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SoxFan1703 04-24-2013 01:05 PM

Clincher 12" Softball $10.00 + FS Ebay
Good price for Softball League guys like me who are only looking to buy 1 or 2 Softballs.
The thing that makes this a good deal is free shipping on a single Ball.
You can get the same price at Dick's or others but there is shipping or you need to buy 6-12 container.

Chino 04-24-2013 01:26 PM

I don't know about buying one ball but we get a case that comes out to 6 bux each

ooandyb 04-24-2013 02:20 PM

I'm not sure why you would want a restricted flight ball unless you were in a league that required it. But here you can get 12 for $80:

I'm not sure what the shipping is but I'm guessing it's less than $40.

SoxFan1703 04-24-2013 02:26 PM

I was looking to buy a couple balls to have when I want to practice on my own or have a catch with my son. Therefore, $20 for 2 was great for me, rather than paying say $72 for 12.
If I needed a bulk amount, $6 each would definitely be a better price.

ccantrell25 05-02-2013 08:52 AM can buy individual balls much cheaper

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