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Current S&S Coupon Policy 2/11/09 - REFERENCE ONLY

Manufacturer Coupons
o Only one manufacturer's coupon per item.
o We do not accept expired coupons.
o No substitutions, the exact item stated on the coupon must be purchased.
o Coupons cannot be redeemed after the expiration date.
o Coupons with a face value over 99 cents will not be doubled or tripled.
o A customer may double a maximum of 4 identical manufacturer coupons. For example, if a
customer purchased 5 boxes of Cheerios and presented 5 manufacturer coupons for 50 cents,
the first four coupons would be doubled to a $1.00, the fifth would only be redeemed for 50 cents.
o Up to an additional 12 identical coupons/items will be redeemed at face value for a total of 16 identical coupons.
o Total redemption may not exceed the retail value of the item.
o Any coupon offering product "free of charge" should be honored for the value of the item only,
it cannot be doubled or tripled.
o Act Media coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
o Catalina checkout product specific coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
o Catalina checkout product specific coupons cannot be used with any other manufacturer's coupons for the same item.
o Catalina non-product specific store coupons can be used with another manufacturer's coupon.
For example, a customer may use a 50 cents off any Produce item and a manufacturer's coupon

o End of Order Coupons
o Catalina manufacturer's end of order (dollar off your next shopping trip) offers may be used
with other manufacturer's coupons.
o Stop & Shop End of order coupons i.e. "$7.00 off of a $50.00 purchase" are limited to one per
customer per transaction provided the customer has met the minimum purchase requirement
stated on the coupon. Customers are not eligible to use more than one end of order coupon per
transaction regardless of the total sale value.

Internet Coupons
Stop & Shop will continue to accept manufacturer coupons generated via the Internet, unless we
receive notification from manufacturers of fraudulent activity involving these coupons.

Gift Card Purchases
Stop & Shop does not accept coupons of any type for the purchase of Gift Cards.

Thanks, again, for contacting us. We appreciate hearing from you.


Catherine Garrett
Customer Care Representative
Just Married with Coupons