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So i drank Sawyer's Triple by Stone... i poured it in an incorrect glass for a belgian, but i was too lazy...Stick Out Tongue

Poured a purty golden orange beer, with a nice 1 finger head that lasted for about 1/2 the beer. With spotty lacing that lasted through the whole beer.

Aroma- sweet, spicy, peppery, yeasty, bready, but its fairly tame... i am not a huge fan of super yeast aromas so this one is very pleasant...So far i like.

This beer is very well balanced. Initially it starts off sweet and then the spicy characteristics take over. Hop presence is definitely presence in this beer, very nice floral and citrus tones in it. Not sure if triples usually have that much, but its tastes just right for me, but its not over powering. Definitely has the yeasty characteristics that my saison has, but 20% of the taste of the "funkiness". This thing is pretty delicious...glad i bought another one to age it. I am tempted to get another one...
Mouthfeel was very smooth, great carbonation. Got better as this beer warmed.

I don't remember much more from last nightSorry i should i just wrote the darn review while i was drinking it...probably would of been more detailed.Whee

but Stone, great job on a belgian!
lupulin theshold shift \ lu-pu-lin thesh-old shift \n 1. When a once extraordinarily hoppy beer now seems pedestrian. 2. The phenomenon a person has when craving more bitterness in a beer. 3. The long-term exposure to extremely hoppy beers; if excessive or prolonged, a habitual dependence on hops will occur. 4. When a "Double IPA" just is not enough.