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Having Brians American Blonde Ale...

Pours a crystal clear golden pour, minimal head, tight white bubbles sticking to the side of the glass....great carbonation... IMO, perfect for this beer. i am still amazed how clear this beer is...OMG
Aroma- this one is stumping me, malt sweetness, maybe a little bready/biscuity but not sure if thats what i am picking up....i think its a mix between oranges and a slight bready scent..
Taste- absolutely amazing, this is a beer that i could drink everyday and be happy with... Goes down smooth but the slight bitterness makes this beer desired. citrisy , crisp, and the hops stings the tongue at the perfect balance. Another flavor is hitting my tongue, maybe its a little bit of biscuity/bready flavors, initial taste on the tongue is a mild and soft malt sweetness... All around, great balance.
Mouthfeel- medium to light body and smooth going down with slightly desired bitterness.. very easy drinker, approachable for all who like beer or want to try beer... glad i bought grain to make one myself.
Overall, i would agree with Brian in the aspect of being on tap all year around. great beer and you would of never guessed that its a homebrew!Thumbup

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