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200 Bonus Minutes Every Month FREE for LIFE with AT&T / Cingular Wireless YMMV, FAN Accounts

Phasers 3,015 902 March 28, 2008 at 08:12 AM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (7) More AT&T Business Deals
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Last Edited by Phasers August 21, 2008 at 08:16 AM
Hi all,

Before you chew me a new one, hear me out. I have AT&T service, on a FAN account (Foundation Account Number- My employer gets me a discount). Anyways, I was speaking to a rep and they told me of a feature code U200 which when added on to your account gives you 200 minutes per line on your plan, every month for as long as you have the account. UPDATE: Code AIRRM50 gives another 50 minutes on top of this

I think you might have to have a FAN account, (employer discount- mine is 20%). But anyways, long story short, the rep couldn't add it, something about them not being authorized to do so, so I called up customer service, hit the option to cancel, and basically said that my corporate representative had told me to call and get the feature added to my account, as we were going to be on a lot of conference calls soon. They asked me what the code was and I said U200.

It took me about 3 or 4 calls before I found someone that was willing to add it on (they don't like giving you something for no reason I suppose), but I managed to get it on all 3 lines on my account, so now I have a total of 600 extra bonus minutes per month, free of charge. I guess if you have had an issue with them lately you could say that your rep told you to call because of the inconvience. Just be nice to them.

Took about 15 min of my time. Now if that isn't a SlickDeal, I don't know what is.

Thanks for the reps you guys gave me, I appreciate it. Post success stories in the Wiki!

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Last Edited by thermarest February 28, 2011 at 09:56 AM
To view bonus minutes with new online account manager system:
Quote from tonester View Post :
Log into your AT&T Wireless account on the website, which should put you at the "Account Overview" page; once there, click "Manage Features", which is listed on the right-hand side of the page under "Quick Links"; once you're at the "Manage Features" page, click on the "View all included features" link that's shown to the right of the "Manage Your Features For:" section. If U200 was added correctly to your account, it will be listed in the "View all included features" section as "BSD 200 BONUS MINS $0.00".

If Adding CLL2 it does add in addition to your existing text plan if you have one. So for example if you have a 1500 text plan you will then have 1700/Month and the overage is based on your main texting plan. Remember CLL2 is only for certain college and university fans! DO NOT ADD IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE TYPES OF FANS... THEY WILL DROP OFF WITHIN 30-45 DAYS.

UPDATE as of 02/09/2010: AT&T's system is still doing sweeps and you might lose your bonus/free minutes. I've had mine since 2008, even the OP lost his which he had way back in 2007. Please see this post. Again YMMV

Update: This deal is still ALIVE and working but YMMV

DISCLAIMER: Most AT&T Reps have been informed not to add SOC/Feature codes without being told by corporate in a memo or be a usual on advertised by AT&T. If a a rep denies your addition say thank you and hang up. Also the system is running sweeps weekly and monthly and codes that do not belong will be removed. Be happy to have them when you do and do not get upset when and if they fall off. CLL2 falls off the most. It is only for some college and university FAN's not all of them. If yours falls be happy you had it for the time you did. Also if you add any codes check each week for a few months and always after bill cycles for a while

For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
General Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500
Business Customer Support: 1-888-444-4410 (x2)
Premier Account Support: 1-866-499-8008
For hearing or speech impaired: 1-866-241-6567

If you don't have a FAN (Discount), go here to see if your account is eligible for one. University students, use your .edu address

Order of minute usage --> (how they are deducted from your minutes each month)

1) Nights & Weekends (if N&W)
2) Mobile-to-Mobile (if M2M)
3) Bonus Minutes (not shared- each line/phone number uses them individually)
4) Anytime (shared on Family plans) Minutes
5) Rollover Minutes (if any)

TMS4 - 1500 Text Message B2B (does not include picture) - $8.99
CLL2 - 200 texts - Free
U200 - 200 mins - Free
TMS3 - 250 SMS - $3.99
TMB9 - 750 B2B SMS - $7.49 (does not include picture either)

These are just some codes check forum thread for all others and add here if appropriate.

To verify it's on your account (see screenshots below):

1) Login to your account
2) Click Features near the top of the window
3) Choose your line (if applicable)
4) Click 'View all included features'
5) BSD 200 BONUS MINS $0.00 (or whatever you added) should show up in the list (Use method to check all codes)

Success on 04/04/2010 with CLL2.

Testimonials (Latest success stories updates should go TOP and old updates should be bottom, as below)

2/2/2011 - Corporate FAN account. Added U200 on the first try. Rep put me on hold for several minutes and then added it to both lines on the family plan. Said she could not add TMS3. It took a couple weeks before I saw the minutes in my account online.

6/16/2010 - Union FAN Account. Called and added U200 from the second try. Showed up instantly online.

05/18/2010 - Corporate FAN Account. Called and asked for U200, rep asked me 2 times to make sure that I got an email from my corp. office telling me to do so, I confirmed and it was added.

03/10/2010 - Corporate FAN Account. The representative added the Code U200 without any trouble. Just followed the steps given... Thanks to OP and other for providing wonderful information

02/04/1020 - University FAN Account: Registered the account and then called Business Support. She heard me patiently and then said she needed to transfer me to upper level something. Told them about the same story(That the codes had been provided by my IT department guy) No more questions were asked. Added both CLL2 and U200 to my line. Regret that its only for one line per family talk account.

02/26/10 - University Fan Account: First tried Permier online chat using code CLL2 but the rep refused for the reason that they are not authorized to add such code online and told me to call. Then I called the business support and the rep finally added the code for me after a long waiting time.

02/12/10 - I tried late night (3:00AM) to add TMB9, but the CSR said that I should call back when the main office is open, because her system wouldn't let her add the code. I called in the early afternoon, and the CSR received error messages when first trying to add the code, but successfully added it under a different system. Took about one minute before it appeared on my account. The step-by-step guide worked perfectly. Added U200 about 18 months ago and it is still on my account, too.

21 Jan 2010 - Used code "BSD200 free minutes" on all 4 of my lines, in addition the rep added the "A List" free calling to 10 numbers, any carrier/land lines.

01/18/10 - Got u200 on first try.

Step by step guide
1. Call Business Customer Support: 1-888-444-4410 (x2 , x0 x (your PN) ) 
2. They'll ask you for name (Give account holders name)
3. They'll ask you why you are calling  say this
Quote :
Hi [name of rep] , Actually I am calling today because my employer (or HR) sent me an email that I could get a promo code added onto my account if I called this number. Could you do that for me today?
4. They'll ask for last 4 digits of your SSN , give this info 5. They might ask for what line (give primary) 6. Let them pull up your account 7. When they ask for promo code say "uhm..lets see.. it says U200 here. " 8. They should be like okay, just a sec. 9. They may put you on hold but keep waiting(its silent hold so they can hear what you are saying) 10. They should say thanks for holding, I applied that to your account. You should see it soon 11. Thank them (ask to be sent to their supervisor remember their name, and compliment them) 12. Check that the code has been added online
There maybe slight variations , but this is the general pattern of successful code adding. If at any point you are rejected, no worries, just say thank you hang up and start over again.
- Dudeofswim

01/07/10 -- When I asked the rep to add U200 code to my account, he said it's not valid anymore but has a new code BSD200 which is the same as U200. He added it to my account and in couple of minutes I see it on my online account.

01/18/2010 update -- danielfeng

"CLL4" finally dropped. Called back and let them added "CLL2" again on my primary line, but they refused to apply it to the other two lines.

12/30/09 -- danielfeng

Just noticed that the "CLL2" was automatically upgraded to "CLL4" - 400 FREE texts! Also it showed up in "included features" instead of "Messaging"! Check this out:

BSD 200 BONUS MINS $0.00

College400SMS $0.00

Don't know how it worked, or if it's just temporary thing. Let's see.

