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The Drug Store / Grocery Store COUPON ONLY TRADING Thread

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This thread is for TRADING COUPONS & REBATES ONLY as they pertain to Drugstore (DS) or Grocery Store shopping.

In other words, no Hertz Rental Car q's because you can't rent a car at the DS or Grocery store. No gift card trading nor stamp trading nor code trading etc... This thread is meant for coupons and rebates (DS and grocery items) only. All trades of DS or Grocery Store coupons will now go here.*

*Please see the official rules -- trades of ANY coupon will still be allowed in the Official Trading Thread in Freebies.

If you want to give your q's away without a trade, please see this thread:

A very special thank you to Slayers and Kel_Be for coordinating things and letting us have this thread in the DS/G Forum. Clap

Let the DS/Grocery trades begin!!




Please politely remind those that want to trade gift cards and/or other things (below $5.00) to use the Official Trading Thread.

Users have the right to trade coupons in either subforum without hassle.


The trading of all other coupons (i.e. xx% off Hertz Rent-a-Car) and gift cards shall be continued to be done at the Official Trading Thread in the Freebies Subforum.

** The Official List of Rules **

1. If there is a problem with your trade, or the person you are trading with you need to work it out on your own and in PRIVATE. Moderators will not be getting involved.

2. You must list the amounts on the coupon and description of the coupon you are trading.

3. Coupons carry a value of only 1/20 of 1 cent. Therefore, they are OK if the Offer amount exceeds $5. (This means if you trade 20 coupons it is counted as $0.01)


5. Keep the chit chat to a very low minimum, so it does not clutter the board!

6. PLEASE edit your original post when what you were offering for trade is gone (just GONE is fine!)

7. Do NOT offer money of any kind! It's a self promotion for personal gain (monetary gain), and it's not allowed! Money cannot exchange hands between SD members. This is includes PMs, posts, or any other forms of communication on SD!

8. You cannot ask for money/Pay Pal in "exchange". That is selling, and is not allowed here. Same for referrals! You cannot have people take part in referrals as part of your "trade".

9. There will be no discussing about bad traders or even the hint of discussing about bad traders. This does nothing more than to cause the threads here to go off topic and cause a lot of drama.

10. You cannot negatively bash a "bad trader" in your signature, or anywhere else on This is considered a personal attack and/or harassment.

11. You can only "bump" your trade list once in a 24hr period.

12. Trading stamps is not allowed!

13. Rite Aid Video Value coupons are NOT allowed to be traded because they have your name on them and thus are non-transferable.

Special thanks to kel_be for helping me out with the rules here and for providing a template for the rules.

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Include the SOURCE of the coupons you request.
Not many folks will go out of their way to find it for you otherwise.


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Does anyone have the latest target baby mobile coupon that has $1 off aveeno baby care item, exp 4/26? If you don't need it can you pm me the url or forward me the text? TIA
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UFT: $1/2 Kraft natural cheese slices (or cracker barrel) wyb Kraft shredded cheese. Expire July 2014. Have several.
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Iso- Kellogg's family reward codes, mcr codes, jc penney codes. Lmk what you are iso!!!
(1) Physicians Formula BB peelie x4/30 <-- need asap
(any) Dream $2 IP *NLA*
(8+) Skim Plus Milk $1 from 4/13 SS
(a few) Lysol $2/2 from Walgreens booklet
(a few) Clorox $5/5 from Walmart display tearpad
(a few) PF coupon peelies
(a few) Cascadian Farm rebate peelies

10+ White Cloud Bath Tissue (Available Exclusively At Walmart) $2/1 ip's x6/13 (all with unique ID's and printed in color)
(a couple) Staples 10/50 coupons (will be sent as pdf to email address)
Or PM me your ISO List so I can check if I have anything from your ISO List.
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Oct 22: INTERNATIONAL CAPSLOCK DAY & NATIONAL NUT DAY..that's my day!!laugh out loud
Posted this in the main trading thread before I realized there was a coupon only thread:


Multiples of:

-Save 0.50 when you buy any (2) SNICKERS or MILKY WAY brand products, 2.83 oz - 3.63 oz (2 to GO, King size, bites, etc. larger sizes); states do not double (does double if store allows), expiration date 4/30/14

-Save 0.50 when you buy any (2) SNICKERS, MILKY WAY, TWIX, or 3 MUSKETEERS brand products, 1.78 oz - 1.92 oz; states do not double (does double if store allows), expiration date 4/30/14

-Save $1 on any (1) Marzetti Veggie Dip 8 oz or larger; states do not double, expiration date 5/04/14

-Save $1 when you buy any (2) packages of TRISCUIT Crackers (any variety, 7.6 oz or larger); expiration date 8/31/14

-Save $1 on any (1) Lysol Multi-Purpose cleaner or Trigger; expiration date 5/11/14

-Save 0.55 on any (1) CARESS 6 bar pack (or larger), or body wash 12 oz or larger (excludes trial & travel sizes); expiration date 5/25/14

-CVS manufacturer coupon: Save $1 on any (1) Breathe Right nasal strips product; expiration date 5/11/14; (many CVS stores take expired CVS coupons.)

