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AT&T is changing their Mobile Share Value Plans - [Also seems like the double data( extra data) retention promotion is back up - check Wiki(YMMV)]

RyanP3767 39 75 August 14, 2015 at 07:34 AM in Cell Phone Plans & Services (5) More AT&T Wireless Deals
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Last Edited by RyanP3767 August 15, 2015 at 10:16 AM
Monthly plan (after)Monthly plan (before)Data (after)Data (before)Plan access charge per line(AT&T Next or BYOD)
$20 $20 300MB 300MB $25
$30 $25/$40 2GB 1GB/3GB $25
$50 $70 5GB 6GB $25
$100 $100 15GB 10GB $15
$140 $150 20GB 20GB $15




300MB for $20 – No changes here for our customers who just need a small amount of data.
2GB for $30 – This replaces our 1GB and 3GB plans for $25 and $40, respectively.
5GB for $50– This replaces our $70 for 6GB plan.
15GB for $100 – This is the big one. For $100 you get 15 GB instead of 10GB. This also includes unlimited calling talk/text to Mexico and Canada at no additional cost
20GB for $140 – This replaces our 20GB for $150 plan. Calls / texts to Mexico and Canada included.
25GB for $170 – This is a new option, great for small businesses with multiple lines.
If you need even more data, 30GB, 40GB and 50GB plans are also available. And for business customers, plans up to 200GB are available.
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Last Edited by RyanP3767 August 15, 2015 at 03:55 PM
Quote from Mjgunn View Post :
Just got off the phone with retentions, they put me on the 3gb plan that's going away tomorrow and doubled me to 6gb. I was on the 1gb plan doubled to two from last years data doubling deal. With my corporate discount it's only costing me $10 more/month, pretty happy bounce

TLDR: Data doubling promotion seems to be back on, just ask for it
Quote from EliteDude View Post :
Can confirm that I switch to mobile share value from the grandfathered family plan to 6 GB for $40.

I called 611, then pressed the prompts for retention (cancel account).
Quote from sweetboy02125 View Post :
Just called retention and they only gave me 5GB extra from original 15 to 20GB for $100. Well better than nothing.
Quote from snh722 View Post :
Omg it worked! Thanks op! Got 30 gigs for $100!!!!!!!!!
Quote from possib1edoc View Post :
Representative upgraded me from 3gb to 6gb...when will I see the change on my online account? It still shows the 3gb plan. Thanks!
Quote from munnarg View Post :
I just called and got my 3GB doubled to 6GB because I wasn't interested in paying them more money. They also restarted my data from today, so my 6GB started from scratch today Smilie. This plus the rollover should allow me to have quite a chunk rolled over each month Smilie.
Quote from possib1edoc View Post :
My plan: 3 lines, 3gb data share with an additional 3gb free (6gb total), $40 per line ($120 total), 30% FAN discount, Taxes ($16.11) = $164.11
Quote from yOyOYoo View Post :
Just used retentions chat to get our 3GB shared plan upgraded to 6GB for free! Thank you OP and slickdeals!
Quote from mason.smith1975 View Post :
Chatted with an agent and no go. Called the retention and they only gave me 5GB extra. Total is 20GB for $100
Quote from princesscathryn View Post :
Was on 15GB/$100 plan. Tried the online chat and was offered 20GB.
I thought calls to/from Mexico and Canada are free for all plans over 15GB?? Guess the rep in retention was trying to rip me off? Anyway I don't care much about those free calls.


Rep1: Good Morning! I will be more than happy to assist you today. To get started can you please provide your name and mobile number.
Me: xxx
Me: Thanks
Rep1: Do you have the 15Gb promotion already?
Me: yes
Me: but that was long time ago
Rep1: We don't have any new plans that I can offer you at no extra charge since you have the promotion plan already. Let me get you over to our Retention department to discuss other options. We value you as our customer.
Me: Thx
Rep1 has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Rep2 enters chat
Rep2: Hello my name is xxx. Thank you for being a loyal customer. I will be assisting you today.May I have your name please and wireless number?
Me: Hi
Me: xxx
Rep2: Thank you ;-)
Rep2: We value you as an AT&T customer and will look at what we can do to maintain you as a long term customer with us.
Me: Thanks
Rep2: I see that you are looking for the 15gb plan correct?
Me: I already have the 15gb. Would like to know if I get any other promotion that would benefit me without having extra charge
Me: I already have the 15gb from old promotions
Rep2: Sure I will be glad to see what I can do for you.Allow me one moment.
Me: Thanks
Rep2: ;-)
Rep2: bear with me
Me: yes I'm here
Rep2: okay
Rep2: What I can do for you is give you 20gb for the same price that you are paying now. Does that work for you?
Me: Do you have any better deals? I'd like more data for $100
Rep2: I am sorry the 15gb and the 20gb is what we have for 100.00
Me: okay i'll take the 20gb
Rep2: Okay great. One moment while I make the changes
Me: everything else is the same. Right?
Rep2: Correct
Me: I heard they are doing free calls to/from Mexico and Canada. Is that true?
Rep2: That is with the 15gb plan yes
Me: I see. OK thanks
Rep2: Do you want the 15gb plan with the free calls to Mexico and Canada or the 20gb plan?
Me: 20gb
Rep2: Okay all done
Quote from atticus14 View Post :
just got the extra 5gb from chat retention. 20gb@$100