12/21/09 -- CLL2. Added through AT&T Premier Chat. Told representative "Robin" that my student life department told me to add CLL2 for a text bonus. She added the package with no questions asked. A couple weeks ago I added TMB9 through Premier Chat as well with no difficulty. Much easier than calling on the phone. Thanks OP!

12/09/09 --U200 .First the rep told me it looks like that code is expired.I told her NO, my cousin still has extra 200 minutes on his account..She put me on hold for 2 minutes..."Thanks you Sir,I have updated your account with that"...Thanks..

11/1/09 - Both CLL2 and U200 worked for my first line with my first call to 611 and instantly showed up in my account. For my second line (independent line - not family plan) I tried calling twice, but they asked me to go to an ATT store.

10/30/2009 - Still active, confirmed. Just called. The agent said that it looks like a old codes that may not work, put on hold for 2 min, said that it is taking more time to add than expected, waited for 1 more min, said done. Checked the account features both the CLL2 and U200 show up. Thanks SD.

10/26/2009 - vamc555 called att and added CLL2 and U200 for both the lines on my family account - Awesome deal..thanks a lot

10/22/09 - lzbob called att, added CLL2 for each line in my family plan, but for U200, the rep told me it is expired.

10/20/09 - m4ng0 Was able to add TMB9 for 750 texts through Premier Chat. No Questions asked. I have a valid FAN account.

10/16/09 - Called General Customer Support, Got U200 and CLL2 added to one line. Thanks! Hope the CLL2 last

10/15/09 - Called General Customer Support, got U200 added to only one line. Thanks,

10/8/09 - Got U200 added no problem.

10/9 20:24 EST Jesternl Quick and easy, called Called 888.444.4410 x2 x0 told the rep I had an email from HR to add feature code U200. took all of one minute.

10/5/2009 5:15 PM PM CST - adnaanusa10 called 1-800-331-0500, in a breeze two promos U200 n CLL2 were added to my accnt on top of my already existing 15% discount, shweet deal OP. countless thumbs up coming ur way.

10/04/2009 10:30am CST- Iced_Thi- I called 1-800-331-0500 (General Customer Support) and told them that I received a feature code through the HR department at my employer and was told to call to add it to my account. When she asked for it I just told her to "hold on 'cause they emailed it to me" and after a few random clicks she added it for me! She asked if I wanted it to be added to all the lines on the account and of course I said yes. Thanks OP and Slickdeals, awesome deal.

10/02/2009 6:00 pm EST- Batcatman- talked to Ranjit thru online premier chat. Added U200 and CLL2 with any probs. Will lookout for CLL2 to drop coz I am not on a Univ. FAN.

10/02/2009 6:02PM EST - Cyborg77 Called 888.444.4410 x2 x0, told her I have a corporate discount of 20% for a large company (which I really do), and said my boss gave me a code U200 to use. 3 minutes later, it was on my account. At first, she was a bit skeptical because she said she knew that they used to do it, but not sure if they still do. Well she asked me what the code was and she punched it in, and she's like 'oh! it worked!" So there you go

10/02/2009 - buttowski Called 888.444.4410 x2 x0 - At first, the rep said all the codes I gave her were old. I told her I wasn't sure where my wife got them, either from her work (as a teacher) or as a student at the university. I was nice to the rep and she said she would look into it further. She added 200 minutes per line with U200...slickdeals rocks, thanks!

10/02/2009 - frade Through Premier Website Online Chat - all the below codes are added to my account
CLL2 - 200 texts
U200 - 200 mins

10/02/2009 - madi Through Premier Website Online Chat - all the below codes are added to my account
CLL2 - 200 texts
U200 - 200 mins

10/02/2009 - techtechtech Through Premier Website Online Chat - all the below three codes are added to my phone (my line only - I have shared family talk plan)
CLL2 - 200 texts
U200 - 200 mins
BM350 - 350 mins

9/28/09 dealsuper Dialed 611, my experience is the same as JPNguyen. Added CLL2 and U200 for extra 200 texts and 200 minutes. I just said the IT dept gave me two codes to get extra minutes and texts. Then no questions asked and minutes and texts are added automatially.

9/28/09 JPNguyen Dialed 611, got through to business services as I just added FAN yesterday. Added codes CLL2 and U200 for 200txt/200min respectively. No problem whatsoever. I'm going to try to add TMS3 tomorrow since I rarely go over 400 txt messages but would always go over 200... bleh Why doesn't att offer a 400txt package like t-mobile?

9/27/09 veritableqndry Called 888.444.4410 x2 x0, as per poster below. Spoke with Sidney, told him I had an email from my HR dept. telling me to add a feature code to my account. "CLL2 (Charlie-Llama-Llama-numeral-two)," then 2 minutes of "silent hold" (you can't hear me but I can hear you) and then "that feature has been added successfully, have I fully resolved all of your issues today?" BAM! I had U200 from probably a year ago too, and this is all on top of a 15% FAN discount on my service. Outstanding!

9/16/2009 advent01 I called 1.888.444.4410 x2 x0, as per poster below. Spoke with Ryan. Told him my instructor mentioned the code U200 and said I should call. He was friendly and asked me to hold for a few minutes. After 3 min and 24 seconds, it was added to my account. No hassle at all.

9/14/2009 0djian I tried 611 first and they were of no help. Then called 888.444.4410 x2 x0. Spoke with Jackie. Told her i needed to update my account with a feature code (U200). It didnt work at first, I had to spell it out U-2-0-0. After about 5 minutes on hold, she said it was added to my account. I'm new to so I'm not exactly sure where to look to find it.

9/11/09 felixthekat I just called 611, got CCL2 and U200 to be added to my account. Sweet deal.

9/05/09 mymoneymatters called 611 and told them that my HR guys said that ATT should be adding a code for our FAN accts. They asked for the code and I said U200. was kept on hold for about 3 - 5 mins, and they said they could add it only to the primary account. No-go on the other lines. Need to wait and watch my account and ensure its there though.

8/30/09 blacknoi I called 611 and the first guy told me I had to go in-store to have it applied. So I called the local corporate store where I bought my phone to just confirm that would be the course of action. The corp store told me they *CANT* add it at the store level and that I should be calling 611.... the run-around, great.......... So I call 611 back and tell them what the corp store said. Charles was very nice and looked in the system and added it. Its already reflecting on OLAM and within the iphone at&t account management app.

8/30/09 - Railek Called 611 and was automatically brought to business support; told the CSR that I got an email from HR for the U200 code and it was added without any trouble - when she asked if there were any other questions, "Yeah, my friend who goes to a university said that he got a code also, for 200 text messages" (you can't sound /too/ smart when calling, after all). She said that it might not work, but I said it couldn't hurt to try; went through on the first try

8/29/09 - alphakenny1Called 611 and the CSR told me that my FAN account wasn't eligible for the codes U200 and CLL2 and she told me to go the store to get it added. Fine, I hang up and call again. I get a different CSR and I told her about the codes. She then says they had me on file for a call 5 minutes earlier and that again she told me to go to the store. So I guess they keep on file now when you call. I've done this a few times and haven't had a problem. I'll give it a shot later.

8/27/2009: I called Premier supportnumber 1-866-499-8008 to make changes to my plan. The rep transferred me to Customer service. She made the changes to the plan from individual to Family and then I informed her that HR has provided us an ATT feature code to be added in the plan. She was happy to assist and asked for the code. I first asked for BM350 but she could not find it. She said if I have any more codes :-) then I provided her U200. She happily added it to both my lines. It's been an hour and I can see the feature added on my primary line but not on second line.

