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237 Free Christian songs from (actually good songs...)

Eragorn 717 438 September 16, 2015 at 02:41 PM in Digital Music Download (5)
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Hey SD.

Thought I would share that created 6 compilations over the past three years full of DRM-Free music from various Christian artists. Let me add that first, this isn't horrible music haha. Most of these are indie artists and more popular Chiristian bands, and one album is heavier metal/rock.

You don't need to enter any information. I am going to link to their site instead of the direct links to give them the traffic... All songs were provided from the bands and are completely legal to download.


Quote :
Album: Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume One

37 FREE Songs from 37 different artists! Artists include: Family Force 5, B.Reith, Kids in the Way, SONS, HighFlightSociety, The Great Transparency, Justin McRoberts, Code of Ethics, Guardian and many more!

Release Date: June 4, 2012
Album length: 37 tracks: 138 minutes, 37 seconds

Download Button
*NOTE: This link goes to a download site to download a zip file of the album*

Masters of the Flattery (from album "Keep Quiet") (2:51) - Sons
Direction (from album "Lights Come Down") (3:44) - HighFlightSociety
On The Downbeat (from upcoming new studio album) (2:39) - The O.C. Supertones
Next Move (from album "How The Story Ends") (3:11) - B.Reith
Fever (Booyah Acoustic Remix) (from album "III.V EP") (3:27) - Family Force 5
Fireworks (from album "Rebuild Your Love") (2:40) - The Great Transparency
Traffic (3:38) - Blood and Water
Sparrows (from album "Glorious") (4:52) - The Walking Tree
What If (from album "Arrows and Sound") (3:40) - Arrows and Sound
Learning To Dream (from album "Love Found Me") (2:57) - VOTA
Midnight Sun (from album "Midnight Sun") (4:32) - Sarah Kelly
They Don't Mean What They Used To (from "C" EP) (4:05) - Justin McRoberts
Close to You (from album "The Art Of Letting Go") (3:04) - AJ Cheek
Never (from album "Autumn") (3:04) - Andrew Huang
Beautiful Thing (from album "Beautiful Thing") (4:41) - Code Of Ethics
Reaching (from album "Three To Get Ready EP") (4:08) - Guardian
Hunters (from album "Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter.") (4:15) - Fallstar
Hiding Place (from album "Evening Lights") (3:45) - Home Is Calling
When I Saw You (Rough Demo) (3:12) - Lights Go Down
Apology (from album "Homewrecker") (3:16) - Aaron Newberry
Seconds from Sleep (from upcoming new studio album) (4:27) - My Flesh Heart
Barriers (from "Barriers" Single) (3:23) - Owen Pye
The Prince, the Idiot (from album "Paper Candle") (4:11) - Paper Candle
Heart Still Beats (from album "Thrift Store Jesus") (4:19) - Heath McNease
He'll Come Back (from album "Mending") (3:57) - Paradox (ft. MotionPlus & Freddie Bruno)
The Business (from album "Hotdoggin'") (2:43) - Playdough
I've Got A Friend in Money (from album "Our TEAM Is Going To Win") (3:13) - Spoken Nerd
Rumor Has It (from album "God, Girls, & Glazed Donuts") (3:38) - The King's Offspring
Gentle Slope (from album "The Garden") (2:55) - sosaveme
Wandering Soul (from album "Wrath") (5:36) - Preson Phillips
Push (from album "Lions, Bears, Giants, & Kings") (4:38) - Southlen
Grace (from album "Shelter EP") (3:31) - Love Is...
Tidal Wave (from album "So Much For Love") (3:19) - The Wrecking
See The Conqueror (from album "Open Your Doors") (3:38) - Jenny & Tyler
Better Now (from album "The Fourth Wall") (3:39) - The Vespers
BONUS: Electric Truth (Unmastered Demo from Final Recording Sessions) (3:44) - Kids In The Way
BONUS: Kaleidoscope (from album "Monologues") (6:20) - Levi the Poet
Quote :
Album: Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume Two

38 FREE Songs from 38 different artists! Artists include: Andy Hunter, Falling Up, The Fold, PFR, Big Tent Revival, The Digital Age, Natalie LaRue, Smalltown Poets, White Collar Sideshow and many more!

