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outofbox00 12-10-2012 06:50 PM

Old Navy orders
Anyone had their Old Navy orders delayed and subsequently informed that your orders are OOS?

I placed my order on the 23/11/12, and today, they informed me that out of the 7 tees, 3 are OOS.

I find this ridiculous as, they took 2 weeks to process my order which led to the stock out.

What makes it worse, was I contacted their customer service on the 25/11/12 and since then have had 18 email correspondence and many empty promises.

I was first informed that my order will arrive on the 7/12/12 and my credit card was charged. But now they are telling me that 3 of my 7 tees are OOS AFTER charging my CC.

Man, this is a terrible experience with them. Any advise or experience with them to share?


Aquos1 12-11-2012 10:45 PM

I placed my order with them on 11/26/12 and it arrived on 12/10/12. Very slow shipping! Kinda ridiculous for a company that big.

I got all my items though, didn't have any issues with them being OOS.

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