8/25/2009: I called 611. I got someone called John. He said they have received an email regarding U200 code. So, no go there. And never really heard of CLL2 code. So, I hung up and called 611 again. This time I got a nice lady called Nicole. I told her my HR manager gave me this codes for conference calls. She added U200 and CLL2 to both of the lines. Though she wanted to know the name of the code. I said I am not sure of the names. But I know that U200 is for 200 bonus minutes and CLL2 is for 200 SMS. I just checked my account and both of the codes were added to both of the lines. The U200 code was showing up under "View all included features" as "BSD 200 BONUS MINS $0.00". And CLL2 code was added on the main Features page under "Web, Text & More" --> Messaging as "College200SMS" (I guess that's the name).

8/24/2009: Called 611, rep couldn't add CLL2, transferred me to business care dept. That person asked where I got the code from and I said my wife's HR rep (saying that the FAN account came from my wife's employer)... ALL HECK BROKE LOOSE! As soon as I said that it came from my wife's employer, they read me a riot act about fraud and misrepresentation, claiming that the FAN account can only be linked to the primary account holder (despite my wife having the primary line on this family account). Yikes. After 20 minutes of attempting to make things better, she was removing the FAN account and saying I was going to be billed for past bills due to my account fraud. I asked to speak with a super - she transferred me to a "resolution specialist" who after listening to me, reset the account with the FAN discount and added the CLL2 code. Phew! Lesson learned... if they ask you anything about the FAN account, it HAS TO BE THE ACCOUNT HOLDER! Be warned, and good luck.

8/19/2009: Called 888 number. The rep had to check with her manager and then said she wasn't able to add it. Called 611, it took some time because the computers were being slow, but she added U200 and CLL2, no problem.

8/19/2009: OMGthatsCraZY - Called the 611 number to try and add U200. She said there was no such code and she wouldn't be able to add it. I said I would rip Mike from the Telecommunications department a new one =P, said thanks and hung up. Called the 888 number and spoke to a very nice CSR, told her to add U200 to my line. She said "Ok, would you like it on both lines?" What a doll. She added it to both of my lines no problem. Thanks a lot OP.

8/19/2009: Called two weeks ago trying to get U200, CLL2, and TMB9 added to my account. Successfully added U200 and CLL2, - I was told TMB9 is no longer available. I called today for a totally unrelated question about my bill, and figured I would try TMB9 again. The rep placed me on hold for about 3 minutes, and told me he was able to apply that feature code to my account. Awesome! 200 extra minutes and 950 texts a month, for $7.49 :-) Did this via 611.

8/17/09: Corporate FAN # - I spoke to Dave and told him that I was calling to add a Promo Code to my account. He asked me what this Promo was and why I was eligible for it. I told him that I worked for XXXXX and HR had told me about this Promo. He put me on hold to look into it; came back in a minute and told me that it had been added to my account. I checked online two minutes later and found the 200 free minutes on my account.

8/15/09 chromatin - corporate discount 23% i spoke to around 3 reps and got u200 added to one of my account but they wouldn't add tmb9 or u200 to my other. called again probably 8, 9 times no luck. (mostly the 1888 number but sometimes the 611) called the 1888 number and got u200 on second account and TMB9 on accounts both times i used the 1888 number... 611 always shut me down Frown

08/13/09 MXNRob - Corporate Discount (14% =/) - Spoke with about 5 reps, Finally got the godsend, Tim, he applied the code U200 and let me know it will show up on next months billing cycle every month. Epic.

08/11/09- University FAN#: Called 611. Talked to Brendon. Told him that being UFL fan I have got these codes to be applied to my a/c. He asked if I was calling about 15% discount, which I get having UFL a/c. I told him it was different. Then I gave him the codes CLL2 and U200. He said yes it was valid. He applied it to all of the 3 lines. But he told me that they were valid for only 1 month!! Damn... If only they were valid for few more months...

08/10/09 - I went straight to the 1-888-444-4410 number and first tried TMS4 which the csr could not find, then I went to TMB9 and there was no problem adding. CSR even credited my account back for the text messages I went over my 200 plan. I was on the CLL2 plan previous but it was dropped. Thanks OP!

8/7/2009 - University FAN#. Called 611 and spoke to a guy who said I needed to go to the store. I mention i've done it over the phone before. He puts me on hold and again says that "We don't do it over the phone anymore. You must go to a local store." Called 611 again and again lady told me I needed to go to the store and againn I suggested that I've done it before over the phone and asked if I could do it over the phone. After a brief wait, she confirms that I can do it over phone. I give both codes of CLL2 and U200. I have CLL2 added to all 4 lines in my account and U200 added only to my account. If you get a CSR that suggests you go the store, just mention that you did it over the phone before and see what they say.

08/07/2009 - University FAN#. Called 611 first, was told that they were not able to add U200, but suggested me to try in local store. Called business number (1-888-444-4410) again, no question asked, added U200 successfully. Will try CLL2 later. Actually I called them last year under another university FAN#, the first time I got U200 work, but I asked them to add it to another line under the same account, then they discovered the problem and canceled both of them. They also added some note under my account like "don't add code for this guy" or something, so every time I called back, the CSR will deny my request. I'm really happy it worked finally, not sure if it's due to the different FAN#.

08/05/2009 - Called 888 Number and success. Called 611, no questions and both CLL2 and U200 were added. Thanks.Koger

07/30/09 - Corporate 22% discount. Called first time, the rep did not know what I was talking about and asked the company to contact them. 2nd time, I spoke with a rep who applied U200 on both lines. Thanks OP.

07/24/2009 - Corporate 21% discount. Has family plan with 2 lines. Called the first time to 888 number and the rep told me to bring my phone to some ATT corporate store to add the code. Thanked her and hung up. Called 888 again and talked to some guy who took a little bit to find the code and added U200 and CLL2. Tried to talk him into adding U200 to both lines in family plan but he said computer won't let him do it. Anyway, i'm happy with extra 200 minutes. Hope the CLL2 won't fall off. Thanks OP.

07/20/09 - College FAN with 8% discount. Called 611 - talked to Clayborne. He had never heard of the U200 code before - he put me on hold for 2-3 minutes. Came back on the line and said he was able to add the 200 extra minutes feature code to my account. SUPER EASY! First Call!

7/18/09 I have a UPS FAN account added u200 1st try to the main line.... will try tomorrow to add to the rest of the lines

07/17/09 Great Deal!!!! Called 611 and success with CLL2 , I already have U200 in my account.

7.9.09 AWESOME, I just called 611 from my phone and asked if they could add the codes because my job told me to request it and the CS rep told me that they didn't add codes anymore but that he could give me 200 bonus minutes (one time use) that would appear on my account in about a week. I didn't argue with him, I thanked him, hung up and called the Business Accounts line. This time the CS rep was very helpful and when I gave her the codes she immediately went looking for them to add. She said she could not find the code to add the 50 extra mins but that she had the U200 code and added that to both of my lines. She was great. I thanked her and then checked my account online and sure enough the feature was added. All in all these two short calls netted me 600 extra minutes with 400 extra per month!

7.8.09 We just set up a 3 phone family plan and my wife got a 15% FAN discount through the college she works at. The sales people said they couldn't find the codes for extra minutes (U200 and AIRRM50) so we left and tried calling the customer service number today. The first girl allowed us to add the 200 extra minutes to the 1 line in my wife's name and said since it was a family plan we couldn't add it to each phone. She said she tried but the computer wouldn't let her do it. We thanked her, hung up and called right back. We got Cody, who added it to the other 2 lines. We had a 550 minute family plan and within 10 minutes we added an extra 600 minutes each month. THANKS SLICKDEALS!!!!! Screw you AT&T, you worthless scumbags! Not you Cody, you are the man.

7.7.09 -I dont have any FAN. Called 611 > 0. I gave codes to Rep and told my employer gave it to me. She said codes are good but she doesnt have access to add those into my account. She put me on hold to talk to her superwiser. After sometime she told me she could not get hold of her manager so she is opening a case. the resolution date is 16 july 09.

