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Budweiser American Ale

Pour: Poured with a nice 1.5 finger head. Head dissipated after a bout a minute or two. I noticed this isn't a twist off, which is a nice difference between this and most of their beers.

Color and Look: A fairly nice amber color, almost like a mix of Amber Bock and regular old budweiser. Even though it's dark, it's pretty clear as far as seeing through it. Not any cloudiness or opaqueness.

Smell: Smells a lot like Budweiser. It smells a bit stronger and more robust, but it's almost like concentrated Bud.

Taste: Not impressive, but not repulsive. Actually almost tastes like Amber Bock and Bud mixed. There is definitely a little hop taste thrown in, but you have to look for it. The malt overpowers the hops. I'm not impressed, but not disappointed. I had higher expectations due to a couple reviews than I would have otherwise, but not too high. The more I drink it, the less I like it.

Drinkability: As with most AB products, you could pretty easily session this one if you wanted and you liked the taste.

Overall: Better than their average product, but I'd rather have an amber bock. Not that amber bock is that great, but I think it's a bit better than a malty beer trying to be an ale. I could see the masses liking this, but not too many people that really like micros.