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Quote from Mavtech :
This is true in the college years. We were always looking for the cheapest that still tasted at least decent. Keystone wasn't bad. We use to drink Busch Light too. But, after you get out of college your tastes start to turn a lot more towards quality.
Very True. We had a store that sold Bush light 'Bar-bottles' with no lables, just the beer in a bottle very cheap. But my favorite cheap beer was the Pibber.

My beer review:

This is a Corona. Purchased at a bar on a Beach in St. Thomas. In order to know how good this beer is, you must understand my environment. It was HOT. I mean HOT. 95 degrees minimum and no wind, not even a breeze. I am down there with my fiance (this is actually a week ago today), eating a plate of rather expensive chicken fingers and freedom fries. Being Irish, I don't do well in the heat, even though I love it. This was probably with out a doubt the best tasting beverage I have had in years. It came with a lime, which I routinely twist around the top of the bottle (to get the lime taste all around it...mmmm...) before pushing it done. As you can see from the pic, I have only started, but I knew this was going to be one special beverage. How many people here have a pic of the best beer they ever had? Any way, Long story short, I finished this beer and ordered another. Many more actually. It was a good day, but this Corona was by far the best.

Let me end by saying Corona is not my favorite beer, nor is it even all that close. Guiness, Smithwicks, Bass, are more along the lines of my type, but damn this was a good drink.

Review request: Has anyone tried the Budwieser energy drink? Please describe. Does this even count as a Beer?