7.7.09 - I'm on a FAN account. Tried to use 'CLL2 - 200 texts - Free' and was told it's an invalid code.

7.6.09 - [University FAN/Premier] This was my third attempt (third time is a charm!!) 611 > 1 > 0 > 0. Rep was Manny. Asked to verify name and last 4 digits of SSN. "My employer asked me to add some promo codes to my account". I asked Manny to verify his name once more in the meantime. He asked what promo codes? "First one is U as in umbrella, two, zero, zero." Manny says "Ok I see U200 as bonus minutes, which number would you like that added to? The primary?". Since I am on a FamilyTalk1 plan he later said it didn't matter since minutes were shared. Manny asked "any other promo codes?". I replied "A-I-R-R-M as in Manny-five-zero". "I'm sorry sir, AIRRM50 is no available in your area, is there anything else I can help you with?". "Thank you so much Manny! You were very helpful." First two attempts were Casey and Wan(sp?). Casey told me to call HR and have them add the codes because the codes were not showing up. Wan told me that U200 did not exist.

6/29/2009 - Used 611, rep said he never heard of such promo codes....but began to look into it, and said he found the U200 one, but couldnt find the other 2 ( AIRRM50, and CLL2)...he looked for about 4-5 min, then said he would look into it further and call me back....called back about 40 min later and appoligized for taking so long, but him and another co-worker (which i'd assume was his boss) looked into it and found all of the codes! so he added them to my line, and i asked if they were added to the other line on the account, and he said no, and i asked if he could...and he said yes, it shouldnt be a problem..... -Shiba

6/28/09 - Used 611, pressed the appropriate buttons to get to a human. Once connected, validated my account and in the process found out the CSR's name, Jodi. Used her name often (Hey, that's my sister's name!) (it's not). Told her that I had recently ordered a new iPhone ("Gee, Jodi, are the new iPhones causing you guys a lot of problems?") and when I looked at my account afterward, my 200 free texts had disappeared. ("Would registering for an iPhone do that, Jodi?") Schmooze, schmooze, schmooze...

"I called HR for my organization, Jodi, and they said that some accounts have reported this happening and that I should just call you guys and it will get is the code: CLL2."

Tap, tap, tick, tappy-tap. "OK...all have your 200 texts again. Thanks for calling AT&T."


6/24/09 - I called 611 >0 > 0 Was very polite, asked to add the code to all my accounts. At first she was confused what it was but I told her my employer instructed me to add the codes and she figured it out. I made small talk and she was really nice and added it to all my lines. Probably the best CSR I've worked with. The call was short and successful!

6/20/09 - Called the 888 number -2->0. Asked to have a code added to my account and the CSR asked what the code was. I told them the code cll2 and the CSR added it without any problems. I called 611 two times and was told the code didn't exist. Third time was a charm with the 888 number.
-> Called back on 6/21 and the CSR added cll2 and u200 to my other account and was very pleasant.

6/20/09 - Called the 888 number -2->0. Told them my company's Telecommunications department advised me to call and add the U200 code. The CSR added it w/out problem. Will call back tomorrow on my other line and have it added there as well.
-> Called back on 6/21 and the young lady I spoke with was a bit confused and tried having me go to the website to add it, but when I said I'd called last night and got it added to my other phone, she added it on for me after stating she wasn't supposed to.

06/18/09 - Called the 888 number -2->0. Asked to add U200. CSR looked into it while staying on the line so I was able to joke around with him. Added it without problems. However, it was my 4th attempt.
06/11/09 - called number, tried both U200 and CLL2 codes and the lady said they've stopped both of those and that they're no longer available.

6/09/090- Called 888 number - 2 -.played dumb asked for U2oo instead of U200. Very nice rep, told me it was the wrong code and applied it for me no questions asked.
6/09/09 - Called the 888 number -2->0. i asked her if I could add CLL2, and she searched for a while. Asked where i got it from, I said 'my manager passed it along', Came back as college text 200 code, but she said she would add it and put a note on the account saying she added it. Worked great! It was my 2nd try - HeWhoRoams

06/07/09 AFTER 2 tries, it FINALLY worked Smilie TMB9

06/02/09 Employer FAN - 611 > 0 > 0 Spoke to one person who claimed nothing could be done. Called back same as before, no problem, added U200 to primary. Called same number again, added U200 to secondary with no problem. Showed up on online account management (under voice and data usage) within minutes. Will continue to monitor and make it doesn't drop. Plus - minutes come off the additional 200 BEFORE shared minutes.

4/24/09 - Employer Fan - tried the 1-888-444-4410. No luck there. Then tried 611 > 0 > 0 and both U200 and CLL2 worked with no problems. Added only to the primary line though. Will try again for second line. Smilie

4/21/09 - Employee Fan - tried the 1-888 - 444-4410 - 2 - 0. CLL2 worked with no problems. Its still alive I guess. Im going to try the U200 later. Smilie

Edit: for 4/21/09, it looks like it just replaces my regular 200 texts for 5 dollars to this:
College200SMS $0.00 200 -1-1 Current. Im not complaining but I was hoping for 400 texts for $5.

4/15/09 - Emploery Fan - tried the 1-888 - 444-4410 - 2 - 0 number 3 times over the past 3 days. I tried CCL2 for the first 2 calls. Both reps told me that they "Couldnt find" the code and asked what it was for. The last call I made was to try U200 and the lady went straight to typing it in. When she tried it, she got "the feature does not exist for this account". No go here...

4/4/09 - Step by Step from Dudeofswim =====
1. I dialed Employer FAN 1- 888-444-4410 then pressed 2 then pressed 0
2. Gave Phone # name SSN etc
Me: Hello
Rep : My name is ___ and For verification ....
Me: (info)
Rep: Ok , 1 moment let me pull up your account info
Me: Ok,
Rep: While we are waiting for your account to upload I'd like to remind you that you can manage your account att (upload, you mean download??)
Rep: Okay it uplaoded, How can I help you today?
Me: I have a feature code that I would like to add to my account
Rep: Okay Let me Just pull up some info.
Me: ok ...( not knowing what they would pull up)
Rep: Okay what would that code be
Me: U200 for 200 minutes
Rep: Ok , and I'll Add that
Me: Thanks.
Rep: Ok I have added that , you should see the changes immedaitly
Me: OK thank you very much
Rep: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Nope, Thank You
(Hmm... Called again for my other line... hold twice.. had to spell u200 lol ... but rep said applied.... dsdidn'thow up after 3 hrs... called again ... then totally said .... "I'm sorry we don't handle these codes anymore", I'll try again tmw. )

4/3/09 - (How did the person below me get into the future? laugh out loud) Employer FAN - 888-444-4410, 2, 0: First thing I said was that I had codes that had been given to me by my employer, which I needed to be added to my account. Rep said it would be no problem, and after accessing my info, was able to add CLL2, U200, and AIRRM50 - no questions asked. When asked if I needed anything else, I told her I wanted to know if she would be able to assist me in adding all 3 codes to the other lines on my plan, or if I needed to call and go through the process again, and she said she would gladly add all codes to all numbers. 5 minutes later, all 3 codes were added to all 4 lines of my plan. Logged into my account, and didn't see them under 'added features' so I called back to double check that they had been added. Second rep confirmed they were all there, so now I'm just waiting to see them pop up online.

4/6/09- University FAN- got U200 and AIRRM50 to work the first time, and was also able to downgrade my plan because of the extra minutes.

4/2/09 - Employer FAN - 611 then 0-0. U200 worked for me after 2 calls but lady told me both TMS4 and CLL2 she couldn't add and I said okay. another 4-5 calls, reps told me either i had to go to the store to do it or they had no authorization to do such a thing. last call, lady added the CLL2 for me to all accounts without hassle! so it takes a bit of patience. overall took me about 20 minutes to get it all done. thanks again!

