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This is for the posting of what coupons you received from CVS only -- any discussion will be deleted, especially coupon begging.

Quote from redsolar View Post :
Hello CVS shoppers has been sent a notice from CVS to discontinue posting of printed/printable coupons on forums.

While the complete details are still somewhat unclear, it is obvious that posting PDF files as well as screenshots of coupons will no longer be allowed until further notice.

Direct links to CVS site ( or their coupon partners (such as who host CVS coupons, however, are still permitted, and hopefully this will not change for some time. Please note, that in the light of this announcement we will be reviewing all posted coupons more closely to ensure compliance with CVS requests.

As you have likely already noticed, all the previously posted PDF and other type files which were hosted on forums as attachments have been removed.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We will keep you updated if the situation changes. Administration.
Printable In Store Coupons
Quote :
The official policy on coupons as far as SD goes is that we will NOT allow coupons to be posted with the following exceptions:$5 off $30 exp 7/26 * Massive
• as long as they are hosted by the retailer on the retailer's server, we'll allow them.
Current Coupons:

$3 off $15 Lumene [] exp. 8/10 *becon01

$2 off Lumene exp 11/30/08*MyFeetHurt

$5 off dentek [] exp. 8/10 *becon01

$2 off Playskool Wipes 80ct. [] * MyFeetHurt

$1.50 off Listerine [] * MyFeetHurt

$5 off Futuro [] *MyFeetHurt

$1 off Colgate Sensitive [] * MyFeetHurt

$5 off Photobook [] *becon01

$2 off Orbit or Extra Gum [] * becon01

$2 off Christophe [] *becon01

$5 off CVS 5 pk Replacement Brushheads
[] *metrowest

$2 CVS Pulsating [] TB *metrowest

Here is list.

$2 off any CVS/Pharmacy Brand defining Skincare purchase, exp 8/31/08

$2 off any CVS/Pharmacy skincare purchase, exp 8/31/08

$3 off 2 sally hansen nail color/treatment, exp 8/31/08

$1 off any 2 Dasani or Evian 1 liters, exp 8/31/08

$1 off any CVS/Pharmacy brand Suncare 3 oz. or larger, exp 8/31/08

$2 off any Skin Effects purchase, exp 8/31/08

$1 off 2 SmartWater 1 liters, exp 8/31/08

$2 off 24-7 Minerals or Skincare purchase, exp 8/31/08

$1.50 off BreathRX of $8 or more, exp 8/31/08

$2 off Cristophe, exp 8/31/08

$1.00 off 2 Aquapod, exp 09/30/08

$4/$20 Update Coupon
Quote :
This coupon is e-mailed to you when you update the e-mail address associated with your card at This coupon CANNOT be posted here as it is not a link, it is a text e-mail. These types of files are not allowed to be posted here on SlickDeals as per the rules listed above. Please do not ask for this coupon here. It does appear that you are limited to the amount of times you can 'update' your account online and receive a coupon.
Future Coupons (Link's not allowed for these -- just post the info in text)

None at this time


CVS $$ off CRT

$1 off any CVS brand sunscreen lotion or spray (received from coupon scanner)
$1 off Gold Emblem Water 6 Pk or larger (received from coupon scanner)
$5 off Skin Effects Acne Treatment System (received from coupon scanner)
$2 off $10 CVS (receipted from coupon printer)
$3 off $10 CVS (received from coupon printer)
$2.50 off $10 CVS
$25 gift card with new or transferred prescription
$2 off Passort Photo
$1 off CVS brand sunscreen lotion or spray exp 6/25
$1 off CVS Brand pantiliners 40 ct. or larger (exp. 7/7)
$1 off CVS brand paper towels, 3pk or larger (exp 7/9)

