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Add a line for existing Sprint Sero Customers! Get Same Grandfathered plan of $30/month (500mins fair and flex) - YMMV for some people

twe90kid 974 301 September 23, 2008 at 10:49 PM in Phones (5) More Sprint Deals
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Last Edited by twe90kid March 8, 2009 at 11:47 PM
THE OP NEEDS SOME HELP... shoot me a pm if you know the details to the quote below
Quote :
hi all, i'm the original poster to this topic.

I would like to know if anyone has been able to clone a sero account for their friend without having to do the TOL. i don't want to get the plan and do the TOL. would i be able to call or login to chat and telll them my cousin wants the same plan as me, but i don't want to take responsiblity to his plan, therefore could they put him on the same plan under his own name?

i haven't check back to this thread for ages. it seems like there's a lot of success stories.. hopefully everyone is satisfied with their plan now.
btw, i hope everyone utilize the repping feature on this forum. THANKS


Quote :
slash007 stated it might end on Oct 13th. (NOT COMFIRMED, but be AWARE)
another person on sprintusers forum confirmed slash007's suggested expiration date http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/...p?t=173596

For those who are reading this thread after 10.13.08, please post your success stories w/ the following

-Date and time of call
-Any type of inconviences w/ the rep
Quote from Briefmyth View Post :

The plan code for the sero 500 minute is "FF1077" Tell them you want that plan and it's still active in the computer

The sero 1250 plan code is FF1079

Make sure you say another REP gave you the plan codes and told you that you could do it. This worked for me on the first try. The guy gave me the plan codes and told me if I had any trouble or wanted to call in and get another line to use those codes.
Original Post Below
Quote :

Original plan
Sero F&F 500mins for $30

i just called and successfully added

Newly added
1x $30 fair and flex - 500mins
1x $49.99 Fair and Flex - 1250mins

called this number 1-888-882-4030

basically if your an existing Sero customer with old grandfathered plan and you want another line for a family member now you can successfully do this.

what i did was call that number above. i told him that i would like to add a line to my existing phone service. the rep asked for my number and name, he also wanted to confirm my identity, next he proceeded asking what i would like to do. i told him i was interested in signing up one more line with the same plan i have now. he told me i can add up to 10 numbers on my account and it wouldn't be a problem. i was able to get the old $30 bucks a month plan without compromising existing plan. he also allowed me to order another line on the old $49 plan with 1250 mins. this plan was the old sero plan that no longer exist.

Steps taken:
  • 1-888-882-4030
  • be polite
  • ask if your talking to the Sero Department
  • ask politely if you can add a line to your account
  • rep would confirm your identity then perhaps ask what your trying to do
  • explain that you want to open another line with the same sero plan you have now
  • hopefully everything went well
  • confirm what he did to your account
  • ask for his name and say thanks...
  • your done

NOTES - make sure you takes notes and keep logs just in case Sprint tries to screw you.
  • ask for the reps name and write down the date and time of call.
  • make sure you ask him to repeat the changes
  • double check what other things he's done to the account other then adding a new line

Hope this info is useful. i don't know if it has been posted before.

If you don't believe me, check my attachment picture

here are 2 successful stories that have been buried in the long sero thread

Original Sero Thread on Slickdeals

original Sprint Sero plan that no longer available for new customers.
this is good reference for those who want to try out the above.
Quote :
$30.00 - 500 Anytime Minutes
$50.00 - 1250 Anytime Minutes
$100.00 - 2500 Anytime Minutes

All SERO voice calling plans include the following features:

- Unlimited Text Messaging (available on all SERO voice calling plans until June 30, 2007)
- Sprint Vision or Power Vision Included Free
- Unlimited Web access
- Unlimited email and instant messaging - AOL, MSN and Yahoo
- Unlimited Sprint PCS Picture Mail(sm) with Video Mail
- Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes Starting At 7PM
- Unlimited Mobile To Mobile Calling
- Nationwide Long Distance
- Voice Mail
- Caller ID
- Call Waiting
- Numeric Paging
- Three-Way Calling
- Call Forwarding ($0.20/min)
- Sprint PCS Directory Assistance ($1.40 per call, plus airtime)
- Casual Text Messages ($0.15 per domestic message)
from sprintusers sero thread in the stickies
July 7, 2009, 3:10 am: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.

February 22, 2011, 3:13 am: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by aztony January 25, 2012 at 12:59 PM

If you're trying to convert from SERO to SEROP, try asking for plan PDS1999PW. 4g phones
PDSB1999 blackberry
pds1999pc serop 500 for smart phones

Things have changed since the implementation of SEROP. Seems that it's gotten a bit easier to get a line added. If you do happen to get turned down, don't give up. Keep trying until you get a csr that will add it for you. Some people get lucky on the first try while others have called twenty or more times before they were able to get it done.

