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Quote from jennrn View Post :
I have a question - what about double barcodes? I've learned that sometimes if the coupon beeps, that the cashier could cover one of the barcodes to let it go through.
With some IP coupons, the scanner gets messed up by the second barcode and it will sometimes scan properly if the cashier covers the second barcode. I've never had a need to bring this up to a cashier, but some people do.

Quote :
Also back to that Huggies coupon $3/2 it exp 9/13 do you think I could still use it? I was thinking to use it at Target tomorrow. But I want to know that they'd get reimbursed. tia
It will scan without a beep. Expiration dates are programmed into the extended barcode (by month only, not day), but I've never heard of a single store which programs its registers to read extended barcodes.

The store will get paid, but if your store doesn't have a specific policy permitting the use of expired coupons, then you should not be knowingly passing expired coupons.