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Other RULES, FAQ, TIPS, Store Contact Info, Common Abbreviations
Site-wide Rules that need to be followed by everyone are here.

Before Posting
I don't want to discourage people from posting deals, but simply copying/pasting regular sales aren't real deals. Get a feel by searching through the forum of what are good prices for the items, and only post if its cheaper than the going price.

How to Start a Thread
Once you have found a good deal and done a search to see that it hasn't already been posted you should find the appropriate forum for the item. Most deals will fall under Hot Deals, some in Freebies and others in Free Digital Goods. Then click the New Thread button toward the upper left of the forum and follow the instructions within.

What information should I include when I post a deal?
Try to include as much detail as possible in the title. Then expand on it in your post. General info to provide: expiration date of the coupon, minimum purchase requirements, site link, shipping and handling costs, and the coupon code. The more information you include, the better. Follow up if possible, so you can edit your post to include new developments. Be careful when using dashes in your post, they can make it seem like you are getting paid in the deal. (ie, .... chair -$59)

Shortened Links
Shortened link such as the bitly links aren't allowed as they can be used by spammers and people hiding the true nature of the page they are linking.

Crowdfunding Sites
Crowdfunding sites are not allowed.

Why is My Post Not Showing?
Threads and posts from new members go through a moderation process to protect our members from spammers. How long it take for your post to be moderated depends on how many moderators are on at the time and how busy they are.

Why are links on this site broken?
Click here and follow the instructions to fix your link problems.

General usage comments
Prior to posting, please use the search feature to see if your contribution has already been posted.

How to create a Hyperlink
There is an excellent tutorial on how to create a hyperlink posted here.

How to recognize moderators/admin/staff
  • Moderator (light-green bar, moderates certain forums)
  • Global Moderator (dark-green bar, moderates all forums)
  • Front-page Deal Editors (purple bar)
  • Sr Front-page Deal Editor & Global Mod (deep-purple bar)
  • Administrator (red-bar)
  • Staff (deep-red bar)
  • Web Developer (blue-bar)
People who are bold aren't necessarily mods, they could be people with >100 reputation points. Look under the bars for a unique moderator/administrator title. The bars are also uniquely colored, different from any other users. To find out who the mods of the current forum are, scroll down to the bottom, they're listed there. Look at mine for an example of a Staff bar.

How to reach moderators
The best way to get a hold of us is to private message us. We can also be reached by email,

Is Trading Allowed?
We have an Official Trading thread here You must follow the rules in the first post.

If you spot a repost, provide a link to the original post.
Use ModAlert to report the post to the moderators.

If your post is hailed as a repost, don't be discouraged. Better luck next time!

Guidelines on Reposts
This is a deal site and people come here for the great deals. It is in the best interest of everyone that good deals get highlighted. Deals that get merged into giant and general threads tend to get buried where no one will find it. Therefore, deals that we (moderators and/or majority of users) think are good will be kept separate from general sales and master threads. We will also take time stamps into account when merging threads so if the original post is very old, it's less likely we will merge.

Deal is still good!
Do not create new threads to inform that another deal is still available. Replying to the original thread will bump it up to the top of the list.

Rebate involved?
Please include AR (after rebate) to indicate the final price after rebate.

Where to post?
Deal requests and questions belong in the Help Me Find a Deal forum.
Deals that are free belong in the Freebie forum.
Free Magazines belong in the Free Magazine forum.

If you want to post something that doesn't fit into any of the above categories try the lounge.

As always, if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions please visit the Suggestions and Problems forum. This is where you should also let us know if there is a technical glitch on the site.

Self-promotion & referrals are NOT allowed.
**Referrals are not allowed. This includes posting of referral links, asking for a referral, PMing referrals, having a referral link in your signature, or linking to any & all sites that contain referrals. It doesn't matter what kind of referral it is or whether you both get something out of it. This is a zero tolerance policy

Coupon rules
Please do not post scanned or altered manufacturer coupons. This includes coupons. More detailed coupon policy here.

Ebay Listings
  • Top Rated Plus store rating
  • At least 10,000 total ratings
  • 98% Positive Feedback percentage
See thread on new eBay guidelines and discuss here.

Items from Adult stores
Slickdeals is a family site and we try to keep this at a pg-13 rating. That means any threads on sex toys will be deleted. Additional sub forums for adult deals will not be created since we don't want to be flagged as a pornography site by company filters.

Jokes & Off Topic Threads
These types of posts do not belong in the Hot Deals forum. Price mistakes such as "$9,999,999 keyboard" should be posted in The Lounge.
**Chit chat is more than welcome in the Lounge, and political discussion in the Podium. If it derails a deal thread, it will be removed.

