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The right gaming headset

mrbobofbobs 735 314 May 20, 2016 at 11:00 AM in Question

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Hey Guys,

I am looking to purchase a headset but find the google research so far exhausting and with little evidence to help draw a conclusion. Although opinion on here will vary as well, I think it would be a good place to start. I may not understand how the consoles really work with headsets so if I am requesting something that doesn't make sense, please educate.

Here is what I am looking for:
- A headset that works with my PS3 and PS4. (if it can connect to a pc that is a bonus - I'd image if it is Bluetooth it will. Also, can a headset be paired to the ps3 and ps4 via BT at the same time and it will work as long as only one system is turned on?)

- wireless (it doesn't have to be true wireless - for example, plugging it into the ps4 controller for the headset to work is ok)

- want to avoid buying a bunch of accessories in order to make it work the way I want. (needing an extra cable is ok, but if need to buy several receivers, I really need to know that up front)

- Price - under 100 - I would really like it to be under 50 but that might not be possible. But don't filter your suggestions unless they are over 100 in cost. I am ok with buying now at 40 or waiting and getting a deal on a good headset.

- surround sound or at the very least headphones that fake surround, like the sound bars for tvs today. Just looking for good sound quality that is above my cheap phone headphones. I don't need Bose, but nice with a little sub if possible.

- the ability to hear all game sounds, video playback (blu-rays/dvds), and use it as a communicator. (It think all headsets do this, but I want to make sure the set I get will allow me to play my consoles without any sound coming from the home theater system when the wife needs it quite and I not miss out on the audio of the game, or watch netflix or a video from the PS4 and get the sound in the headset)

- comfortable (preferably over the ear.)

I am not very picky on anything else. Specific brands, cool design, lights, are all bonuses. I really care about the usability. If it works out that the headphones glow or light up, awesome. But not a deal breaker. Its not like I see them glow when I am wearing them.

Thanks for all your help.



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Sony has these [] which check off most of your boxes. Not the greatest sound quality and battery life is a bit short, but for convenience and comfort they are pretty good.

There are slickdeals on them every few months or so. The lowest i've seen was $50, I got mine for $55, but the most recent deal seemed to be for $60 or so. Just set up a deal alert if you don't need them right away.

Another option would be to just get a decent pair of stereo headphones and plug them into the PS4 controller, but just know that those won't work wirelessly on your PS3 or PC.
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been using my steelseries siberia v1 for a good 4 years now and they are still good. not so sure about the new ones but i love how the siberias foam around the ears are very durable. some headsets chafe after just a few months. mine is just now showing signs of age.
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I am surprised by the low number of posts. Thank you for the two those that have responded thus far.
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saw a deal for a sennheiser for $79 a few days ago. dont actually know if they are still available. they are one of the best headset manufacturers around.
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no problem op. always happy to help.
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You're unrealistic like a first time homebuyer... Your list and your price are incredibly disconnected. First, you won't get true "surround sound" without a sound card attachment (ex: Astro mix amp/TB DSS). Second, you get what you pay for. Under 100 is most likely cheap garbage that'll break sooner rather than later. I suggest starting your search at Amazon for "ps4 headset" and see what the top sellers/reviews are.
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Stay away from typical gaming accessory companies (Turtle Beach, Razer, etc.) as they are all show and no substance. Terrible sound quality.

Pretty much any headphones and microphone will work with PS3/PS4. You can buy audio adapter ($7) that plugs into PS4 controller and splits audio port so that you can plug stand alone headphones and standalone mic ($10 on amazon). This way you can pick any headphones you want.

Another option would be to buy headphones with inline mic (like iphone headphones) and plug them into PS4 controller. I used to do it with Klipsch Image One headphones on my PS4 that I go on sale for $50, they were discontinued though.

Finally you can pick up a headset from reputable headphones company like Sennheiser Game series or Sennheiser U320.

I would steer clear of wireless solutions, because it's an extra piece gear you need to charge and worry about interference.

Never tried to make surround sound work with PS4 headphones, since most headphones are 2 channel (left/right) and you would have to go through digital output in PS4 to pick up 5 channels. None of that fake surround sound headphones would work well, since they simulate it using 2 available channels.
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I use Polk Striker Pro for my pc, but the model is designed for ps4, pc, and mobile. the mic is easily detachable (my only complaint is how flimsy the mic is when attached) and it comes with 3 different cables based on usage- pc (has split stereo and mic inputs), mobile (single input plug with inline volume control), and ps4 (no idea what's unique with this one because I don't console).

they retail around $100 and have a similar model exclusively for Xbox. I did a fair amount of research and settled on these based on price, performance, and versatility.
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Surprised at TD for this thread. . .wow. . .a TD for "bad thread." Anyway, since op said PS3, PS4 and PC I would get thePlaystation Wireless Gold Headset []. You get what you pay for, and these are not top of the line and some dislike comfort and durability. But, I use every day with no major issues except side cracked after 2 years of constant use. They typically run under $80 and sometimes on sale for less. They are plug and play on PC, and I have had no issues switching between PS3, PS4, PC, or Mac. PS3 and PS4 have sound manager apps that can customize how they perform in different games slightly. So again, you get what you pay for, but these are the best bang for your buck given what you describe above.
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