Release Date: December 7, 2012
Album length: 38 tracks: 157 minutes, 39 seconds

Download Button
*NOTE: This link goes to a download site to download a zip file of the album*

Spiral [ft Beth Bullock] (from EP "Glow") (7:38) - Andy Hunter
Someone (from album "Young Man Follow") (4:02) - Future Of Forestry
Charlie Brown's Lament (from EP "Under The New Sun") (2:54) - Smalltown Poets
Live Forever [Demo] (from upcoming album "Moving Past") (4:12) - The Fold
Great Lengths [Live] (from new live album, "Minneapolis") (2:41) - PFR
Keep Beating (from album "Arrows and Sound") (3:22) - Arrows and Sound
Finn Hatches A Plan (from album "Hours") (5:37) - Falling Up
Hallelujah (from EP "Rehearsals") (4:00) - The Digital Age
Lost Boy (from album "The Way Back Home") (3:41) - Big Tent Revival
Big Strong Hands (from EP "Those We Were") (3:37) - Running After Rockets
Great Is Thy Faithfulness (from album "Roots Run Deep(er)") (3:26) - Jadon Lavik
Back To You (from EP "Even Now") (4:15) - Natalie LaRue
Jesus Shall Reign (from EP "Part One") (4:00) - The Silver Pages
Ghosts (from album "Keep Quiet") (5:54) - Sons**
The Call (from album "More Than Conquerors") (4:43) - Least of These***
Desolation (from "Love & Desolation") (3:31) - Andrew Huang
Comeback Kid (from mixtape "Friendly Fire") (3:22) - Heir Jordan
Wild-Fire! (from mixtape "The Perks of Being a Wallflower") (2:51) - Espio
Pharisee Of The State (from album "The Truth About Man") (3:52) - Owen Pye
Coming Up (from EP "World") (3:24) - Scientist
Unbelievable (from album "Electric Delta") (2:56) - Sean Michel
Live To Fight (from album "Playing With Fire") (3:31) - Phao
Black Heart Hearse (from album "The WitcHunt") (2:27) - White Collar Sideshow***
Lazarus (Single) (4:08) - Exiting The Fall
Devil May Care (Demo) (3:49) - Never Buried*
Like A Corpse (from "Mythos") (3:06) - Soul Embraced*
The Lion's Teeth (Single) (3:50) - Every Knee Shall Bow*
Maps (from album "XVII") (4:58) - Southlen
My Hunter (from "My Hunter (Acoustic EP)") (5:46) - Dearest Brother
Robbers (from album "Distances") (3:03) - Canopy Climbers
Shall We Gather at the River? (from EP "The River") (4:00) - Wayfarer
Sons and Daughters (from "The Likeness EP") (6:01) - Tongue&Pen***
Stay (from album "The Shadows Left Me Alive") (6:08) - Glowhouse
Second Chances (B-Side) (3:26) - Jason Dunn
Lights (from album "Pioneer") (4:41) - Pioneer**
The Stranger (from album "Lions") (7:01) - Ravenhill
BONUS: O Come Emmanuel (Single) (4:07) - WILKES
BONUS: Tumblin' Sampler (3:58) - DJ Maj
Quote :
Album: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Metal

26 FREE Songs from 26 different artists! Artists include: Altars, See The Light, Fallstar, Colossus, Everything In Slow Motion, Onward To Olympas, Ark of the Covenant, Letter to the Exiles and many more!

Release Date: June 11, 2013
Album length: 26 tracks: 103 minutes, 49 seconds

Download Button
*NOTE: This link goes to a download site to download a zip file of the album*

Lifeless Eyes (single) (5:19) - A Sight To See*
Eternity (from the album "Something More") (3:20) - Altars**
Blind Leaders, Mute Teachers (from the EP "Many Waters/Many Floods") (3:53) - Rejoice the Awakening
Rise (from the album "Tepid") (3:56) - See The Light***
Mon Amie (from the EP "Five Points") (3:36) - Lessons
Drags, Drugs and Bones (from the album "Backdraft") (3:50) - Fallstar**
Superficial Saviour (from the album "Time & Eternal") (3:30) - Colossus**
I Am Not Who I Once Was (from the album "The Beginning and the End and the Time In-Between") (3:19) - Me and the Trinity
Redeemed (from the album "When Darkness Reigns") (3:01) - This Divided World
To Be Honest, I Haven't Been On Apollo 13 (from the EP "Illusions") (3:44) - Aliens Ate My Setlist
Red (from the "Red" single) (4:54) - Everything In Slow Motion**
New Line of Defense (from the album "Dethrone") (4:03) - The Order of Elijah****
The Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead (from the album "The Rise") (3:13) - A Lesser Hope*
Wolf's Jaw (from the album "Indicator") (3:09) - Onward To Olympas**
On Trial (from the EP "Paid In Full") (1:35) - No Longer Bound
Enemies of God (from the EP "A Past That Attempts To Define Me") (3:39) - Clear Convictions
The Overcomer (from the EP "[D]elusion") (4:23) - A Body Divided
Worn Out (from the EP "MMXII") (3:50) - Conveyer
Transgressors (from the album "Self Harvest") (2:40) - Ark of the Covenant**
Step Away (from the EP "Still Moving, Still Breathing") (3:20) - Letter to the Exiles**
Prideful Demise (from the album "The Eyes of the Wicked Will Fail") (3:05) - Behold The Kingdom****
Glory (from the EP "Transformation") (4:10) - Saints Will Rise
The Voice of the Righteous (from the EP "Abba Father") (5:12) - Sobre Todo Nombre***
What You've Done (from the EP "EP, Volume 1") (3:23) - Righteous Vendetta
Almost Home (from the EP "On the Shoulders of Giants") (6:02) - On the Shoulders of Giants
Acceptance (from the album "Aletheia") (9:43) - Hope For The Dying**
Quote :
Album: Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume Three