4/2/09 - Employer (university) FAN. U200 worked 6 months ago, CLL2 did not. I decided to call again today, and they put CLL2 through with no questions asked.

4/2/09 - Employer FAN. U200 worked!! Had to call in 3 times to the business number, the third time I was transferred to some Premier number and he did. He did say though that it applies only to the primary line, so didn't get it for the other 2 lines in my family plan.

3/22/09 - School FAN account - Used to have CLL2 but that was removed last month from our account. Called and got TMS4 (1500 texts - 8.99) added to both lines on account. Just called and asked to add a code. Worked on first try.

3/21/09 - Employer FAN. I called the business number and I got a really nice representative. She added both codes for me without any questions. What a great support system they got!

3/20/09 - Employer FAN. Called business number. Told them got a code from employer, and need to add it. The rep put me on hold for 5 minutes, came back and said done! I added only U200 because I don't text.

3/18/09 - Employer FAN. Called 611 - 0 - 0 first, saying that I was calling on behalf of my mother who received an e-mail from her employer regarding some codes that could be applied onto our family plan. Was placed on silent hold then told that my mother would need to print out a copy of her e-mail and bring it to a store. Called Business 800 number - 2 - 0 immediately after hanging up, told the rep the same story, she successfully applied it to each of the 4 numbers on our account.

3/17/09 - Employer FAN. Called the Business 800 number - 2 - 0. Told the rep I received the feature codes from my employer. She asked if it needs to be added to all the 4 lines and I gave out CLL2 and U200. She told me it will take few mins to add to all the 4 lines. In 2-3mins she returned and said it is added to all the lines and I will have to restart the phones for it to take effect. I asked if it includes free multi media messages and she said yes. Then I restarted my phone. Logged in the website, it showed 200mins and not the 200 text msges. So called again. This time I spoke to this guy who said its in my account but will take awhile for it to reflect in But this time when I asked the same question this is for text messages and I will have to pay for picture messages.
Thanks for the OP. Sorry the Rep thingy doesn't work for this post.

3/12/09- Called 611, 0, 0 and added U200 and CLL2 on the first try! I was really polite throughout the whole process. I logged into my account online and they showed up right away under "added features." However, TMS4 (1500 texts/$8.99) did not work. TMB9 (750 texts/7.49) worked! yay!

3/10/09: 3 Phone calls - 2 said I had to go in store, on the last try I went through 2 silent-holds and then she came back and said she was able to add U200.

3/10/09: a335 doesnt work - tried with 4 different reps (all who were willing to add anything btw - called 1888 444 4410 x 2 x 0) - i also tried my luck on airrm50 w two reps and they said it does not show up as an existing feature code at all. so no luck on those. I already have cll2 and u200.

3/08/09, Employer FAN account (I work at a university). First tried the general CSR and she said go to a website that does not exist then she told me to go to a store. So i thanked her and hung up. After that I called the Business CSR, was able to add my feature codes (U200 and CLL2) to all 3 lines of my family plan. Told her that HR sent me an e-mail to add this since they will be calling me and texting me. Took her a few minutes to type it into the system and it worked. UPDATE: CLL2 was removed a month later by "system automated sweep"

3/05/09 Fan account, rep was using CARE system, told me all att wireless reps will eventually switch to Telegence system by august 2009, also I should receive a letter about switch. CARE soc codes are different from telegence rep said. I have family plan, with all lines showing the bonus minutes added a year ago by executive office, after resolving 10,000 billing error. I have 335 bonus minutes on each line, the code is A335. She also said some codes expire and this one currently is not showing any expiration, and if it did expire just call back and ask, as it is noted in the account by eer office not to be removed. Good luck, I have added the screenshot. Again this could be really YMMV

3/04/09 University FAN...Called 611 and asked to add U200 and CLL2. first guy said it doesn't work, I said thanks and hung up. Called again and this time my call was transferred to the online promotions department. the guy said the code was a valid one, but he was not able to add it for some reason. he opened a case for me and told me that the case will be resolved by 12'th of this month. i woke up today and i see the mins have been added to my acct already. Thanks to all slickdeal users.

3/3/09 - Government FAN - Called 611 first guy said it doesn't work, I said thanks and hung up, called business next girl said expired, i said thanks and hung up, called 611 again and guy says ok for u200. Checked account and verified it in less than a minute. Third times a charm.

3/3/09 - Employee FAN - called 611 - 0 - 0, told him I got U200 and CLL2 from employer and was advised to add to account. He verified twice during the call I "got the codes from the employer" but without much hesitation added the codes to both of my lines on the account. Good deal. See how long it lasts if these sweeps are holding true.

3/2/09 - University Member - Called 611-0-0" CSR did not know what U200 was and told me to go to store. Told CSR already did it, gave me 200 minutes anyways.

3/2/09 AAA South member Fan: Called Business line and was able to add CLL2 (200 msgs/ line) to all three lines no problem 5 minutes tops..tried U200 and she said it expired. No biigie I didn't need the extra minutes I have 7000+ rollover already. Thanks saves me $15 /mo as I was paying $5 /line for the same thing. About an hour later called back and asked to have the U200 code added after about 5 minutes they added that one too! Guess it wasn't "expired" after all.

3/2/09 Employee FAN: Called 611 >0>0. CSR told me he could not add it, and I have to go to coporate store to get it to work. Called the Business 888 # provided in this wiki... was on hold for a few minutes but the nice girl was able to add the U200 to my account. Will call back to the business line now to try to get the U200 on the other phones.

3/2/09 Military FAN: Called above Customer Service Number and requested TMS4. CSR was very polite and pleasant and checked all her resources but came back and said that she was unable to add that code. =/

3/1/09 Employer FAN: Called 611, pressed 0 and 0. Told first CSR about the (U200) code, said my employer gave it to me. She was very nice and about to transfer me to "a department that handles this", I politely asked if she could try to add it to my account before the transfer. She said ok, put me on hold for 2 min, came back and said it worked!

3/1/09 Employer FAN: Called 611, pressed 0 and 0. Added code U200 to all three lines. The girl said she'd never heard of it before and didn't even ask where I got it, just placed me on hold for a couple minutes and added it to all three lines.

2/28/09 University FAN: Called 611, pressed 0, 1, then store which i think is 4, told them I got codes in my brothers account who goes to college and who signed up for the FAN account. Added both CLL2 and U200 to my line only. My brother called and got CLL2 and U200 added to his line. I am going to call again to try to add the codes to my parents line.

2/26/09 Employer FAN: Got the CLL2 to work on an employer fan, I just called and asked if such a feature code is still active, they verify and asked for CLL2, told them it's for 200 bonus SMS, the representative placed me on hold for less than a minute then she added it to my account. I was so pleased I talked to her supervisor. Thanks OP

2/26/09 w/ employee FAN: Called the business line at 800-331-0500. Got CLL2 and U200 added to all of my lines with no problems. Thanks OP. The rep tried TMS3, TMS4 and AIRRM50 and said her system said "you do not have access to this sales channel".

2/26/09 Employee FAN: I first tried the 1-888 business number first with no luck. I then called the 611 number and it took 3 times of calling, but it does work. After calling 611, 2 times they told me to head to the AT&T store, finally on the 3rd time she kindly added it to all the lines on my family plan. Don't just give up if they tell you to head to the AT&T store, kindly agree, say thank you and then immediately just call back and you'll always get a different rep and it really all depends on who answers if you get this or not. I don't need the extra 200 minutes, but maybe I'll try that code in the future, much thanks to the OP!

2/26/09 Employee FAN: called 611 and the CSR was very polite, I told about CLL2 & U200 code got from my HR. she added it to my account without problem. I also asked for employee discount I was not receiving. She did try to add it, but to my luck she had no rights to do that on to my account. She tried to help me out to do it online, but I didnot had my work email access. Will try it later.

