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Quote from Kalanchoe View Post :
So has anyone who got banned NEVER made a single return throughout the lifetime of their account? Just wondering if returns are the sole reason for this banning. Ermm
I think if you go back to earlier posts in the two (or more?) threads, you'll find that a few potential issues have been identified as likely flags -- mis-match of shipping & CC billing addresses, suspected drop shipping, and additional non-household people on a prime account. Also, I seem to remember some high-ticket items involved. Ditto with damaged items and items lost.

Personally, I do a fair number of returns -- clothing that doesn't fit, items that are damaged in transit, products that are below expectations, food that is past expiration dates (credited), etc. It's a fair number of returns, but it's not abuse -- probably no different than what I would do at a B&M store. Actually, given the poor manner in which Amazon is shipping of late, Amazon is the abusers. Wink I also do chargebacks if they drag their feet about giving me credit for a return ... I give 'em 10 days after receipt (always tracked), then I sick AMEX on it. It can be a lot of chargebacks, given that I receive boxes daily and usually return at least one item a week. I've even been contacted about my chargebacks by the Amazon account people. But no ban.

So, I don't think returns are the sole reason, nor are chargebacks. But as others have pointed out, they have been "banned" and are not abusers (in their opinion).

I hope Amazon takes a good, long look at what they have done this weekend. They've got good customers getting nervous about been banned, and banned customers not understanding why. But they are out to lunch until Tuesday & can't redress these issues, except by the out-sourced CS monkeys. Wow. Really bad. There's no need for this.

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