30 FREE Songs from 30 different artists! Artists include: Vocal Few, Kevin Max, Everyday Sunday, Seabird, Tal & Acacia, Nations, Guardian, The Material, Jason Dunn, Justin McRoberts, Playdough and many more!

Release Date: August 13, 2013
Album length: 30 tracks: 114 minutes, 27 seconds

Download Button
*NOTE: This link goes to a download site to download a zip file of the album*

The Road (from "Tall Trees EP") (3:46) - Vocal Few
Walking Through Walls (from album "Cotes d'Armor") (4:56) - Kevin Max
10,000 Reasons (from album "Nations") (4:10) - Nations (formerly Above The Golden State)
Free - Unmastered Reference (from album "Almost Home") (3:23) - Guardian
Let Me In Again (from album "Everything I Want To Say") (4:23) - The Material
Insecurity (from album "Abandon Progress") (3:22) - Jason Dunn
Still (from album "Light Society") (4:07) - Light Society
Remember Me Jesus (from album "K") (4:08) - Justin McRoberts
If You Think (from album "Black & White") (3:53) - Tal & Acacia
Come Away Away (from album "Arrows and Sound") (3:17) - Arrows and Sound
Extraordinary (from album "Troubled Days") (3:12) - Seabird
Amazed (*Compilation Exclusive*) (3:48) - Everyday Sunday
Cash Rules Everything (from album "Writer Dye: Deux or Die") (3:58) - Playdough
Those Killers (from "Those Killers" EP) (3:43) - Phin
New Brand of Revolution (from album "Threat") (3:29) - False Idle
Fury (from "The Christening EP") (3:19) - Take Captive The Captain
Hope (Banjo Song) (from album "Rest") (4:06) - Pompton Lakes
Welcoming (from album "Arrival") (3:15) - Everett
Take Me There (5:53) - Love is...
Does Anybody Know (from album "Songs About Us") (3:37) - Us & Our Daughters
Games (feat. Kidd) (Single) (3:26) - Skrip
Don't Know What To Do With Us (from album "Free Daps") (3:57) - Free Daps (feat. Manchild and Fab da Eclectic)
You'll Go Far Boy (from album "SOUL") (3:11) - Ravenhill
Amazing Grace (from album "Rambling Heart") (3:48) - Orion Walsh
Forest (from "World EP") (3:17) - Scientist
About Love (Single) (3:49) - My Flesh Heart
I'll Never Let Go (from album "More Than You Think") (3:52) - The Ember Days
Kings (from album "Kings") (3:56) - The Sleep Design
When I Kept Silent (from EP "John Ball") (3:40) - John Ball
Be Thou My Vision (from album "Part One") (3:58) - The Silver Pages
Quote :
Album: Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume Four

50 FREE Songs from 50 different artists! Artists include: Thousand Foot Krutch, Disciple, Peter Furler Band, Jars of Clay, Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil, Remedy Drive, MxPx, Sarah MacIntosh, Paul Colman, The Wrecking, Justin McRoberts, Playdough, Heath McNease, HillaryJane, Andrew Osenga, Sarah Kelly, Kings Kaleidoscope and many more!

