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Quote from Mike_Terror View Post :
Hello, I just posted a coupon in the coupon section of the forum. It said that my post would have to be approved by a moderator before it was published. How long does it usually before I receive an answer if it was approved or not, or a reason if it was denied?

Welcome Mike_Terror

It depends on the workload of the Mods before it will get approved. Could be minutes, could be an hour. If it is more than two hours, you should PM a moderator from this list. Include in your PM as much info as possible (date posted, forum posted in, what the title of the thread was, etc.) You don't get notification that it was rejected/approved IIRC, you just have to check. With hundreds of new users everyday posting threads, it would be rather cumbersome to individually PM each one of them for each thread they post while they are a new user.

Also, check out the SD FAQ Megathread at the top of this forum for other commonly asked questions, including the new user section

Quote :
* Limits on new user’s privileges can also include:

*not being allowed to send PM’s (private messages)
*only being allowed to send one PM
*not being able to use a custom avatar
*not being able to use a custom user title (the L1, L2 thing under your username).
*Sending website URLs and email addresses in a PM is also disallowed for new users.

Most of these limits are in place to deter would-be spammers but usually don’t last too long. So be patient, participate in the forums as you normally would, and soon you’ll have access to just about everything

Happy Slickdealing!! woot

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