-Save $1 on any (1) Cream of Wheat hot cereal (9.8 oz or larger), expiration date 6/30/14

-Save 0.55 when you buy (1) package of Krusteaz Molten Deep Dish cookie mix, expiration date 4/30/14

-box tops for education


-Revlon cosmetic coupons $2 or more
-(1-2) 0.55/2 any brand eggs coupon, missed ip
-kroger coupons
-giant coupons
-publix coupons
-target mail coupons
-birds eye coupons
-other offers welcome

Can still ship today at PO
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Oral b 3D action rechargeable raincheck for $15 ecb on 1
$1/2 Kraft cheese (off slices wyb shredded)
$1/1 Any breathe right strips
(8) $1/1 Temptations cat treats
(7) any other pet coupons in today's and tommorow's inserts
Ask and I my have it

interesting tearpads, peelies, etc for food, organic items, fresh products
$2/1 Cottonelle fresh wipes peelie's
BOGO PF peelie's/coupons
High value cottonelle coupons
High value Scott paper towel coupons
High value drink coupons
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Quote from hba123 View Post :
ISO--PF TMF Va Va Voom Mascara Peelie

Have--PF Get $25 Back Peelie
Also have today's (4/27) inserts
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$.75/1 David's seeds peelie (seen it at Safeway and assume sister store may have it too)

3 computers to print from
$1/2 ziplock container exp 12/14 tp
$4/2 bayer healthcare product 12/14 tp
$.50/1 popcorn India fit family size bag 12/14 tp
Lots of other tp, ht, peelies and can hunt for you
Access to RP on Friday. SS comes one week behind on Wednesday. May still be able to get P&G I think
Please LMK what you are looking for.
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Lead tainted products still sold at Forever21, Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe!!!

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Quote from nuffsaid View Post :
Have little debbies
want angel soft 45/1
I would love to get some Little Debbies. We never get those in our area. We buy easily a dozen or more a month. Anything else you are ISO? I get roughly 100 inserts each week including around 200 of the newest P&G and have inventory I haven't cleaned out from Jan 2014 forward if you have a needs list.
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Looking for:

Giant Eagle coupons (I never get any lately Frown )
Starbucks Refreshers coupons ($1/1 exp 3/31/15 TP)
Neutrogena Face Wash coupons
Wet n Wild Coupons (RP 5/4 or earlier, if you get them on Tues like me! Smilie)
High-value makeup coupons (for Gwen's Girls)

What I have:
2 $1.50/1 Kellogg's Special K Breakfast Shakes exp 10/31/14
5 $1/1 Crest Sensi-Relief exp 5/31/14
2 Save $2 When you buy 1 bag of Stacy's Pita Chips & 1 Sabra Hummus exp 5/24/14
3 $3/1 Non-Drowsy Claritin-D product exp 1/31/16
6 $1/1 Revlon Colorburst Crayon product exp 8/1/14
7 $2/1 Zantac 24 ct+ Product exp 6/30/14
2 $1/2 International Delight Coffee Creamers exp 5/18/14
2 $1/1 Sorrento Galbani Ricotta Cheese exp 9/30/14
3 $1/1 Florida's Natural Citrus Smoothies exp 7/31/14
2 $2/2 Colgate 3.4 oz or larger toothpaste exp 7/2/14
3 $1/1 Listerine 1L or larger exp 7/31/14
7 $1.50/1 Suave Natural Infusion product exp 6/22/14
5 $0.20/1 Fruit Shoot 10.1 fl oz exp 12/31/14
5 $2/1 Clear Shampoo/Conditioner exp 6/1/14
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ISO 4 of the $2 revlon ips

have 3 of the $3/1 spectrum essentials products--gone
mutiples of $4/1 one a day vitamin qs exp 5/11
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Looking for Shutterfly free shopping bag codes catalinas printing at safeway & sister stores.Please PM me can work out a trade
Always ISO: any current NBPR rebates (except meat) valid in NY
western new york
various coupons found in magazines thread work in progress here
thanks to redberries1971 for the first time reps for me.
Thank you Adulon for pushing me over 2k Wink
Thank you iamnotaduck Smilie
$/$$ Whole Foods store coupons
$2/1 Sambazon Juice or Smoothie IP on

$5/5 Clorox TP
2 Kellogg's Spiderman codes
can print from 2 computers
not many inserts, but lmk what you're looking for
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I have a ton of .55/1 Jif Whips. They expire 6/30/14

not really looking for anything special. make me an offer Smilie
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ISO 5 shea moisture baby $2/1 from 4/6 rp exp 6/30


5 burt bees baby bee manufacturer coupons $3/2 valid only at walgreens exp 6/30
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ISO...Target IPs available here []:
- $5/$20 Beauty Target IPs
- $3/1 L'Oreal haircolor Target IPs
- $1/1 Nature Made Target IPs
(Please note, if you have trouble with the Target link, try opening it incognito or inprivate browsing.)

HAVE 10-30...
- P&G inserts
- SS inserts - all dates (sorry, no Little Debbie left)
- Walgreens V&S and other booklets
- IPs from one computer in B/W
- Various blinkies, peelies, & tearpad qs
Just ask and I'll take a look!
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heart Absolutely the best deal I've ever found. heart
Adopt a shelter pet (or two). heart They're waiting for you.

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Looking for Dove Advanced Shampoo $2 RiteAid vv coupons.
let me know what you need. can print multiple IPs.
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