Release Date: August 13, 2014
Album length: 50 tracks: 199 minutes, 34 seconds

Download Button
*NOTE: This link goes to a download site to download a zip file of the album*

Commodity (Radio Version) [from "Commodity"] (3:42) - Remedy Drive
War of Change (Andy Hunter? Remix) [from "Metamorphosiz, Vol. 1"] (5:19) - Thousand Foot Krutch
Radical (from "Attack") (3:57) - Disciple
Dare I Say (from "Sun and Shield") (3:43) - Peter Furler Band
A Life Preserved (from "Blue Like Jazz" Soundtrack) (3:56) - Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil
Chimneys (from "Stix and Stones") (3:34) - HillaryJane
Come With Me (Single) (4:11) - Skrip ft. Eden Myrrh
Unescapable (from "My Corner of Heaven") (3:55) - Sarah Kelly
Majestic (from "Wild Earth" EP) (4:22) - Wild Earth
Trailside Road (from "Rope EP") (3:42) - Lexi Elisha
Human Race (from "Inland") (3:58) - Jars of Clay
Let It Happen (Acoustic) [from "Acoustic Collection"] (2:19) - MxPx
Starting To Believe (4:32) - D. W. Stovall
Ain't No Lyin' Man (from "K") (2:48) - Justin McRoberts
Miracles (from "Chris and Gileah") (3:37) - Chris and Gileah
Defender (from "Live In Color") (4:39) - Kings Kaleidoscope
The Best Is Yet to Come (from "From the Saltland to the River") (3:36) - Paul Colman
Restored (ft. Katie Carlene) [from "givingUP EP"] (4:00) - dropsci.GIANTS
Someone Else (from "Embellish EP") (4:24) - The Jellyrox
Cinnamon (Single) (3:53) - FREE DAPS
More Than Words (from "Compassion") (4:43) - Customary
Set Me Free (from "Soul - EP") (3:15) - Andrew Osenga
ee (from "Fort Wayne") (3:45) - Heath McNease
Come Down Father (from "In Our Winters") (4:24) - Preson Phillips
Eleanor Rigby (Originally Performed by The Beatles) (from "So Much For Love ") (3:31) - The Wrecking
Face In The Dark (from "Live" EP) (5:41) - The Ember Days
Everything (from "Whole") (2:55) - Jessa Anderson
Young Hearts (from "Young Hearts EP") (3:15) - Southlen
While We're Living (3:35) - Abandon
Put Your Title Down (from "Tightwire") (3:56) - Adam Sams
Criminal (McSwagger Remix) (from "World EP: Mobile Lab Remix Edition") (4:10) - Scientist
Current (from "Current") (4:52) - Sarah Macintosh
Pride (from "Rest") (3:55) - Pompton Lakes
Alive In You Tonight (Single) (4:10) - Whitlee Casey
Versace Dreams (from "Hipsavvy: The Introduction") (3:15) - KIDD
Burn Rubber (from "Gold Tips") (3:00) - Playdough
I Wish Those Jerks Had Never Killed John F. Kennedy (Single) (3:21) - Spoken Nerd
Far Away (from "Rise Anew") (3:58) - Adrian Mathenia
No Other King (from "Another Moment") (4:08) - Ryan Kennedy
How Long (from "How Long") (3:10) - Bradley Hathaway
Walking on the Water (from "We Are The Monks" EP) (3:43) - We Are The Monks
The Battle Over Me (from "I Am Clay") (4:27) - I Am Clay
Hope/Anxiety/Fear (from "Speak Every Word") (5:42) - This is the Giant
Steady (feat. Catalina Bellizzi) [from "Steady"] (4:36) - Paper.Beats.Rock
Spirit Awake (from "We Will Rise EP") (3:33) - Renevus
Struggle to Recover (from "The Tale of a Broken Compass") (4:07) - Orion Walsh
A?o Nuevo (from "Corra") (3:29) - Catalina Bellizzi
Psalm 118 (Your Steadfast Love) [from "Psalms EP, Vol. 2"] (5:29) - Robbie Seay Band
I Am the Vine (from "Flight") (5:17) - Anderson Cale
Fall Down (from "All Things New") (4:32) - Rivers & Robots
Quote :
Album: Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't), Volume Five

53 FREE Songs from 53 different artists! Artists include: House of Heroes, Fireflight, Jars of Clay, Kevin Max, Gungor, Remedy Drive, Ellie Holcomb, Ayiesha Woods, Lights Go Down (featuring former Hawk Nelson frontman Jason Dunn), Justin McRoberts and WILKES, Audrey Assad, Copperlily, The Wedding's Matt Shelton and many more!

