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Just popped the top to Big Sky Brewing's Moose Drool brown ale. Always a delicious choice when you want something easy and light.

Appearance- pours a dark brown beer, when you hold it up to the light you see a dark deep mahogany showing through. Thin tan head, sticky lacing that rests on the glass.

Aroma- caramel, chocolate and roasted grain.

Taste- Initial taste has a sweet nutty caramel taste. The chocolate becomes more noticeable later on in the mouth. It has a roasted grain taste but its not too powerful. Nice earthy hops that balance the sweet maltiness of this beer. Very smooth and creamy on my palatte. Delicious, i think MAV would like this one... I think i like hobgoblin more though.

Medium body, good carbonation, and its an easy drinker at 5%

8.0/10 ....if i could get this on tap, i bet it would be higher..i heard fresh and on tap is drool worthy

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