Quote :
Hi, I was told that I am eligible for an additional line on my account, and I would like to open this new line ONLY if I could get the same plan I already have (SERO Premium) on this new line. I have a phone ready to activate.
3) If you must call, use 888-876-8381, as this should be the line for employee plans. Do not call or talk to tele-sales, even if an e-chat or employee accounts representative tells you to do so. Tele-sales cannot help you, even if someone else claims they put a note on your account.

4) If it doesn't work, keep trying. Some people get through on their 4th, some on 20th.

Here's a link to an FAQ for SEROP/Everything Plus accounts:

If you're looking to add a line to your SERO/SEROP account use this phone number or email: call 888-876-8381 or email : everythingreferral@sprint.com]

If your account was re-labeled to a non-SERO(F&F), and you want to convert to SEROP, follow these instructions [mcguireslaw.com].

Russ McGuire's blog if you have a question you need answered:

Success stories:

Quote from starcaptor View Post :
Accd to Sprint, the SERO plan (which I have already), is only being activated, currently, for Sprint employees who are leaving the company, and are going from the SEO (Sprint employee offer) to SERO. That is a load of bologna though, as we all know laugh out loud. Just bad luck.

Things are better now though. I made a call (*2, chose options to change current plan), got into employee care, asked them to convert my newly created EPRP plan from last night (activated it on an old Samsung rant) to SERO Premium, the lady said no problem, quoted me all the benefits, the $40 cost, and that my subsidy is still active for getting a full discount on a new phone. bounce )

So one day, 3 phone calls, and one eChat, and I was successfull. Not bad at all. Definitely still do-able. If I get more success with this over the next few weeks, I wouldnt mind doing TOL for other SDers who wanna get in on this, at cost.
Quote from HEATBaller View Post :
Just Cloned a new SERO Premium Plan, and TOL sold it for a cool $150 cash.

Its still possible. Literally have made easily a thousand dollars re-selling cloned SERO Plans.

I did have to ditch old $30 SERO for my HTC Arrive. But I still have one back up $30 SERO line for a Dumbphone.
Quote from Phatboy113 View Post :
SUCCESS STORY as of 12/17/11: I've had 3 SERO lines on my account for several years now (all started at different times). I decided to try and get a 4th line added to my account as a Christmas present for my mother who's been paying more for just a barebones basic plan with Verizon.

Anyways, I've tried several times ordering a new phone through telesales and asking them to duplicate one of my existing plans like I've done in the past with success, but was shot down each time.

After reading about some people being able to convert a EPRP plan to a Sero after adding the new line, I decided to give that a shot. I ordered a new phone through telesales and the rep was kind enough to actually try and activate it on a new SERO line for me but she said the system wouldn't let her. She suggested I call back and speak to customer care once I got the phone because perhaps they could change the plan to a SERO.

I ordered a new phone (a dumbphone) with an Everything Plus Messaging Plan for $39.99 which is cheapest plan the rep could come up with for me and which is essentially the same as a SERO Basic without the data. Once I got the phone, I did an online chat with customer care and the rep converted it to a SERO Basic plan for me on my first try. Told me it was their Christmas gift to me. lol Big Grin

Quote from synexsy View Post :
Success story: I already have a 4+ year old SERO 500 plan.

I was trying to get an additional SERO plan and called the number in the wiki, but they said SERO could not be for new plans, only a convert for existing plans. So I bit the bullet and got a EPRP line (very easy to do) and activated my old phone, a palm centro.

Last night I chatted with e chat (clicked the chat button after logging into my account) and asked to convert the EPRP to SERO-P. The rep said he couldn't do it, "However you need not to worry. It can be done." He gave me the number in the wiki telling me they could convert my plan so I called but they were closed.

I called just now and asked to convert to SERO-P. The rep said no problem, but do you want the $30 SERO since it is cheaper than SERO-P?

Technically one chat and one call to convert. Score. Oh, and it has been 3 days since I opened the EPRP plan.
Quote from devils1ad View Post :
going from sero $30 to sero-p $40 is perfectly allowed and not a big deal. its going from any other plan, including eprp to sero that is the challenge. today i was able to go from eprp to sero-p. i tried e-chat like 20 times but thats a dead end. called twice and found someone to make the change.

Quote from gracelin View Post :
register and first post to share my experience since I really benefit from this thread.

My honey and I both preorder the 4s on the first day.
I was with SERO and he was with T-Mobile.

4s arrived on time - the Friday.

He called and activated his under EPRP (port in his number),
He called on Sat. afternoon again to convert.
He was really lucky because he requested and Sprint said no problem.
And that's it. He's now with SEROP and happily using the 4s.