2/26/09 Employee FAN: called 611 and the business number above, but both CSRs told me that the promo code had to entered at the AT&T store. No luck.

2/25/09 Employee Fan: called 611 told I have promo code U200. the CSR added it and disconnected without confirming if it got added. I checked my online account and i could see the 200 bonus minutes added. will try the CLL2 now.

2/25/09 Employee FAN: Called 611 first, but they told me to go to AT&T store to have the codes added. She said something about her system lacking the ability to add codes. Called back through the Business line above and got both codes (U200 and CLL2) added fine. No questions from the CSR.

2/22/09 University FAN I called 611 sale...called the 1-800...told me to wait a I've got 15% off (after creating my FAN acount) AND the 200 free minutes...that rocks!!!!!!

2/21/08 University FAN...Called 611 and asked to add U200 and CLL2. She very easily did this though asked me before hanging up how I got these codes. I just told her it was because I had a FAN account. She seemed content with that response. Thanks!

2/21/09 Employer FAN...Called 611 and hit 0 twice I think, Rep was able to add CLL2 to two of my lines. I don't need it on the third and don't need extra minutes either so stopped at that. Done in less than 5 minutes, so easy. Thank you, OP and everyone else posting. Smilie UPDATE: CLL2 was dropped eventually. May try switching to University FAN.

2/20/09 University FAN...At first I was asked a few questions then I was transfered to the business line. I asked that CLL2 and U200 be added to all lines. Rep was very nice and I am very happy now. Thanks SD and OP.

2/20/09 Employer FAN...called them up with 611 and it turns out i've been bamboozled for the past few months since the FAN discount isnt applicable to the iphone IF the iphone is the primary line since Apple doesnt allow discounts on their phones per their contract with AT&T, but i was able to switch the primary line to another regular cell phone on my account and should be getting my 15% FAN discount within the next statement or two. i was also able to get U200 added to my shared minutes and got CLL2 added to my standard iphone 2g dataplan.

2/21/2009: Employer FAN - You're right. Just spoke with a CS to confirm that FAN discount is not applicable on iPhone on primary kine. However, he told me to go to the AT&T store and have them add the FAN discount to the line. Will report back soon.

2/20/09 University FAN...Called the business line. Requested that CLL2 and U200 added to account. Rep asked a bunch of questions, but added CLL2 to both my lines and U200 to the account. He said though that if CLL2 wasn't supposed to be on my wife's line then the system would drop it automatically so I would need to check my next bill to see if it was dropped.

2/19/09 Employer FAN....Called 611, had CLL2 & U200 added to my account. Rep asked how I got the codes and I replied that it was through an email from work. Followed the tip from other poster below, asked to talk to the supervisor and gave a good appreciation to the rep's great customer service!

2/16/09 University FAN... Called 611, had CLL2 added to all lines of family plan and U200 added to account no questions asked

2/16/09 Employer FAN....Called Biz dept & was transferred to regular customer care, agent asked where I got the code & said through work, got txting added to both lines! BE SURE & ASK TO SPEAK TO SUPERVISOR AFTER & GIVE THE AGENT PRAISE....THEY GET HIGH MARKS FOR BEING HELPFUL TO CUSTOMERS, & IT ENCOURAGES THEM TO BE AS HELPFUL AS THEY CAN TO OTHERS DOWN THE LINE....I KNOW BECAUSE I AM AN ATT CUSTOMER CARE AGENT!
2/15/09 Employer FAN... Called business number first, CSR acted like she didnt know what I was talking about and said it was an invalid code. Called 611, eventually went through to the same department but different rep. This rep added both codes no problem!
2/12/09 Employer FAN... Called business number, added CLL2 and U200 with no questions. Totally worth it.
2/12/09: Employer FAN.. Called 611, she added CLL2 and U200 no questions on both lines, she was saying it cool, never had a client call for codes like that, thanks !
2/11/09: Employer FAN.. called 611 added U200 to both the lines on the family questions asked. worked like a charm.Thanks
2/11/2009: Employer FAN. Called General Support, they added CLL2 and U200 no questions, but they stated it would only apply to my main account. I have a Family Plan and I could not add those numbers to any other line due to restrictions. Any one help with pointers to get it added to my other accounts too? pm me please, tlerner ... thanks!

2/9/2009: University FAN. Called 611 - No go. Called Biz Support and Rep transferred to Premier Accounts and I got both U200 and CLL2 added on two lines. About 10 min in total. Thanks!!!

2/2/2009: Employer FAN: Called 611 and tried to get feature code U200 added. Rep did not have a clue what I was talking about and proceeded to say that my employer had to add it for me. Asked to be transfer to a supervisor and then hung up. Then I called business care # above and proceeded to cancellation/retention department (press 0, then 5). Asked rep to add feature code U200 to both lines, added it without any problems.

1/31/2009: University FAN (Univ of Southern Calif.) Called 611 and tried to have U200 and/or CLL2 added. No luck, CSR said those codes only can be added in an ATT store. Called 888 Business number from wiki and again, no luck. CSR said the system wasn't letting her add the feature codes. Then I tried calling the 800 number above, and went to the cancellation/retention department (pressed 1, 0, 5 to get there) thinking reps there might have more power. And boy did she. I asked if I could have feature code CLL2 added to both lines and she did it. Then I asked if I could have U200 added to both lines, and that went through perfectly too. Very nice!

1/28/2009: University FAN, 611 told them I had CLL2 and was added to my main line on family plan. He said it was only for the main line and I did not push it, but I will call back again to try for other line.

01/28/2009: University FAN. Called 611 and asked them to add CLL2 to my account, took them a while but was able to add this code to all 5 lines in my account. Freakin' sweet.

01/29/2009: University FAN (IUPUI): Called 800 number above. CSR was a little confused at first. After being put on hold for a couple of minutes, CSR stated "CLL2" was added.

1/28/2009: Called in and told them that my corp offices sent me feature codes that I was able to add onto my Premier Fan Account, applyed codes "U200" and "CLL2" just act professional and the CSR's will take care of you......REP x 20.aahaah

1/27/2009: Employer Discount (CRIL - Corporate Responsible, Individual Liable)
Called the Business Customer Support number, hold time was less than a minute, got the free SMS package. I didn't bother with the free minutes since I've never gone over and have 3000+ rollover minutes.

1/21/2009: University FAN. First try. He gave me the U200 (200 free minutes) AND CLL2 (200 free texts) no questions asked.

1/19/2009 Premier : Called 611 three times and 3rd time got a CSR who was able to add 200 bonus mins to the primary line without any hassle(I have 3 lines in my account, but she said its allowing her to add the code only to the primary line). Before I hang up I have asked her if I can use the code CLL2 for 200 free text msgs.. She said 'sure, you can..' and added it immediately. wow... its cool to get free stuff. Big Grin. Folks, if you succeed don't forget to REP.

1/17/2009 Called into the 800 number and asked CSR to add feature code to both my lines. Gave them "U200" and it was accepted on both. I have a FAN. This was second attempt. The first girl didn't seem to have the ability to add the codes. I think only certain CSR's can add this code.

1/16/09 Employer Discount: Called 611 and was transferred to business customer support. Told the rep my employer sent me an e-mail. He asked if the e-mail stated that was eligible and I said yes (ofcourse!). He took a look at the account and told me that I do have a national account and the U200 code was accepted. All done.

1/16/09 Employer Discount: On first try was able to get the 200 free text messages and the 200 free minutes. Quick and painless.

1/15/09 Military FAN account- Dialed 611 and the second CSR added the U200 without trouble. First CSR said my account did not qualify, but checked online and extra 200 mins on both lines.

