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Have verizon with unlimited data. Upgrade questions

bobbo77 33 13 February 4, 2016 at 03:52 PM
So I have kept my Verizon unlimited data plan all these years, basically had to buy phones at full pop to keep.

Now since they are doing the extra $20 a month but allowing me to upgrade I may get a galaxy S7 when released.

So my biggest concern is hotspot. I need to use my phone as a hotspot and currently use foxfi on an S4. I had to root the phone to stop updates so foxfi would stay working. I thought I read that hotspot is included with Verizon plans now.

So my question is if I upgrade my phone to say an S7 but keep the unlimited data plan I had will the hotspot be included or is that for tiered data plans only?



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In my experience, you will need to root to get hotspot working on that phone since Verizon forces their stuff down your throat. Get an unlocked phone (Nexus 6p) and you can hotspot all you want.

That said, if they really want to be annoying they can see that you are using that feature without giving them extra money a month for it and punish you for it.

I recently went through the same decision. Are you really using that much data that you need to consider keeping the unlimited plan? I worked it out that I would need to use more than 12 or 18 gb a month to make the extra money worth the price.
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I would go to the Verizon store and ask one of the sales guys what he recommends. The employee works for Verizon but I do not believe that they would personally give you false information but that being said you could ask several to see if the answers are the same.

I wish I still had my unlimited plan Mad
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If you go on site and do a new plan phone it says personal hotspot included.

Im just not sure if that applies to unlimited people.

I use on average 15-20 gigs so its really the same price to keep unlimited as to go with plan in that data range so I may as well not worry about going over
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Free hotspot is only for the newer plans. The older plans with Unlimited data require a $10 or $15 month fee to use hotspot.

The Galaxy S6, S7, and Note 4 and 5 are currently unhackable. I have been keeping up with the hack scene at XDA. Verizon doesn't not want their devices hacked and Samsung has been good with hack proofing their stuff.

If you want to root your phone to get free hotspot you're gonna have to go with either Google Nexus phones or other brands like LG or HCT. That's just the way it is. I was disappointed at first as I really loved my Note 3, but damn the Nexus series is amazing. Being able to install just about anything on your phone from day 1 is incredible, instead of having to wait for the hack scene on the Galaxy's. Samsung has also made the switch for me a bit easier, with taking the iPhone route and removing features. They removed expandable storage, and the Note 5 removed the IR blaster. Samsung is going down hill.
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I doubt it but log in to your Verizon account try adding the hotspot to your present plan and see the cost..You're buying the phone with maybe a little discount... your plan is your plan and goes with you unless you change it.. I got fed up with them trying all the tricks to get me off the unlimited data and bought a Moto X Pure 2015 for around $400 unlocked.. if you take Verizon monthly phone payment plan watch for the early termination fee..g/l
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