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HENNEPIN, matt laugh out loud

Poured a verrry big head. Sorry, I took the picture after the head died down. It was really big, about the length of my index finger (no, Ii'm not a midget and no, I didn't pour it like a madman.) Light-Golden color.
It's called a Farmhouse Saison and it fits that description very well. When I first sipped it, I imagined myself sitting in a wagon heading to the barn to feed some hay to the horses. It has flavors which you would find on a farm too - lots of apples. The apples dominate the taste but I also sense spices as well. Could not pinpoint the spices, but cinnamon came to mind (maybe it was the apples...) It is yeasty, which turned me off at first, but not as much as a tripel or other Belgian style ale. Besides, the yeasty taste separates this from a cider. If only it were as nutritious as an apple!
This beer would be great to have on a hot day after yard work or something. Very easy to drink and very refreshing.
9.0 / 10