Release Date: August 13, 2015
Album length: 53 tracks: 213 minutes, 24 seconds

Download Button
*NOTE: This link goes to a download site to download a zip file of the album*

The Worst Kind of gods (from "Smoke EP") (2:57) - House Of Heroes
SAFETY (Featuring Stephen Christian) [from "INNOVA"] (3:21) - FIREFLIGHT
Lamb Of God (from "Death Be Not Proud EP") (5:19) - Audrey Assad
Marvelous Light (from "As Sure As The Sun") (3:12) - Ellie Holcomb
Under The Starlight (from "Commodity") (3:51) - Remedy Drive
27 (from "Skeleton Key") (4:36) - The Frozen Ocean
Lay Down Your Weapons My Friend (from "Broken Temples: Deluxe Edition") (3:05) - Kevin Max
Fast and Slow (from "The Beautiful Unseen EP") (2:55) - Copperlily
The Great Unwound (Single) (4:00) - Poor Old Lu
Psalm 66 (You Are Great) [from "Psalms, Vol. 3 EP"] (4:55) - Robbie Seay Band
God Will Lift Up Your Head (Acoustic) [from "20"] (5:17) - Jars of Clay
Candles and Kerosene (from "Everything Has Changed EP") (4:14) - Justin McRoberts
Let Your Hands Be Strong (Single) (4:14) - Matt Shelton
Curtains (from "Curtains EP") (4:31) - Harvest
Comrades (feat. Gowe and Nak) [from "Tower Ivory"] (3:52) - J.Han
Make Me Smile (from "GREY") (5:08) - Sam Ock
The Air (from "New Lands") (3:45) - Epic Season
West Coast Calling (Single) (3:43) - Lights Go Down
Vicious Cycle (from "Great Lengths") (4:05) - The Protest
Antidote (from "The Lost Days of Summer EP") (4:20) - The Lost Days of Summer
Anyhow (from "It's Time") (4:59) - Ayiesha Woods
Still I Will Praise (from "For Every Curse") (4:59) - Daniel Bashta
The Man With The Morning In His Eyes (from "Winning the West") (3:37) - Ergo Rex
Jack and Jill, pt.2 (from "Fire and Stone") (5:01) - The Gray Havens
One Wild Life (from "One Wild Life: Soul") (4:07) - Gungor
You've Got A Hold One Me (from "Shells EP") (3:22) - WILKES
Only Love (feat. Phil Joel) [from "When The World's On Fire"] (3:12) - Flood The Stone
100 (from "Dios Gan? EP") (4:02) - Javie
Saint Dangle (from "Saint Dangle") (3:27) - Playdough
instruMENTALITY (ft. JGivens) (from "Rest Assured EP") (3:07) - Paradox
Chapter Five: Tuxedo Black (from "Correspondence (a fiction) ") (4:05) - Levi The Poet
Awaken My Soul (from "In Rest") (7:05) - Joel & Amy Davis
Separation (ft. Kelli Taylor) [from "Long Drive"] (4:20) - Jordan Taylor
Inside A Storm Starts To Rise (from "Dos") (3:10) - Reform the Resistance
Break The Cycle (from "Time Is Running Out") (2:17) - New Heart
The End (from "The Vault Sessions") (3:13) - Justifide
Popular (from "InDAPendence") (3:19) - Isaac Knox
Push It Along (from "Beautiful Noise") (3:43) - Sareem Poems & Ess Be
Better Than Us (from "It's Not Just Me in Here EP") (3:23) - Whosah
Bionic (from "Fall of the Light Bearer") (4:07) - Theory Hazit
This Game of God (Single) (3:52) - Jesse Sprinkle
Mercy (from "Mercy") (4:04) - Ravenhill
Fire In My Bones (from "Dust & Clay") (4:29) - Weston Skaggs
Slow Me Down (from "Monolith") (6:28) - Realms
The Traveling Man (Single) (4:23) - Marah in the Mainsail
Nothing Left To Lose (from "Passive Aggression, Vol. 1") (3:36) - Pioneer
Of Youth (from "On the Depths of Depravity") (4:23) - They Will Fall
Bonnaroo (from "InDAPendence") (2:48) - Heir Jordan
I Know You Love Me (from "Broken Restored") (4:10) - J Poetic
Jesus, I Come (from "Hymns") (4:17) - Grinstead
There Is A Love (from "Colors") (3:43) - Grayson Kessenich
Better (from "The Transition") (5:18) - AMP
BONUS TRACK: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (feat. Acacia) [from "Vintage Christmas"] (2:23) - David Ian



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Wow that is a lot of songs! Thanks for sharing.
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A lot is free, thanks.
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Thanks OP! Great find! +rep
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thanks Smilie
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Thanks, there is some good music in there and a bunch I haven't heard of but are worth a try for free.
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Quote from josiahjenni View Post :
Thanks, there is some good music in there and a bunch I haven't heard of but are worth a try for free.
same went for me. A lot of the music was good and hope you enjoy it! the site itself is a great place to see reviews for albums and movies and it's not crazy conservative like some (

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