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ok the part needed will be:
FSP819043 heat probe kit
about $12

First unplug the refrigerator
empty the freezer entirely
empty the top shelves of the refrigerator
If there is an Ice maker you will need to remove that as well
(2 1/4 screws near the top & 1 at the bottom, wire haring harness will need to unplugged)

Place towel on top ref shelf to catch water
in the freezer compartment
there are 2 screws on the floor in the front corners - remove them
now pull the floor out
you will see several (3 maybe) screws on the back wall - remove them
you will now pull the back wall forward and to the right - let it lean against the right wall
you will now see the coil ( silver thing) underneath will be a frozen block of ice
you can use a putty knife to remove the "sheets" of ice on the floor
You should use a blow dryer ( forgot to mention that sorry) and blow dry the ice block
sop the water up with a towel as you go along
once alll that ice is gone
use the bdryer to blow down the 2 squarish holes ( as they have ice in them too)
you will see a silverish "pan" in the back, about 2/3 of the way to the right is a hole
take your water and heat it very very hot
now use the turkey baster and slowly push the hot water into the drain -- this may take several times
at some point the drain will open and you will see the water drain down
slowly pour about 1/2/ cup hot water down the drain

Now you will take the Shepard's crook piece and place that around the black rod under the silver coil ( with the big hole to the front) making sure that the dong part of the piece is in the hole
use the included screw to tighten to itself
you will not need the tube that came with the kit
Make sure you have all the ice and water cleaned up
and reasssemble

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