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redrotor 05-05-2011 09:25 AM

$50 Visa Card with Any Training Purchase - GogoTraining ends May 15 2011
Got this over email.

Get a $50 Visa Card with Any Purchase - Limited Time!
With the purchase of any course or bundle, customer will receive one (1) $50.00 Visa gift card. Limit of three (3) purchases per household. This offer is valid through May 15, 2011. May not be combined with any other offer or discount.

1.Use the form at the bottom of this page to purchase course vouchers in advance, OR view our IT training course catalog, select and purchase your desired course.
2.You will be contacted to confirm your address, after which the gift card will be sent via regular mail.
Contact us with any questions! Remember, this special is only good through May 15, 2011!


I have taken this training before, it is very strong. Real classes not lame presentations.

So check this out. The courses are $248 which is very good compared to others but they sell a two-course option that is discounted for $448 (instead of 2 x $248 = $496). SO.... using this you can get two course very very cheap, like this:

Two course option $448 - $50 gift card = $398 or $199 per course.

TrngMgr0612 05-05-2011 09:46 AM

Our staff has used GogoTraining too
Our IT staffers have used GogoTraining too and have been very happy with their courses. It's a good deal since their stuff is very reasonable for being so high end.

redrotor 05-10-2011 07:37 AM

Yes the Oracle training is good stuff.

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