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Ringplus FREE cellular service 1500 min /1500 text /1500Mb (EXPIRED)

Naoautorizada 1,161 938 November 10, 2015 at 02:17 PM in Cell Phone Plans & Services (3) More Ringplus Deals
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Last Edited by Naoautorizada November 14, 2015 at 11:53 AM
For details, see wiki (below).
To get started, go here
(Current customers can log in and select "Activate A New Line")


What is Ringplus?
Ringplus is a Sprint MVNO, which means a reseller of Sprint cellular services, as are Ting, Freedompop, Virgin, Republic, and a broad host of others (http://bestmvno.com/sprint-mvnos/).

What do I need to take advantage of this deal?

1. You'll need to be able to provide the serial number of an eligible Sprint-capable phone. (Eligible means fully unencumbered, financially and otherwise. Each MVNO site, including RIngplus, has its own serial number eligibility checker unique to its own policies and agreements with Sprint.)

2. A credit card (virtual credit cards from Chase and Bank of America work well and are advised). Some have had luck with debit cards, and some have had trouble using any credit cards whatsoever. YMMV

3. A Facebook or Twitter account you don't mind sharing with Ringplus and posting an endorsement. (If you like this deal there's no need for this to be a show stopper. Throw-away accounts are easy to make at either site, and although the likelihood of enforcement of this requirement is small, there is an implied agreement to participate in this manner, so act responsibly.)

What exactly is this deal?

After you enter your name and email address at the link above you'll be taken to a page to enter your phone and credit card information. Be exact - mistakes are not reversible. You can find a phone's serial number (often called an ESN or an MEID) underneath the battery in very, very fine print. In Android and iPhones you can go to the "About phone" menu to find this information (often under "Status"). In that same area there may be an ICCID number too. If so, make note of it because you'll need it to complete registration and your LTE data (if so equipped) wont work without it. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU'RE DOING THIS. If you accidentally activate the wrong phone you'll have paid between $15 and $20 for nothing.

Once you've completed the above process you click the big green button at the bottom of the screen and your application will be processed. If successful your credit card will be charged between $15 and $20, $15 of which will be held in reserve in case you accidentally (or purposefully) overrun any part of your 1500-min/1500-txt / 1500-Mb allocation

What's different about Ringplus?

The good news besides being supremely budget priced is that unlike the only other comparable service (Freedompop), Ringplus voice and text use the conventional cellular system. (Freedompop runs everything over a 4G LTE data channel which can be a problem if the LTE coverage in the area you want to use your phone is spotty.)

The bad news is that Ringplus has a reputation for having unexpectedly discontinued its free program in the past (http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2...-most.html) and as such, may again be a risk in that regard.

What's different about this particular program?

This is (to my knowledge) the first and only program that offers 1500 Mb of cellular data per month without charge. Previous to this the leader was Freedompop which offers 1000 Mb after signing up for its relatively innocuous "friends" program.


Note that Ringplus (and Freedompop as well) are the lowest tier programs on the market. In exchange for not having to pay for the service, there is effectively no customer service to speak of and roaming is impractical if not impossible. For these reasons and more, THIS IS NOT A SUITABLE REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR EVERYDAY PHONE NOR IS IT WELL SUITED AS AN "EMERGENCY" PHONE. It is, however, wonderfully suited to try things with cell phones you might never think to attempt when paying inordinate amounts for service on each phone, such as connecting multiple phones in numerous locations with Google Voice so that you no longer need to carry one phone everywhere. This is also a great phone to leave on in your car to watch pets there and/or perhaps catch the next idiot who opens his/her door into the side of your car. Yes, there are apps for doing things like this and much much more. Be creative - you'd' be amazed at how many uses you can find for phones when the cost of operation is free.


The Ringplus site does allow one (after a $2 surcharge charge) to replace currently registered phones with other eligible phones should you desire to upgrade, which means that you need not have the very best phone (or really, any phone) to become initially registered in this plan. You can register using the ESN (serial number) of any eligible (e.g. paid off) phone you or anyone around or near you happen to have from past lives, in any condition. This incudes numbers from hotspots, sticks, and phones you may have once had registered with Freedompop; it includes numbers from Sprint phones you might find in the Best Buy recycle bin. You'll may even find fellow SDers in the thread selling ESNs for this purpose. (Because ESN are so easy to find and/or simply create, having these folks frequenting threads in SD reminds me of the biblical story of money changers at the temple, but that may just be my own bias.)

