO. But I plan on keeping my device close to the ear buds so that's not an issue. However, if you even get like 5 - 10 feet away, there will be skipping. Happened once every 3 minutes or so and the skips last like 2-3 seconds.

Last thoughts...I am keeping this simply because the product works which was all I was looking for. Don't want to deal with the bother of returns and crap just to make a point. My wife wanted one as she liked them but I won't be buying the same ones I have because of principle. I will find her the Qy7s or something else.

This is a good product for the price. I suppose the only issue is the warranty. Keeping my fingers crossed they last a semi decent time. I will be mentally noting some users handles on this site as some seem to have other intentions besides providing a slick deal.

Quote :

Received these yesterday, tried them today here's my thoughts. The sound isn't that bad but is tinny, with no bass at all. Even tried a headset equalizer and didn't help. The fit is terrible, tried all the sizes included with set, plus took my old set that fit perfectly and still wouldn't stay in. The blades that come with them do help a little, but still would probly not stay in jogging, or working out. I can't comment on battery life, because I probly won't be keeping them to use that long. I'd rather spend a little more and get the LG tones series. Just my opinion. Volume is good, and loud,just wish the sound quality was better. As far as distance, my phone was in my kitchen, and I was in the laundry probably 15 ft away with 1 wall between and they were skipping, no way they went as far as the op stated. Maybe get 20 ft through a wall at most. So to each their own, but I will be sending kine back on Monday. Wish they were better quality op, I would keep them and really wanted to like them.


Quote :

These are just basic bluetooth earbuds. I don't know why they say they're noise cancelling b/c I didn't notice any difference between these and my cheap Skullcandys. Sound is mundane. Fit was pretty good for me. Don't purchase these with the influence that you're getting a steal off Groupon. In my opinion, for $25 bucks are you getting what you pay for. With a $20 budget, I'd buy these again. If you can spend more, I'd definitely look elsewhere.


Quote :

I got them today and tested them out.

The sound is perfectly fine. Unless you're a bass head, you'll be perfectly satisfied with them. I have several enthusiast grade headphones and though these are not at all on par with them, the sound doesn't offend my ears.

The construction is pretty good. Full metal housing, but the controls are made of fairly cheap, soft touch plastic. The cable is a tangle resistant flat cable, very similar to the beats.

It came in a plastic bag wrapped in bubble wrap. It does include a hard shell case, but they'd rather protect the accessories rather than the headphones when shipping apparently.

The design of the controls is utter poop. All the buttons lie flat with the control housing, making it very difficult to know which button you're actually pressing. And because the housing is so close to the right ear bud, it's impossible to see what you're pressing unless you take them off.

There are no LEDs to indicate whether it's on or off. You only get a very annoying voice that tells you.

The range is definitely not 100 ft. It started breaking up when I walked 20 ft away from my phone with no walls in the way. Of course your phone will usually be on your person when you're working out, so it may not matter to most.

When you pause your music, there is a very annoying static, popping sound.


The fitting is great and comfortable. However, it did get pulled out of my ear with a slight tug. I will go for a run and workout right now to see how they fair against a 2 mile run and leg day.


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anyone know the quality of these? the company looks like they only make these, pretty shady looking
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Can you comment on the quality and sound. Good bass? Clear treble....anything you can say about the sound. Thanks!
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Quote from cbullock13 View Post :
anyone know the quality of these? the company looks like they only make these, pretty shady looking
I purchased them once already, and have no complaints about their quality.

Quote from dbowser View Post :
Can you comment on the quality and sound. Good bass? Clear treble....anything you can say about the sound. Thanks!
I'm not much of a headphone audiophile, but I think they're decent sounding. The signal range is what impressed me most. They're comfortable too.
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Last edited by stevedensmore February 9, 2015 at 12:40 PM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
This looks like a good deal. There are some comments and mini-reviews in this previous thread
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Good deal for bluetooth earbuds. I'll pick up a pair. Thanks OP
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I pulled the trigger.. even if they suck, that's alright. If the range is at least from my neck to my pocket (where my phone is when I work out), great, if it's even farther, like up to 10-20 feet, found money.

Hopefully they're sweat resistant.
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will these fit underneath a motorcycle helmet?

I am using a set of Skullcandy earbuds and they fit but i tried the Sony's with the "sport" clips that go behind the ear and they are super tight.
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any comment on the bass performance, please?
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What's the quality of phone calls [sender and receiver ends]?
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Quote from HotShotAzn View Post :
will these fit underneath a motorcycle helmet?

I am using a set of Skullcandy earbuds and they fit but i tried the Sony's with the "sport" clips that go behind the ear and they are super tight.
The speaker posts protrude from the ear a bit, so I'm not sure they'd be very comfortable inside a motorcycle helmet. It might be doable if the helmet's ear cups don't press hard against your ears.
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Quote from touche112 View Post :
Good deal for bluetooth earbuds. I'll pick up a pair. Thanks OP
You're welcome. I think you'll really like them.
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Thanks op. Bought one.

I've been using a ebay Chinese bluetooth headphone for the last few months. Sounds okay, but does not stay in place and hurts your ears after like 20 minutes.

If anyone is interested, I'll post a mini review when I get it and test it out.

I'll also make a video on my YouTube channel for future reference.
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