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Ok, time for me to clarify a bit because I just realized that my post was a little confusing and I also made a misstatement (which I have since edited).

As far as Family Codes are concerned, the 3 digit code will not tie in from the coupon to the product UPC. It's a pretty good rule of thumb that if the family code has NO zeros, it'll only work on the exact product shown on the coupon (or sometimes that same product in a different size, flavor, etc.). If the family code has one zero, it'll work on a lot more products, and if it has two zeros, it'll work on just about any related product.

The only *real* way to know for sure if to view a list of value codes (which would be too extensive to post here) or to type the coupon UPC into the coupon decoder on Everything I learned about coupon decoding I learned from that site about 5 years ago. I was a moderator there, but stopped using the site because IMO a lot of the people there weren't especially ethical (they didn't just abuse the system a little...they were seriously abusing the system!) Even so, the decoder can sometimes be helpful in determining which products will work when you have a vague coupon. I just recently re-registered there...I couldn't even remember the PW from my old account. laugh out loud

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Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this. It's even understandable. bounce

One question, do you cross check all your coupons when shopping or only if they beep?

Thanks again! Smilie
I only check the manufacturer's code on the coupons if they beep, AND I know that the coupon was 100% legitimate, AND the cashier / manager won't put it through.

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