1/09/09 - University FAN account - Called 611and and got to a rep and told them my employer had asked me to ask for this feature on my line. (U200) She asked me what it was for, I just told them 200 bonus minutes and she put me on hold for a bit while she looked for it and bam, told me she was able to add it onto my account. Did not check any of the other feature codes.

1/03/09 Premier Account. Called sales rep and asked about U200 and was transferred to a Premier salesperson (800)845-9681. Told about U200 promo I had received in an email at work. Salesperson tried to type it in but then said he did not have authority to add that to my account but would find a supervisor and let me know. Was put on hold for about 4-5 minutes. Salesperson came back on and said the 200 free minutes per month were added to my account via the U200 code. Previously I had the 450 minutes so this is a big help. Thanks.
PS- I need unlimited text messages so I did not check on the text message code. Also, I did not check on the AIRRM50 as I did not want to press my luck.

11/30 Military FAN account. Called 611 after many failed attempts from 888 and 611 and got them to add U200. Ok around 2a.m. I got a Business Rep to add the 200 minutes to my account, but she and her Sup "Floor Walker" could not find the TMS4 code for 1500txt @ 8.99. So they left a note on my account to go into a store and get them to add it. Ok, I just got back from the store. Spent about 1 hr in there of them trying to figure that code out with someone on Phone from Business. Could not find it, so they asked me if they just put me on the 1500 txt for $15 and credit me the difference from the $8.99 to $15 = $6 for 12 months = $72 yearly. I figured what the hell, and accepted it. So as a brand new iPhone customer who just had the $70 + $5 txt + waived activation I am ending paying for my first month $11.82. And then every month from then $70 + $8.99 - 15% FAN Military + U200 and of coarse all the BS taxeszzzz..... Also, just called to verify the yearly note was on my account and it is. So I guess I got my TMS4, just a lump deduction.... oh well got something!!!!

11/26 University FAN account. Called 888 # twice and they didn't budge. Called 611 twice, the first call went nowhere, On the second tries I was able to add U200 to my mainline, CLL2 to all five lines. Although I have to enable pay per txt option. Thx!

11/5/08 Called 1800 business account number first- The first rep said that he doesn't want to get in trouble by adding in the code himself, so he wanted me to bring a proof of the "email" I received to the actual store and have them call. Hung up, dialed 611, and encountered another care rep- I actually said I received a message in a form of a voicemail from an admin about the codes. The second person didn't even ask any questions- added both u200 and cll2 right away! I looked further down this post and tried to add run7, but it didn't work for me. (I have a school-endorsed FAN account, and am in Upstate New York area.) Thx! Smilie

11/3/08 Called business account phone no.i was verified by last 4 SSN and primary account holder name. Told the story of e-mail by employer. CSR asked wat the code is and i mentioned both U200 and CLL2. he asked permission to hold and came back a min later with good news, " Codes have been added to yr account"

10/27/08 Called the 888 business number above pressed 1, 2, entered wireless number, got a rep, had to give wireless number and verify last 4 digits. I Told him "my HR dept. left me a message to call you and add on feature codes U200 and TMS4 to my account, I was told you will know what they are. They are supposed to to increase my minutes and text messages", he said wait a couple of minutes, came back and said they are now added to my account. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

10/24/08 Called 611, 1, 1, 0 a few times. Told the CSR I received an email from my work's HR department about some feature codes. She asked the codes; I told her U200 and TMS4. Put me on hold for a minute, came back and the codes were added. Sweet!

10/23/08 Called 611, then 1, then 1 again and then 0... Got connected to Business Customer Care [ billing ] and told them I was emailed a Feature Code [ U200 ] from my account admin and wanted to have that added to both lines [ family plan] ... The rep looked into it and added the code, no questions asked. I am located in Texas [ DFW area ] if anyone was wondering about the region/market.

10/22/08 called 611 pressed 1 then a whole buch of 0000000 got a rep. confirmed who i was and said i would like to add a feature code, she asked for the code, i stated u200 she was typing for a second then said okay i went ahead and added it to your plan!

10/17/08 - Called 611, pressed 1, 1, 0, 0, said that I received an email from the benefits administrator at work asking us to call in a feature code, said the code CLL2, he asked what it was for and I said "I think it's for 200 text messages", added the code without any issue. Thanks

10/17/08 - called 611; was able to get U200 added to both lines (original iPhones) without any trouble; rep asked where I heard about the code, I answered a "friend" told me.

10/10/08 - called to get my discount put back on after buying an iphone, tried the U200 code. He put me on hold for a while, and then said he would put it on. I still don't have my FAN discount though. Going to call back again soon to get that taken care of.

10/04/08 - called customer service to discuss another issue, but while i was on the line decided to give this a shot. Added U200 to both lines, she said, "ok, that's 200 bonus minutes, let me go ahead and add it for you." slickest deal ever!

9/30/08 - called #611, and got u200 added to both lines without any hassles, just schmoozed the rep!

09/25/08 - I called and said that I heard of a feature code from my employer that would give me extra text. The CSR looked into it, and said he could give me 100 extra text each month! I didn't have to give him any codes... I guess it all depends on your employer, what discount they can give away!

9/19/08 - I called 611 from my phone and got a very nice CSR. My sister goes over by 20-25 bucks in texting (with her current 200 plan) so this is a nice treat. Got tms4 added with no trouble.

9/11/08 - I called the 800 number on 9/8/08, and 9/9/08. I made sure i said "I would like to add a feature code" both times i called they added the codes without any problems u200,tms4. I had a little trouble with the 1500 text messages since i already had 200 text on my iphone account, i posted a screen shot of my monthly cost to show that it works.

9/6/08 - First time trying. Dialed 611. She asked what I needed, I said I would like to add a feature code to my account. She said sure. Asked for CLL2. She told me it was for college 200 text. I said yes. I asked her to add to other number. She did it. Repped. I'll try U200 tomorrow. don't need minutes. Needed the texts though.

9/2/08 - Got rejected last month, just tried calling the 888 number above today and got U200 - CLL2 added in 2 minutes flat. Didn't push my luck for the second line on my family plan.. Repped!

8/22/08 paperwastage attempt to add CLL2 and possibly U200 to my second line (family plan)... called, verified info<blahblahblah>, said i wanted to add a code to my account. only added CLL2 (need more text, dont really need more minutes), CSR this time asked how i got my code ('email from my company, for 200 texting')....didnt feel like attempting any more codes or pushing my luck.... called it a day, will try again tmr for U200... 2 for 2 attempt Stick Out Tongue

8/22/08 - Hi everyone. Figured I would give this a shot so I called Business Customer Support (1-888-444-4410) and said I 'received a memo' for feature codes that I would like to add to my account. She immediately knew about U/Y200 (200 bonus minutes) as well as RUN7 (early N&W), and told me that people are calling in with these codes and that normally you can't just call up AT&T and have these codes added (unless there is a reason they have to be added). I then asked her about TMS4 and told her that co-workers had used the other codes including this one without a problem. I was polite but persistent. I stated that since this code is associated with a monthly charge, I don't see the problem in adding it. She said 'I am unable to enter this code however I will talk to my manager." She came back on the line and said "Ok. I added TMS4 (1500/8.99) and replaced your existing text messaging plan (200/5.00). Be advised however that if you are charged for text messages the reason is because these plans were switched." I logged into my account, everything showed up fine, thanked her and hung up the phone.

8/21/08 paperwastageFirst call on 611, wait 5 minutes, CSR on, said "i want to add a feature code onto my account" (FAN account, family plan total 2 lines, college access).... said U200 and CLL2, CSR asked me to explain what those two codes were, i said 200 free minutes and 200 free txt/month.... he said its added only to MY line, not applied to second line.... going to call again tmr to add U200+CLL2 on my other line AND try Y200 and IM01/BIM01 soon. (update IM01 and BIM01 do not exist)

8/21/08 First call on the 800 number the rep was very nice but said the system wouldn't let her enter TMS4. I was on hold for my second try when she actually called back and left a voicemail saying she finally managed to get it to go through, and its already showing online.

