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Online Appliance and HVACR help for SD members

BikerEric 1,607 May 10, 2008 at 07:37 PM
I will do my best to help any and all in the repair or diagnostic of any appliance.
My expertise comes from 30 years of doing the work and 20 plus of running and owning an appliance and HVACR company.
All I ask of you is to follow these rules and suggestions:

Remember to include your model and serial numbers in your post!

I can't tell you how many times loungers ask me for help repairing their appliance and they either give me a bad model number or none at all. Without a valid model number, I can't look up diagrams or find out anything about your appliance. So, here are:

the Ten Commandments for BikerEric's Online Appliance Help

1. Ye shall read the model number directly off the manufacturer's tag affixed to the appliance., not from the owners guide!

2. Ye shall use these diagrams to help you locate the manufacturer's tag if you are having trouble.

Window Air Conditioners
Dishwashers []
Dryer []
Freezer []
Stove or oven []
Refrigerators []
Washing Machine []
Trash Compactor []

3. Ye shall speak of the Brand Name

4. Ye shall mention if the appliance is electric or gas (natural or LPG [propane])

5. Ye shall speak of the configuration of the offending machine ie.side by side, front load

6. Ye shall speak precisely of the problem. not just it's broke , it doesn't work

7. Ye shall understand that I may ask for pictures if possible

8. Ye shall know and understand that I am doing this on line, So I may ask you to do a check on something. I have no idea how handy you are or what your abilities are, So you are doing these checks on your own responsibility. If you feel that it is beyond your ability , PLEASE let me know! BikerEric nor SlickDeals assumes any responsibility for your aptitude or abilities

9. Ye shall not blame BE if his diagnostics might be not be correct

10. Ye shall offer up thy praises in the form of reps or better yet as a donation to a local charity

11. Ye shall keep this tread "chit-chat" free and on topic


BikerEric's Online Guide to buying or replacing Major Appliances and HVACR

Please understand that I am very opinionated about brands and manufacturers . My opinions come my experience on working on these units and my dealing with the manufacturers. I scan the newspaper ads weekly to see who has the best price for the best products! I am not a pricing service. I do not work for or have any support from the manufacturers or from the dealers!

1 Ye shall explain what appliance you are replacing

2 Ye shall explain in detail what you would like to buy or purchase

3 Ye shall understand that my questions to you ( while seemingly personal) are to help you realize whether an appliance will work for you.

Ahem again

Current Appliance Rebates and Forms

Appliance Recallsupdated when recalls are announced.

Links to repairs:
Frozen Drain Line
Cleaning a Condensing Unit
Cleaning you refrigerator's fan and coil
Testing Whirlpool Modular Style IceMaker
Why BE does NOT recommend Front Load Washing Machines
Replace door cam on sxs refrigerator door
6 Ways to avoid appliance problems
How to replace a Kenmore/Whirlpool/Roper/KitchenAid/Kirkland Automatic Washing Machine Coupler
How to install a Kenmore/Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Kirkland Automatic Washing Machine Lid Switch
The back of a whirlpool electric dryer []
How to replace the defrost heater(s) , defrost termination tstat and defrost timer in a GE SxS refrigerator
still under construction

July 12, 2010, 3:24 pm: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.


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Quote from Ostracus View Post :
True, but then Amazon in general has had crazy prices. There are online HVACs that carry a wider and more reasonable selection.

Even so I believe the cheapest price I could find online was mid-$20. I was so surprised at the $8 I asked them for dimensions and sent a photo - I couldn't believe it was the same part!

I have ordered HVAC parts from Amazon before - namely an ignitor for my oil-fired HWH.
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Hello BikerEric,

Do you have a connection for clock/control board for Maytag CHE9800BCE (12001607)
It's white and self clean. One of those where they just don't want to part with it.
The up button has a hole and doesn't want to go up anymore

Thanks BE
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klimaire multi split?
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Quote from arthall111 View Post :
klimaire multi split?
I have a klimaire multi split heat and cool unit. I am getting E1 code. after further trouble shooting, it states replace outside PCB Board. the model is KSINO12-H115. WHERE can I purchase such a thing. klimaire is not responding even under warranty. please help.thanks Art
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love the comments on these units
"Save your money and run from this unit. Just remember a turd rapped upped and put in a pretty box is still a turd in a box."

Looks like you're not alone.

see if you can find a number on the PCB board. might find someone that pulled parts when they junked it
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I was hoping you could help confirm what i think the issue is with my AC.

I posted a thread here [] but was told to cross post it here.

I did have a airflow problem but i have taken care of that. But the AC doesn't blow cold.

I'm hoping this picture will help confirm what i am thinking.

This is an older picture i took, but after running the AC for 2 hours it looks just like this (picture attached).

There is some icing along some thin copper lines. The copper piping that goes through the condenser are not frozen up, and there doesn't appear to be any ice build up in the fins (blew air through it with a compressor, no blockage and there was no decrease in air flow after 2+ hours), The only ice is on those thin copper lines.

Would i be right in thinking this is a freon issue?

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Low Freon. Have your levels checked.
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Fridge icemaker has started banging when it's filling up. It's quite loud and fast for about 3-5 seconds. Not sure where to start.
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Please help with my central air unit. It will blow cold air for about 15 minutes and then the furnace kicks on blowing hot air. I thought it was the Nest but I hooked up a cheapo thermostat tonight and it happened again. Both times with the W wire even connected. My room temp goes from 80 to 85 make it quite unbearable at night. Nest has sent out a new thermostat. I rinsed of the ac unit. The ac unit is a Lennox which I just had installed last year so I will be calling the company. I have researched on Google and I can't find any similar situations of the furnace kicking on after 10-15 minutes. Fyi the thermostat is set to cool and W wire is disconnected and it will still happen.
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