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Help finding better deal on iPhone 6s for Verizon

AJR214 319 615 November 14, 2015 at 11:56 AM
I'm looking for an iPhone 6S 64GB for use on Verizon. I posted in this thread about the Best Buy IP6 $1 deal, but thought I should break it out into the "Find a Deal" forum for additional help.

I have no choice but Verizon due to where I live, so please don't say "go with another carrier". My wife and I want to upgrade our (2) 4S 16GB to the 6 or 6S, preferably the 6S 64GB model, but I guess we could get by with the 6 16GB depending on the deal. Everyone is talking about deals all the time, but this is the first I've seen in awhile without jumping through hoops opening a new line then swapping sims and such. I didn't even know Verizon iPhones had sims to swap using CDMA. Anyway, from what I'm reading here, if I go to BB for two of these $1 iPhone 6 with 2-year contract, I will be paying an extra $25/line for 2 years because I will lose the Month2Month discounts. If this is true, then it will essentially cost me $600 per phone (25 x 24 months), plus the up-front cost of activating ($40x2) and tax .

So, whether I buy the phone outright or do a contract, I will be paying the same thing for the phone. I'd rather spread it over 24 months than come up with $1,500 + tax right now. I also don't mind being on contract because I plan on being where I'm at for a long time due to my job and there will never be another service in this area. As a SD member, I do mind paying more than I need to! I also don't trust buying a 6/6S from eBay, CL, or any other auction sites -- I'd rather pay full than get royally f**ked.

So I have created a spreadsheet (see attached) comparing my current bill, and buying the 6S using EDGE and Contract through Verizon, and also compared the deal at Best Buy on the 6. On the spreadsheet, I only compared upgrading 1 phone - in the end, the numbers for me will be doubled.

On the spreadsheet are the following columns:

1 - Current monthly bill with Verizon
2 - @Verizon - Buy the 6S 64GB outright at $749.99
3 - @Verizon - Get the 6S 64GB using EDGE at full price of $749.99
4 - @Verizon - Get the 6S 64GB using EDGE with current promotion of $100 off using code UPGRADE so the phone would be $649.99
5 - @Verizon - Get the 6S 64GB on a 2-year contract - price of phone is $299.99
6 - @Best Buy - Get the 6 16GB on a 2-year contract - price of phone is $1.00
7 - @Best Buy - Get the 6 64GB on a 2-year contract - price of phone is $199.99

Columns and monthly bill difference over 24 months (per upgrade):

2 - Own phone outright, no billing changes (still get Month2Month $15 pricing)
3 - Lose M2M $25 discount and also add $31.48 Edge pricing = $56.48 x 24 = $1,355.52 + taxes
4 - Lose M2M $25 discount and also add $27.08 Edge pricing = $52.08 x 24 = $1,249.92 + taxes
5,6,7 - Lose M2M $25 discount = $25 x 24 = $600 + taxes

If I don't want to put a lot of money out up front, it really looks like my only option is to go with the iPhone 6 16GB at Best Buy for $1, although 16GB memory makes things so tight! I've had my 4S for almost 4 years and lately we are cleaning it out every week (pics, apps, and music). I want the 6/6S to last me another 3-4 years. Other option would be to buy the 6S 64GB phone outright either from Verizon, or try to find a used one for around $400-$500 each that is unlocked for Verizon, in space gray, isn't cloud locked, ESN is clean, etc.

Are there any other options? How are others getting these phones for "next to nothing" after trade-ins and such, or are they really just paying for it in the service? I don't have a choice of other services. If I was already paying the non M2M rate of $40, it wouldn't be hitting me so hard on the monthly bill. Any help is appreciated. All the wife sees is $1,700 to $3,000 for 2 phones and doesn't like it very much!



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Check Sam's club. Might be a 250 cash card per phone.
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Quote from adamjeeps View Post :
Check Sam's club. Might be a 250 cash card per phone.
Thanks. I found this link [] for the 6S 64GB for $199, and it gives a $250 Sam's GC with activation, but it is for today (Nov 14th) only. I neither live near a Sam's Club (nearest is 58 miles), nor have a membership.

Walmart will have the iPhone 5s/6/6+/6s/6s+ for $100 off and $100 Walmart GC [] for Black Friday starting 9PM Thursday. The fine print on the $100 off is stated here [].

Target will also have the 6s/6s+ with a $250 Target Gift card [] or $149/$249 for 16GB models on Black Friday.

I guess all the deals so far require a contract which at a minimum increase my bill a total of $744 over the next 2 years... plus what I have to pay for the phone and activation.
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Check the verizon g4 deal at . In Summary You can buy some $20 Smart phones..Take multiple lines incliding LG lancet and Do Tradein for $300...Read the thread you will find details..
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