(8/21/08) chitrada: I Got rejected 3 times on 611 and couple of times on 800. But after looking at sharkzfanz response. I tried again, but this time its 888 in wiki. It worked like a charm. Before this, nearly 5/6 time got rejected. Details below:
I told: hey, I've a code from my employer can you add it to my FAN account? she asked to on hold for a min.. and she was checking some thing.. (bit scared if she is looking at previous notes) meanwhile, I asked casually, how was the day so far.. blab la.. she was talking nice.. then she asked what was the code again, I said U200, do you know what it is, yeah extra 200 mins, that�s it. She said, we are all set. And I immediately logged and verified. WOW. Reps to all who helped me in this. Guys don�t forget to repp, this help the persons to help and making thread more useful. REP, REP. REP. REP if you genuinely got help.

(8/21/08) Called 611 at 1 a.m. PDT, CSR said all codes expired. But 9:30 a.m. I got U200 and CLL2 added to account. I have a FAN account and family plan and confirmed that these two codes have been added to my phones.

Called 611 around 11:00PM. The rep was able to apply U200, 4EON, Y200 and CLL2 to my account without any problem. For some reason, I could see only 200 bonus minutes not 400 minutes. She also mentioned that she couldn't find BM250 in the system. Didn't try any other codes. BTW, I got a FAN account.

Called 611 a few times until I found someone who added U200 and CLL2 to my account.

(8/19/08) Called 611 on first try and Customer Service Rep said she would be glad to add a feature code for me. She asked me if I knew what it did, I said 200 mins...and she added it without a problem! Also, I only have a personal account and it worked for me!

This is serious:
(8/18/08) Called Business 1-800 # and was denied. Called 611 and got the U200 added easily. (I have a FAN account, btw) Customer Service rep asked me if I knew exactly what the code did, I said that my supervisor told me to call in and add it for 200 extra minutes. He said ok, and viola...I have U200 on all 3 Family Talk lines.

(8/18/08) Called 866-704-0801, first try, got CLL2 added to both lines. Already got U200 added a month ago. Thanks.

(8/11/08) Called 611 about 7-8 times with no success adding U200. I then called the 1-800 number above. Took 3-4 calls to get a chill rep to add it. Call took 5 minutes. I did not try TMS4.

(8/07/08) Called the first number and asked to apply the U200 code and the rep immediately said that the code is a fraud and does not work. Hung up dialed 611 and asked for the TMS4 code, the rep said ok and then I asked for the U200 code and the rep said that I had to have my email from my employer stating that this code was valid. Got screwed in the end as he took off both codes. Called the business line and just asked for TMS4 it worked and I stopped there and said thanks.

(7/28/08) Called 611 and they said invalid code. Asked about the text message code, said something they normally do not use as it is only text messages and no video, pictures, or im.

(7/24/08) Called and tried to add - said it was an invalid code. Instead added 3000 rollover minutes to my account. Seemed like a good compromise so I thanked her and got off the call.

(7/22/08) Called 611 a few times without luck, and in my 4th call they applied the discount, no questions asked except if a wanted to add it to the 3 lines of my family plan. I just checked online and the feature appears in all the lines like "... 200 bonus minutes ..." or something like that. Hopefully it will last forever.

If not, i will enjoy it while it last. THANKS!!!

(07/19/08) Called 611 and told her I needed to add a feature code, then she pulled up my account, asked me the feature code and then added it to first line. Then I asked her to add it to the other lines and she did it. No questions asked. Then I asked her if it would show up on my account online and she said yes and that she refreshed the system so it should come up instantaneously. Even better. This is like the 9th time I have tried in the past few months and it FINALLY basically you just have to get lucky with the right CSR to get it added. I've been denied NUMEROUS times, but that just goes to show you you should never give up at anything you do in life. Life lesson/moral of the story: If you want it, don't give up. Try your hardest and it will be yours. Smilie
Here's my account screenshot after the code was added, it did show up instantly after she added it.

(7/15/08) Was able to add text messaging in the morning by calling the business number. Added 200 bonus minutes to two lines in same call at 611.
(7/15/08) Was able to add bonus minutes on 2 accounts in the first call using 1800 no.

(7/14/08): Was able to add both bonus and text plans on two different accounts on back to back calls.

(7/13/08): It took me about 10' too add, first rep.. They said 200 minutes added to my plan.

*(7/13/08): First rep said that an email had circulated saying it and the 400 bonus minute/line code (??) were invalid now. Second rep said she tried but the system wouldn't let her. Third rep added it without a hitch, although she said the system forced her to add it to each line individually, instead of the group of lines (my family plan).

1500 texts for $8.99 worked for me on 7/2/08. Called 611 and told them my employer gave me the code. No questions asked, added it to both lines. Not sure if it worked on the line with an iPhone, it is only showing up on the line with regular phone as of now.

Called 611 on 4/5/2008 and added the U200 no problem. I have a corporate discount. Just checked the online outline of charges:
BSD 200 BONUS MINS $0.00

Tried Calling 611, they responded that the U200 code was old and invalid, as she read an email about it - Then tried the 1-800 number listed above and added both the 1500 text messages, and the 200 Bonus minutes --MikeKlem

(Latest success stories updates should go TOP and old updates should be bottom, as above)


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how do you find out if you're on a FAN. I do get a 16% employer discount to AT&T.
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indeed, some more information would be awesome, would it work for university students who have at&t discounts?
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Quote from nightan View Post :
how do you find out if you're on a FAN. I do get a 16% employer discount to AT&T.
If you get a discount, you are on a FAN. Your employer's Foundation Account Number (FAN) is what gives you the discount...

Quote from XGuju View Post :
indeed, some more information would be awesome, would it work for university students who have at&t discounts?
...and this includes university accounts, because as far as they know you just have the university discount. They cannot tell if you are faculty, staff, or student
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Thanks a bunch, and that's without the MobilMe correct?
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Called two rep.
The first one looked at her memo. Found nothing and refer me to the local store with the email.
The second one told me it's a scam (LOL). Also suggested me to go to the local store.
Any one succeeded in the past a few days? Wondering whether it's still alive.
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Quote from aos View Post :
Called two rep.
The first one looked at her memo. Found nothing and refer me to the local store with the email.
The second one told me it's a scam (LOL). Also suggested me to go to the local store.
Any one succeeded in the past a few days? Wondering whether it's still alive.
They're still alive. Just keep trying. If it doesn't work, politely say Thank You, hang-up, redial.
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Just did it. U200 didn't work but BSD200 did. I have an iPhone with the lowest minutes and it worked. She had to search around a bit to find a way to get it on the plan but confirmed and said that I should see it soon. I'll be checking my account online in a couple of days.
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Thanks for the updates. Will try again later.
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Quote from lboskibear View Post :
Just did it. U200 didn't work but BSD200 did. I have an iPhone with the lowest minutes and it worked. She had to search around a bit to find a way to get it on the plan but confirmed and said that I should see it soon. I'll be checking my account online in a couple of days.
As a note U200 shows online as BSD200 they are one and the same...
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was able to just add TMB9 (750 messages for 7.49) Big Grin
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tried BSD200 twice and they refused twice Embarrassment
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Hmm it looks like they did a sweep. My account just lost that 200 bonus minutes (which I added way back in 2008) I don't know why but oh well, it was good while it lasted I guess
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Quote from Rayfire View Post :
Hmm it looks like they did a sweep. My account just lost that 200 bonus minutes (which I added way back in 2008) I don't know why but oh well, it was good while it lasted I guess
I just lost seveal bonus minutes I'd had since 2007. I'm livid, and I'll be making a call to them as soon as I get back in the country. All in all I ended up losing a combined 1,320 minutes a month on 3 lines.
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