Mod Alerts
We have updated the Mod alert system, now you can see any comments the moderator has made to the mod alert by going to quick links>mod alerts.

**If you feel something is against the rules, mod alert it instead of taking it upon yourself to correct the action.

General Ethics and Behavior
Treat other forum members with respect. Please don't flame others. We are all here for the same purpose - to find deals and to share the deals we find. Remember you were new at one time too so please just help the new posters instead of flaming them for a mistake. They could go on to be one of the better deal posters.

** Filters are in place for a reason. purposely bypassing them is not allowed.

** Do not take private issues between mods and members public. This includes warnings, bannings, thread/post deletion questions, and posting your warnings. If you have an issue, PM a mod to get assistance. If you feel like a mod has made the wrong decision, feel free to appeal to other mods or contact the CRM
Please refrain from using vulgar and/or explicit language.

Illegal activities are not tolerated here so please do not tell us about them. This includes any form of piracy.

Manufactured votes are against the rules and are defined as any vote made that is not made in good faith based upon the merit of the deal. Examples of manufactured votes include, but are not limited to solicited, automated, fraudulent or retaliatory votes. Deal Editors may decide not to Frontpage a deal if they suspect a deal of having manufactured votes.

Repeat abuse could result in:
  • Suspension of the OP’s account.
  • Suspension of the ability of those involved in voting for that OP.

Replying to a thread
When you want to reply to a message, either scroll down to the bottom of the page and type your message in the your reply box. or you can click the post reply button after the last message on the box. the new thread button creates a new thread and just creates more work for the moderators.

Reputation Points
Reputation points are a measure of good posts in the deal and tech support forums. Some users wanted some way to distinguish between great deal hunters and people who post a lot in the lounge and podium. Begging for points is frowned upon. If you wish you can disable your reputation points by going to user cp-> edit options -> show my reputation level. Conversely, if you reputation is not enabled you can do so by doing the same thing. Under usercp you can see who gave you your last 5 points and any comments they might have left behind. A grey box is from people who are newly registered to prevent people from creating additional accounts to give themselves reputation points.

To give reputation points click either the user's reputation points or the green box next to it.

Reputation points are enabled only in the deal, deal discussion, and tech support forums (temporary sub forums not included), trying to rep in other forums or in private messages will get you an error message.

Missing thread
If you were looking for a post/thread that is no longer there, odds are its been deleted. Feel free to pm a moderator to check. any thread asking why was my post deleted, was this post deleted will be deleted.

Thread Crapping/ General Attitude
In an effort to regain the friendliness the forums had when it opened we are instituting a new policy against "thread crapping." Thread crapping refers to any post such as this deal sucks, this isn't a deal and so forth WITHOUT backing it up. If you back up your statements with reasoning or links that is perfectly acceptable. Anyone bashing these type of posts will have their posts deleted. This also refers to reposts. If the deal is a repost, simply mod alert the thread with the link. The search isn't perfect, and reposts will happen. A simple mod alert and link can make it as painless as possible.

We are not trying to make it so you can't post any negative comments. Posting just this deal sucks doesn't help anyone. All it does is discourage the OP from posting deals again. Posting why something sucks can teach people more about the product and let them know what to look for in a future deal. Also, if a deal isn't for you, doesn't mean its a bad deal for someone else. An agp slot is a must have for gamers, but for people only using internet explorer and word, a 2-3 hundred dollar computer is more than adequate.

Remember, posting in a thread to say it sucks only bumps the thread and keeps it new. If you don't post anything, it just fades away.
We will also not tolerate attacks against other users. You are all entitled to your opinions, but if you have a problem with another user on this board do it privately through pm's. Doing it in a public thread will get those posts deleted and you will be warned. Keep in mind that PMing someone to work out an issue is not the same as using the PM as a personal attack; the later will not be tolerated.

Threads in the deal section are designed for deal discussion only. There are other forums on this site dedicated for you to share your opinions from computers to politics to anything else. Check out the lounge, podium, and tech support forums. Any off topic discussion will either be deleted or split off and placed in the appropriate forum.

Users who violate this will have their posts edited/deleted and be warned.

* Friendly reminder about links on this site. Those on the FP are vetted by us so you know they are safe. Any other content here coming from members are not always vetted by us so use good judgement and click through with caution like you should anywhere else on the internet.

**Final Reminder
These rules are a general guideline on what is acceptable. Just because its not specifically spelled out above, does not mean it's allowed. The moderators work in the spirit of the rules stated in order to keep a general flow to the forums.

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