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How do I find the product code? From UPC? TIA.

Quote from mahgobbi View Post :
Now for the reasons why the LIFESAVERS and PERT coupons are beeping when they shouldn't...


Almost every Lifesavers product is coded with 19000 as the manufacturer's code. For some unknown reason, a *few* packages (including the Orange Mints) were coded with a 22000 instead. Strangely, the coupon was coded with 22000 instead of 19000, so almost every LEGITIMATE Lifesaver purchase will still beep. You can avoid the beeps by purchasing the Orange Mints (or other 22000 varieties) or you can explain to the cashier why the product is beeping now that you understand the miscoding.


Most Pert products are coded with 83484 as the manufacturer's code. At least one variety that I know of (Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus DEEP Conditioner) is coded with 37000 (the generic Proctor and Gamble code). I think this was an error in coding the product, but I can't be sure. The Pert coupons are all coded for 83484 products, so they will beep if you try to purchase a 37000 product, even though it's a LEGITIMATE use of the coupon. Again, you can avoid beeps by either not purchasing the 37000 products, or you can just explain to the cashier why it is beeping.