I called on Sat. night to activate my 4s and upgrade to SEROP.
That guy know nothing about SERO.
I thanked him and bye.
Sunday morning I used echat and everything's done.

So, yes, there are people like us getting new iphone 4s with new SEROP.
remember to call the 8381 number, other numbers don't know SERO.
and if someone in 8381 can't help, try another day with another time.
I suspect regular office hour people can provide more help.

if sprint changed policy again, I don't know,
but you can see it.s definately not "many months ago"

good luck to everyone.

oh and please don't message me since I don't come back often.
Quote from coolmuke View Post :
Quote from coolmuke View Post :
Can someone please help me - This is my current plan -
Line1-sero500 $30
Line2- F&F - 39.99
Line3 - F&F - 39.99
I want to convert Line2 & 3 to SeroP.
1. I did e-chat and converted Line 2&3 from F&F plan to EPRP plan. No questions asked.(maybe because I had a SERO $30 line on my account).

2. 10 min later did echat again and asked -"I want to change the plan to SERO premium $40 plan. Last week when i was talking to sprint customer care, i was told that it can be done. not sure which department to contact. can you help". The answer was - "I can change the service plan to SERO Premium 500 for you. Should I Proceed with the changes".

At the end, both the lines were converted from F&F to SERO Preminum in 10 minutes.


Quote from xcmiler View Post :
Success! On my first try with chat (after being converted to the EPRP plan). The rep said that he would not be able to do it and so I just thanked him and was about to log off when he said to hold on. Then he came back and said that after speaking to his supervisor, he would try to convert it. After two minutes or so he was done and I was on Sero premium! Thank you for your help guys and thanks to the OP! The rep was probably reading from a script but luckily he also asked his supervisor!
Quote from JosephD1014 View Post :
Thanks so much everyone for all of the tips and tricks in this thread.
After 5 months of waiting for my wife to be out of contract with T-Mobile and for a good phone to come out that wasn't the iPhone that I could convince her was awesome (Galaxy S2) I had the most uneventful evening adding two EPRP plans to my account (one for her and one for her brother), switching them to SEROP, adding old phones so I could get the new phones today when they released, and even got her brother a Motorola Photon at Best Buy (Yes using my SEROP upgrade) for $99.
Was expecting hours of heartache but I got lucky and every single rep knew exactly what I wanted and took care of it right away!

1) Called employee accounts to add two EPRP plans and the old phones
2) Chatted with employee accounts to convert to SEROP
3) Profit!
Quote from manfromnowhere View Post :
Followed your directions exactly and guess what? I now have the $40 SERO Premium plan, on the first try. Nice!

Got a super nice rep, he went straight into "this is what you'll get on the Premium plan..." - as if I was already on SERO - he hesitated for just a second when he noticed I was on the Everything Plus $59.99 plan, then told me he'll try and change my plan. He came back on the line and said it was changed. Took 15 minutes to update online but it's done.

Quote from lebronville View Post :
Ok, here's what I did.

Call (888) 876-8381
2) When it asks you to enter your phone #, enter 913-832-7783
-Don't enter yours, as it won't transfer you to employee care if you do.
3) Follow the rest of the instructions to get to a rep (I think I hit option #1 then #2)
4) Tell them you would like to switch to SERO Premium.
5) If you fail, try again! I may have gotten lucky and hit a HR on my first at bat.

Quote from deathstar0 View Post :
I have successfully converted 2 EPRP accounts to SERO via chat and was eligible for port in credit as well. Keep trying, you have 30 days to cancel. I'd like to thank everyone in this forum especially aztony Smilie

Here's the site I used to apply for port in credit, expires 10/1/11
Quote from JTravers View Post :

I signed up for a EPRP account online. Then I called in to activate the account on an old phone. While getting the account activated, I asked if I could have my line converted to SERO Premium. The rep didn't hesitate or have any problems switching it over. 10-20 minutes later I registered my account online, and SERO Premium 500 was already showing on my account. Now I just need to get one more line added to the account, cancel my current Sprint F&F Family Plan (w/o ETF using the admin fee change excuse), port my numbers out, and then port them back in to get the port in credit.

I'll also need to return the free LG Optimus phones I ordered with the EPRP accounts, so I can keep the $150 upgrade credits for phones in the future.

Thanks, everyone, for your stories, instructions, etc.

Update: They actually didn't convert my EPRP line to SERO Premium. Instead, they added a SERO Premium line to my account. So this morning I had 2 lines on my account -- one EPRP and one SERO-P. I called in and got the EPRP switched over to SERO-P, also. So now I have 2 SERO-P lines on my account with very little hassle. Looks like I lucked out with the reps I got.
Quote from veritati View Post :
I am finally on SERO..Premium! Not that I really wanted to be on it in the first place since my 10-year-old Free & Clear 300 with 180 courtesy minutes, FFIM, N&W starting at 6pm, Unlimited text and data, all for $30 a month before a 25% corporate discount was equally as good if not better then basic SERO.