Final Caveat

There are a few (4 in particular) what I will call Ringplus "enthusiasts" who frequent these threads expressly to promote Ringplus and service. Sometimes they know what they are talking about - often they do not. Some are more well informed than others, but I would take what each says with a tablespoon or two of salt since their avowed purpose in, in fact, to promote more than it is to inform.

That's it - go for it, have fun, and come back with a working phone you thought was going to foverer just be trash.
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by monkeybiz November 13, 2015 at 02:17 PM
CNET (Leonardo 2 Plan) (1500 min / 1500 text / 1500 MB) / month FREE https://store.ringplus.net/store/...rdo_2.html
Leonardo 2 on Ringplus Forum https://discourse.ringplus.net/t/...ssion/7081

www.ringplus.net homepage and Ringplus store for sims and phones. Please stop asking about fees and taxes, one time top off and tax as long as you stay under allotment.

This Promo is exclusively available over CNET http://www.cnet.com/news/get-free...-ringplus/

To participate please go to http://www.cnet.com/news/get-free...-ringplus/ and post the CNET article on your social network Twitter or Facebook. Use the buttons at the top of the article.

1. Promotion Time:

The promotion will be open from 7AM Central Time on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, until 12 midnight Central Time on Friday, November 13, 2015. (Please note this time period is effective while supplies last.)

2. Promotion Name and Allotments:

Leonardo 2 Free Cell Plan

Free allotments each month: 1,500 Minutes, 1,500 Texts, and 1,500 MB of 4G LTE data

Overages are 2 cents per unit of minutes, texts, and MB.
International texts are 3 cents, and MMS are 4 cents.

A minimum top up of $15 (+ applicable taxes and fees) is required at sign up. If, and only if, the top up is depleted to $0 from overages or other premium actions (e.g., porting, number changes, etc.) another top up of $15 (+ applicable taxes and fees) will automatically be charged to the Member's credit card on file with RingPlus. If a Member does not go over these free allotments, the Leonardo 2 Free Plan will remain free.

Some people might see it as a $15 activation fee, but it is better than an activation fee because a Member's top-up balance is there for them to use for overages and other premium actions (e.g., device swaps, porting, etc.).

3. Eligibility:

A. The Leonardo 2 Free Plan is open to new activations only

B. Social:

To be eligible, new subscribers have to do the following:

1) Share the CNET article about the Leonardo 2 Free Plan on your Facebook or Twitter via the links above the article on CNET
2) During signup with RingPlus for the Leonardo 2 Free Plan, new subscribers will need to link their Facebook or Twitter account; and
3) During signup with RingPlus for the Leonardo 2 Free Plan, new RingPlus subscribers will need to complete a short survey.

C. Phones:

The get the Leonardo 2 Free Plan, new Members are required to bring their own eligible Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T phone. All non-Sprint devices will require a Universal ICCID card (i.e., a kind of SIM card) which can be ordered at store.ringplus.net. Eligible devices are the iPhone 6s, 6s+, 6, 6+, and Nexus 5 from T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and ATT; and the iPhone 5s and 5c from Verizon and Sprint. In addition, new subscribers can bring any other Sprint phone which is financially cleared (meaning there are no outstanding financial obligations to Sprint).

If you don’t have an eligible device you can also buy one of the phones listed below during the Leonardo 2 Free Plan promotional period from the Ring Plus Store at http://store-ringplus-net.3dcartstores.com1 , and get the Leonardo 2 Free Plan. We will ship the phone within two to three weeks, and you will be able to activate it on the Leonardo 2 Free Plan.

Available Phones and Prices (all phones available while supplies last):

D. RingPlus Sign-Up Process:

1) Go to www.ringplus.net1 click on “Plans,” find the Leonardo 2 Free Plan, and click on “Sign Up” for that Plan (you can also just scroll down on the website to the plans section).

2) Proceed with the activation of your cell phone (cell phones only).

3) Follow the links on our website to link your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and to take the short survey.

4) A $15 top up is required during signup. If, and only if, the balance reaches $0, another $15 auto top up will automatically be charged to the Member's credit card on file.

