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Hop Shortage Be DAMNED...that name says it all...with this beer you wouldn't think there is a hop shortage Whee

Pours a orange and copper pour. Smallish white head and thin white sticky lacing that slides down my glass....can i say hop haze! Whee Licklips Great carbonation...

Aroma- brian said it, the aroma does shoot straight into your nose when you pop the top. Excellent aroma, strong initial tone is very citric, but the end scent is woodsy. I like, I like...I am also sensing a sweet smell later on in the drink.

Taste- initial taste is quite soft, but once your tongue just realize what just hit it, the bitterness soars to new heights! OMG It takes your tongue 1/4 of a second to realize this and its over. Malt backbone is there, just when you have this many hops inside a beer its usually sitting in the back corner. Light caramel taste. The hops are very POWERFUL in this beer. Very citrusy hops that are very present while the beer is in your mouth, but once the beer is down your throat, the woodsy and earthy hop really blows in your mouth. Did i ever mention that i love woodsy beers?! Whee Fairly dry finish, IMO its just right. This beer has a long lasting bitterness taste that just lingers in your mouth. Alcohol is very present later on in this beer. A bit of alcohol warmth as well as it warms.

Overall Brian, great job on this beer! Super hopped IIPA, very impressed and I am not surprised you can win medals with this beer.

lupulin theshold shift \ lu-pu-lin thesh-old shift \n 1. When a once extraordinarily hoppy beer now seems pedestrian. 2. The phenomenon a person has when craving more bitterness in a beer. 3. The long-term exposure to extremely hoppy beers; if excessive or prolonged, a habitual dependence on hops will occur. 4. When a "Double IPA" just is not enough.