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hard day at PT, need a beer...something light... picked up a sixer of buds american ale last week for 4.99 so I am trying it out.

Pours an auburn beer with highlights of bronze and red to it. Creamy off white head that is fairly airy, and lacing that slides down the glass. Carbonation is excellent.

Aroma is bready, light caramel, some spices but very hidden. Hops are leafy and floral. Not too much hop presence but it is there.
Taste- A decent amber ale, caramel tones initially come to tongue at first, some spiciness that fades rather quickly. Then the ending tones are grassy and metallic. Not really complexed and very mild. Though the ending taste on your pallete swings that budweiser overtaste that makes me not thrilled. Prior to that its not bad, but the after taste of bud and metal makes me Annoyed
Overall, its a basic amber. I applaud Bud for trying to make "quality" beer and i do somewhat enjoy it. I am glad i bought the sixer because of the cost. Probably wouldn't buy it unless i have a bbq and the peeps coming aren't beer savy.
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