E. Also included:

Free voicemail-to-email.
Emergency number setup and social network integration.
Free parental control features (block data, texts, and picture mail; blacklist or whitelist calls; and block all calls and texts by time).
Over 25 RingPlus Radio Stations included. Choose from a range of Popular to Classical music, or stay up-to-date with World and Financial News.
WiFi calling via any SIP client Available.

New promos come and go all the time, best to hang out in the main thread and huge wiki here http://slickdeals.net/f/7912559-ringplus-is-going-to-try-free-ad-supported-cell-service-again-free-leonardo-2-1500-1500-1500-on-11-11-15-from-5am-pst-to-11-13-15-10pm-pst

Quote :
Goal - swap 2 phones between 2 plans with aid of a 3rd phone or ESN which is inactive, and swapping can be done immediately without a waiting period. First make sure your RingPlus balance on each plan has enough to cover the swaps. In this example $2 on Plan A, $1 on Plan B. The plans do not have to be on the same RingPlus account.

Plan A - has Phone A
Plan B - has Phone B
Phone C is an inactive Phone or ESN

1) Plan A - swap from Phone A to Phone C
2) Plan B -swap from Phone B to Phone A
3) Plan A - swap from Phone C to Phone B
4) Phone C is back to being inactive

*Each of the 3 device swaps costs 99 cents each, so it costs about $3 to complete a three way swap as shown.

Canceling a free line ties up the phone until the next billing cycle if you are trying to activate a NEW free line with the phone, just as if the phone was swapped out of a free plan. Doing a device swap on a different free plan to the phone from the canceled free plan works immediately..
No customer support for 3 days in a roll. A good sign, everyone?

Everything you've always wanted to know about Sprint SIMs but were afraid to ask

Sprint SKU Part Number UPC Description
CZ2101LTR SIMGLT207R 760492013529 Domestic LTE 3FF removable with USIM
CZ2102LWR SIMGLW206R 760492013536 Worldwide 3FF removable LTE + GSM
CZ2103LTR SIMGLT407R 760494000015 Domestic LTE 4FF removable with USIM
CZ2104LWC SIMGLW406C 760492013574 Worldwide 4FF removable with CSIM
CZ2104LWR SIMGLW406R 760492013512 Worldwide 4FF removable LTE + GSM
CZ2114LWC SIMGLW416C 760494000060 Worldwide 4FF removable with CSIM v2

Also available at https://docs.google.com/spreadshe...wA/pubhtml
To find out which one goes into which phone, see http://www.helio.com/shop/eproduct.php?pdid=485


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Please visit the Promo on Ringplus Forum https://discourse.ringplus.net/t/...ssion/7081
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Get ready to pay 30% in "tax"
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A "future" plan by any other name. So much for their insistence there would be no more future plans.
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Need to buy more phone.
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Looking for $$$$$$sssss..
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Wow... Great plan finally 1.5gb
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Quote from monkeybiz View Post :
thanks but the link isn't working.
True dat.

Click the backlink to Watercube's post to click on his link.
Then rep him.

Quote from xxxHolic View Post :
Need to buy more phone.
1.5 Gb.
Can you say "TAB-LET"? yummy
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Quote from YellowBello View Post :
Get ready to pay 30% in "tax"
depending on state. WA is one of the worst but still deal for quality of life. Big Grin


also don't cry about $15 top off, it's required at sign up. They have cleared up a lot of confusion but bottom line is it will only refill when your top off reaches zero from overages which could be never.
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still have 2 more volts.
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Quote from DealzSlickz View Post :
Wow... Great plan finally 1.5gb
Competitive plan, finallyWink (for as long as it lasts, but yes.)
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Quote from Naoautorizada View Post :
Competitive plan, finally (for as long as it lasts, but yes.)
LOL. Who else has a Competitive plan to this?
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RP auto upgrade already, thanks!
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I'm waiting for unlimited everything. You know it's coming.
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Quote from ghostofposterspast View Post :
LOL. Who else has a Competitive plan to this?
FP has been giving away a gig+ for the better part of a year already.

But to get a gig-and-a-half free may be better, depending on how much discount one factors in for Ringplus' schizophrenia (and whatever "3rd party" actually turns out to mean in the future).
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