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CVS has 5 stages that their clearance products go through. Four of these stages are marked by 4 seperate tags, which are the yellow tags that say CLEARANCE on them. A store may hit all 5 stages, or skip ahead to any of the further stages at any time. This decision is usually up to the store manager. Also, sometimes the item may skip ahead stages (aka get marked down further) but the staff hasn't had a chance to put out the tag reflecting the latest stage yet. (This happens at my store a lot, because we are very busy & understaffed.) The 5 stages are:

STAGE 1 - yellow tag that simply reads "CLEARANCE" (item is still full price, the tag is just alerting you that the item is being discontinued. For you guys, its an alert to keep an eye on this item as it reaches the further markdown stages)
STAGE 2 - yellow tag that reads "CLEARANCE 25% OFF - YOU PAY $X.XX" (item is now 25% off original price)
STAGE 3 - yellow tag that reads "CLEARANCE 50% OFF - YOU PAY $X.XX" (item is now 50% off original price)
STAGE 4 - yellow tag that reads "CLEARANCE 75% OFF - YOU PAY $X.XX" (item is now 75% off original price
STAGE 5 - items removed from shelf and placed in the designated general clearance area (item is now 90% off original price)