So I wanted to add a line to my account for my GF, but there was no way I could add a new SERO line without already being on it so that's why I pulled the trigger. I called the number above. CSR picked up and I told her that my contract is fulfilled at the end of next month and am shopping for a new plan and add another line. I mentioned that I was able to go through the EPRP site but because of my legacy plan it didn't go through online and I had to call "this" number. I asked her if there is an easier way for me to do it over the phone or if I can just switch to SERO Premium and she said sure. Simple as that. I thought she may have mistook my F&C for F&F SERO Basic that's why she didn't give me the prepared speech on who can get SERO and whatnot. But she was fully aware after I asked if I can go back to my old plan later if I switch now. She said that I will not be able to change back to my legacy plan but that I would be able to switch to SERO Basic. I am sad to give up my old plan but how cool is that?! She was trying to convince me to switch to SERO as opposed to me having to beg.

Unfortunately, I cannot keep all my add-ons and corporate discount. If you guys are on SERO and they allow you to keep anything, please let me know so I can bargain with them.

It is now official! They updated my account just now (10 minutes later), but my plan details still has the old contract date, which expires next month. If so, it's even better. Now I don't have to worry about which phone to use or how many minutes is left since I mostly call other mobile phones and not land lines. The only concern I have is if Sprint will make crazy changes in the future regarding SERO, i.e. you have to pay extra or can't use certain phones or impose a limit on data. If so, a shared plan on Everything data would probably be better with a 25% corporate discount.

Now I have to call in to add another line to my account for my GF since the CSR said she couldn't do it for a new line, which is strange considering she literally gave me SERO Premium outright without going through EPRP or anything.


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I'd like to TOL my line. Anyone interested let me know. Under contract till 11/14
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If anyone is looking to getting rid of their Sero-P plan, I would take it.
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I'm looking to get rid of my SERO-P plan. My contract ends 9/24/14.

PM me if you're interested!
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If anyone is looking to get rid of their original sero plan, I'm very interested!
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never mind....
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Last edited by blueiedgod April 26, 2013 at 11:36 AM.
Quote from blueiedgod View Post :
I am leaving Sprint after 8 years on Sero, switching to my wife's plan, since it will be cheaper as an add-on.

I have the original SERO 500, $30/month plan. I will be out of contract as of 5/15/2013

The plan can be updated to SERO-P if one wishes.

Plan details

I am planning on keeping my number when I switch over to my wife's plan.
I pmed you!
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Quote from domwin View Post :
I pmed you!

Responded :-)
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So all you people selling and/or buying a SERO plan, how's that work? I thought Sprint made it nearly impossible to TOL a SERO plan.

Has anyone been able to add an additional SERO line to their plan?
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I'm trying to get rid of my SERO-P. Contract ends 10/2013

Is it possible for me to still keep my number if i go to different provider?
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Quote from kobe4mvp View Post :
I'm trying to get rid of my SERO-P. Contract ends 10/2013

Is it possible for me to still keep my number if i go to different provider?
Yes, you can transfer your number over to the new provider. Ask the new provider if they are offering any incentives for transferring over. If you were thinking of selling your SERO account, you will lose your number if you do. So, you can't do both. It's one or the other.
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I'm trying to take over a SERO-P line from another SD'er and Sprint is giving us a hard time. They won't do it. They will TOL the line but when I receive it is being converted from SERO-P to a regular individual plan ($69.95 plus $10.00 add'l data).MadMadMadMad

Anyone know how we can get this done without Sprint trying to terminate the SERO-P plan when I get it?
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Quote from raven69david View Post :
I'm trying to take over a SERO-P line from another SD'er and Sprint is giving us a hard time. They won't do it. They will TOL the line but when I receive it is being converted from SERO-P to a regular individual plan ($69.95 plus $10.00 add'l data).MadMadMadMad

Anyone know how we can get this done without Sprint trying to terminate the SERO-P plan when I get it?
Try a different rep.
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Quote from aztony View Post :
Try a different rep.

A different rep won't help. It seems to be a new policy.
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Quote from aztony View Post :
Try a different rep.
Quote from blueiedgod View Post :
A different rep won't help. It seems to be a new policy.
Yep. We've gone through at least 4 reps and have been shot down by each. It now seems that they've placed several notes on the transferers account on what we are trying to do. Almost seems hopeless.
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I am also trying to give away my sero-p plan. It has two lines of service. One ends on 4/14 and the other ends 6/15. PM me if interested. You must have a Sero or Eprp plan for this to work.

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