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How and when to use QUOTES in the Podium
There has been a lot of complaining about the over use/misuse of QUOTES in The Podium. So, I am posting a short "How-to" guide here.

Rule #1, it is NOT necessary to use a quote in every post you make. There are a few users here that quote EVERYTHING they reply to, and this guide is more or less specifically targeted to those users.

Secondly, the number one complaint is the excessive use of long quotes. I am going to make this simple. If you are replying to a post, especially the original post in a thread which is a long article, DO NOT QUOTE THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!!

I will say this again, DO NOT QUOTE AN ENTIRE ARTICLE. If you wish to draw attention to a particular point in an article, quote that point only, NOT the entire thing.

Your best bet is to do one of two things. Either post your reply in the "Quick Reply" space at the bottom of the thread:

OR use the button on the LEFT side of the screen, NOT the button on the RIGHT side of the screen (which is inside the original post itself).

Thirdly, if you are replying to a post above yours, and the post is long, DO NOT QUOTE THE ENTIRE POST. Simply cut/paste the specific point you are replying to, and only quote that point. Example:

If you are replying to the entire post, DO NOT QUOTE THE ENTIRE POST, simply but the author's name in bold to draw attention to the fact that you are replying to the author's post.

Lastly, if you quote someone and you are replying to a post further back in the thread, please use the button in the post you are replying to. This will ensure that the quote includes the author's name. Lately, there has been a lot of quotes that are not attributed, and it is not always easy to know who the original author was.

If there is a post where an author has quoted an entire story, please ModAlert the post to bring it to the mods' attention, and just put "long quote" in the reason field. The mods will edit/remove the quote. However, if the same user is constantly being ModAlerted due to excessively long quotes, instead of editing the post, the mods will simply DELETE the post entirely (this is much easier than editing). Therefore, I highly encourage each of you to learn how and when to use the quote system in The Podium.

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