$1.50 off Softsoap bodywash
$3 off any face skin care (exp 7/10)
$4 off any facial skin care (exp 7/10/08)
$4 off $20 on beauty purchase
$2.00 off $6 purchase of body wash
$3 off $8 purchase of hair care or hair color
$1.50 Aveeno Facial Skin Care (exp 5/19)
$5.00 off $19.99 or more purchase of Skin Effects Skin Care (exp. 5/26)
$5.00 off $19.99 or more purchase of Skin Effects Skin Care (exp5/30)
$5 off Skin Effects Advanced Brightening Complex Skin (exp. 7/15)
$ 2 off Gillette body wash
$3 off on any Body Washes (exp. 6/10)
$1 off on any Body Wash Expires 6/22/08
$2 off Almay, Hypoallergenic, good for you cosmetics! (exp. 6/30)
$1 off any Hand or Body Lotion (exp 6/21)
$2 off Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic suncare (received from coupon scanner)
$2 on any Covergirl Cosmetic item (exp 7/7/08)
$3 on BC or Goody Powder 24 ct or larger (exp 7/7/08)
$1.00 off Reach floss (exp 7/7)
Buy 3 Ellin Levar Textures hair care, Get one FREE (up to $8.00 value) (exp 7/16)
Save $1.50 on Irish Spring body wash (exp 7/21/08)
$2 off L'Oreal Revitalift, Age Perfect, or Genesis cleansers (exp 7/21/08)
Save $3 on any Lumene skin care, sun care, or cosmetics (exp 7/21/08)
$1 off any full size Jergens natural glow (07/21/08)
$3 off any revlon cosmetics(exp 7/28)
-$3 off any full size Cristophe Hair Styling

$3 off Life Fitness
$3 off CVS Cetrizine D exp 7/2/08
$2 off Huggies Supreme
$3 on any Benefiber 60 dose or higher (exp 6/5)
$3 off any Excedrin 50ct or larger (exp 7/21/08)
$15 off Alli 90ct Expires 7/2/08
Save $10 on Alli 90 ct (exp 7/21/08)
$1 off 3 individual CVS toothbrushes exp 6/10/08
$1.50 off any pain releiver exp 7/2
$2 off any Carefree Pantiliner (exp. 6/30/08)
$1 off Band-aid exp 07/03/08
$2 off Ensure 6pk shakes exp 07/03/08
$2 off any $10 glucerna purchase (exp 6/21)
$1 off Bayer Heart Advantage (received from coupon scanner)
$2 off Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste (exp 7/4)
$1 off Rolaids 12 ct. or larger (exp. 7/7)
$1.50 off Rolaids 12 ct. or larger (exp. 7/10)
$5.00 off 20.00 Futuro braces x7/7
$1.00 off Aspercreme (exp 7/7)
$2.00 off Efferdent 78 ct (exp 7/7)
$3 off Playskool Plushies or Rompers Diapers
$1.50 off Sensodyne toothpaste
$1 0ff Unisom
$3 off extra strength Tylenol 225 ct (exp 7/10/08)
$2 off any Cortaid (exp7/17)
$3 off Tylenol PM/Simply Sleep 40-50 ct (exp 7/17)
$5 off Comfort Fit Nightguard (exp 7/17)
Save $5 on any 2 Maalox, Gas-X, or Exlax items (exp 7/21/08)
$2 off Playskool Cottony Cloths Baby Wipes (07/21/08)
$1 off colgate toothbrush(excludes Extra clean) (exp 7/28)
save $2 on Tooth Tunes toothbrushes (exp 7/28)
$1 off Colgate Total or Max Fresh toothpaste (excludes trial) (exp 7/28)
Save $1 on any Motrin 50 ct (exp 7/28)

$1 Absolutely Divine Cookies (prints often from store scanner)
B1G1 Extra Gum 15ct pack (exp unknown)
$1 off any 2 Gold Emblem Candy exp 6/22/08
$1 off Gold Emblem Water, 6pk or larger exp 6/25
Save $1 on new Hershey Dark Chocolate Candy
Save $1.50 on any Eclipse or Orbit White 60 ct BigePak (exp 7/01)
Buy 2 packs of 5 gum (15 ct.) get 1 free (exp 7/7/08)
Save $1 on new Hershey Bliss (exp 7/10/08)
Save $1 on any 2 Gold Emblem Nuts, pretzels, or crackers (exp. 7/17)
Buy any Ice Breaker/York tin, get 1 FREE (exp 7/16)
Buy a DOVE milk bar 1.3 oz or DOVE dark 1.3 oz, get one free (exp 7/21/08)

