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Quote from rybal View Post :
Founders Breakfast, along with homebrew. Picked up 3 types of cider today, going to start up the hard cider brewing Monday.
I'm having a breakfast stout now as well.

Smell: Overall good. Chocolate and STRONG coffee aromas, along with an unpleasant aroma I can't place. No oatmeal smell.

Color: Motor Oil. You cannot see through this beer at all. I held it up to a light and you cannot see through whatsoever.

Taste: A touch of chocolate, no oatmeal and a lot of coffee. This is a coffee lovers dream beer. There is equal parts good coffee and overly roasted burnt coffee. Overall pleasant, but the burnt coffee distracts. Very little alcohol taste, even though I read on beer advocate the alcohol taste is strong.

Drinkability: Decent. I could have a couple, but not more than that.

Overall, if you like stouts, but not coffee, you might actually still like this beer, but you won't love it. If you like coffee, but not stouts, you'll actually probably like this one. If you like coffee and stouts, you will absolutely LOVE this one.