Tmobiles current deal is so good i'm still considering switching, but I live in a very rural KY area, i really wish i could get a long term free trial from them with 4 lines because my family goes all different ways and it needs to work for all and it needs to be thoroughly tested before i make the switch. At&t isn't even perfect in this regard, but they show slightly better coverage than tmobile in the area
Quote from LouisNT88 View Post :
Chatted with a CSR first, she didn't know what I'm taking about. Asked for a retention, she can only agreed to upgrade from 15gb to 20gb for $100/month. Frown
Quote from cdchris12 View Post :
I just called customer service, followed the prompts to get to retentions (0 - 3), and the rep I spoke to offered to double my data from 3GB to 6GB per month with no questions asked, no additional charges, and no contract extension.

Thanks for the heads up!
Quote from lifexpert View Post :
Just got off phone with ATT, my $100 20GB plan is now 30 GB plan.
Quote from peopleknowme View Post :
called and the retention dept bumped my 15gb to 20gb. they were trying to find out how I heard about because they were suspicious about all the calls recently. obviously I did not mention slickdeals
Quote from SL View Post :
I'd gladly take a 5GB bump to 20GB for $100!

Try to live chat/call ATT Customer Service ( Or retention if it didn't work [611 then follow the prompt for cancel account/ retention]) and request for additional deal/upgrade (YMMV)

Update- Seems like the trend right now is extra 5GB for people had 15GB at $100 and you have to go through retention for that

Quote from RyanP3767 View Post :
Ok, seems like the CSR quoted me the wrong price yesterday. Originally they did quote me $100 for 30GB, but I just checked my account and it's saying $130 for 30GB. I just talked to CSR and they have no way to offer me the $100 for 30Gb. After 1.5 hours talking to them, they at last agreed to offer me $100 for 20Gb plus a one time credit of $40. I will delete my chat log on the wiki that they false quoted me
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So thanks to slick deals I had gotten my 10Gb plan doubled to 20Gb. Does that mean i get 15x2 = 30Gb now. Or i stay at 20 Gb
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Table tags added:
Monthly plan (after)Monthly plan (before)Data (after)Data (before)Plan access charge
$20 $20 300MB 300MB $25
$30 $25/$40 2GB 1GB/3GB $25
$50 $70 5GB 6GB $25
$100 $100 15GB 10GB $15
$140 $150 20GB 20GB $15
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I think almost everyone got 15GB+ for $100 already
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Quote from bjartskular View Post :
So thanks to slick deals I had gotten my 10Gb plan doubled to 20Gb. Does that mean i get 15x2 = 30Gb now. Or i stay at 20 Gb
Same question here... I had double in past too... That's good if they changed to 30 with this new plan... Will try tomorrow and see...
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The original post should be updated with this link which talks of another new option of 25GB for $170.
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Do we have to request changes or do we get enrolled automatically?
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Quote from bjartskular View Post :
So thanks to slick deals I had gotten my 10Gb plan doubled to 20Gb. Does that mean i get 15x2 = 30Gb now. Or i stay at 20 Gb
Most likely they will keep you at your current rate and data pack.
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What's the point of buying more GB if you get E or no signal most of the time?!?!?! Mad

Sorry, just got back from a car trip with my kid. LMAO
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Quote from espnba2k4 View Post :
I think almost everyone got 15GB+ for $100 already
Now you get calls to Mexico and Canada included. Thank you T-Mobile!!

Thanks to all those Next and Jump plans there is also a glut of excellent refurbished devices flooding the market on Ebay.

The downside is, the guys at ATT want to push you on those NEXT plans and when you upgrade from a 2year mobile share value plan you'll lose some discounts. CSR told me the 2 year plans might go away sometime soon.
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Did anyone observed a credit adjustment to their accounts?
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I didn't see this anywhere: will the monthly access fees for non-Next phones change? I'm currently on the 10 gig plan with my own iPhone paying $15/month for access. I would love to get 15 gigs a month but I'm not sure if that $15 will go up.

Also, does anyone know if changing plans will make me re-establish my corporate discount?
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Not sure if there is a change - i am getting 15gb now also as a part of earlier promo. This is just a marketing gimmick! Thanks for the share though OP
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