Free inkjet cartridge refill. New at CVS! (exp. 5/30/08)
Save $2 on any Duracell Photo (HPL)or Powerpix battery (exp 7/01)
Save $1 on purchase of Wisp refill (exp 7/21/08)
$1 on new Oust Surface and Air (07/21/08)

Found In-Store

7/2/08 - CVS has a new coupon out that can be found promoting their Back to School supplies. The coupons at my store were on the front counter near the registers in a cardboard counter display. They stand out as they are black and yellow (simliar to the "xxx for dummies" look) and they had 8 different types of coupons. Each coupon was for $5.00 off a $30.00 school supply purchase. They expire 9/13/08. They have the coupons divided by grade level and say "Suggested School Supply List" on the front cover. They are about 3x3 with the coupon on the back. The interesting thing is that I picked up several different coupons and each one had a unique barcode. *jdrodgers1013

Save $2 on Garnier Nutritioniste skin renew anti-puff eye roller (exp 12/31/08) - pad with product display
$2 off Neutrogena suncare product
$2 Skin Effects, any purchase (x. 12/31/08) ~ on a postcard size advertisement with a sample of Skin Effects Cell2Cell.
$2 on any lumene skin care product (Exp 11/30/08)~there are 2 differnt versions of the same coupon 1 is on a post card size single page ,the other 1 is a 2 page booklet with info on lumene products,
$1 off any Nivea for men skin or body care or 2 shaving products; pamphlets
$2 off any Nivea natural tone product; pamphlets
$2 off any Nivea sun kissed product; pamphlets
$1 off any Curel lifestages product; pamphlets
$2 off $10 purchase of CVS Brand items; purple pamphlet @ pharmacy
$2 off any one Nivea Cellulite
$5 off any two Nivea Cellulite
$1 off any Sally Hansen color treatments
$3 off $ 10 Sally Hansen (not Lacross)
$3 off 2 Sally Hansen Nail Color or Nail Treatment x8/31/08 (beautyhandbook)
$1 off 2 Aqua Pod 8packs x9/30/08 (beautyhandbook)
2$ off any Cristophe Beverly Hills purchase x8/31/08 (beautyhandbook)
$1.50 off any BreathRx item $8 or more x8/31/08 (beautyhandbook)
$2 off any CVS brand skincare purchase x8/31/08 (beautyhandbook)
$1 off any CVS brand suncare 3oz or larger x8/31/08 (beautyhandbook)
$2 off any 24.7 skincare product x8/31/08 (CVS skincare coupon booklet)
$1 off (2) inner beauty 1 liter bottle x8/31/08 (CVS skincare coupon booklet)
$1 off (2) 1 liter bottle of Dasani or Evian water x8/31/08 (CVS skincare coupon booklet)
$3 off any purchase of $15 or more x 7/27/08 (5 x 7 paper found in store)
$1 WYB one 16.9 oz. 12 pk of Lipton Iced Tea (tearpad found by drinks aisle)
FREE 1.5 Liter Lipton Iced tea WYB one 16.9 12 pk of Lipton Iced TEA (peelie on Lipton 8 pks.)
Free 20oz. Pepsi WYB 2 20oz. Pepsi (Found on cooler door)
$.50 off any 20oz. Aquafina, Aquafina Alive, or Aquafina FlavorSplash reg. price $1.49 (Found on cooler door)
$1 off a 12 pack of coke WYB 2 20oz cokes (peelie found on 12 packs)


I got home mailer of differnt $3 off $15 for sevreal weeks and $1 $4 off $20 along with free cvs brand item upto $3 and free 25 digital prints $7.25 value all these are valid for 7 weeks 1 coupon each week.
$1 off any 7 oz. edge eclipse, vault, or energy shave gel (exp. 6/30/08)

I got a coupon from CVS in the mail on 6/5/08. It is good for $10 off anything with the normal exclusions (alcohol, gift cards, tobacco, etc...)! It expires 6/22/08 and once I have redeemed the coupon it will print $5 ECB's on my receipt the first visit of each month for the rest of the year!!!


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