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Just popped the top to my spring 08 release of Stone's Imperial Russian Stout

Pours a jet black beer with a thin brown creamy head that fades rather quickly. Lacing is a little patchy, but not heavy.

Aroma: roasted grains, strong tones of cocoa, molasses, maple syrup, deep dark tones, and a complex smell of raisons and dates. Light alcohol aroma.

Taste- Thick beer, kinda syrupy, but initial taste is smooth roasty grain taste, really rich, really full, huge mouthfeel, complex flavor of cocoa, licorice, and slightly smokey. This beer is just straight out damn good. Alcohol warmth as it warms.

Lower carbonation, but that could be because of thickness. Great beer, one of my favorite russian imperial stouts...i have a few more that i am aging so i am excited to review this is a year or two again...

lupulin theshold shift \ lu-pu-lin thesh-old shift \n 1. When a once extraordinarily hoppy beer now seems pedestrian. 2. The phenomenon a person has when craving more bitterness in a beer. 3. The long-term exposure to extremely hoppy beers; if excessive or prolonged, a habitual dependence on hops will occur. 4. When a "Double IPA" just is not enough.