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I drank the Port Brewing High Tide fresh hop IPA tonight....

Pours a golden pour, with a thin white head...very thin lacing that clung to the glass though the whole drink.
aroma - woodsy hops, actually pretty strong aroma, more than I expected. mild citris hops but they are present. The comment about grapes, once it warms the grape smell does come out, but its hidden behind the forest of PINE.
taste- pine pine pine...initial taste has some malt sweetness, but then gets taken over by the earthy and pine hops...mild citris hops but primary earthy. Bitterness stays on the back of the tongue. A little spicy tones peak through as it warms as well. Very tasty, better than I wife is going to hate my breathe...this is awesome. Alcohol warmth gets you as this beer warms...modest being a 6.5%, but a bomber of this is excellent.
body is fairly light and it finishes off being a nice dry touch to your palette. Carbonation was great.
Overall, i would say if you like an IPA that contains an earthy tone...this one is for you...I am an earthy hop kind of guy so this beer was straight up delicious...
lupulin theshold shift \ lu-pu-lin thesh-old shift \n 1. When a once extraordinarily hoppy beer now seems pedestrian. 2. The phenomenon a person has when craving more bitterness in a beer. 3. The long-term exposure to extremely hoppy beers; if excessive or prolonged, a habitual dependence on hops will occur. 4. When a "Double IPA" just is not enough.