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I finally received a reply to the comment I sent on 3/19 about my nasti-tuded cashier at 10pm tonight, funny how it came after I sent a second comment.
Got shot down on the 10% discount and got the usual spiel about giving away free bread, milk and even cars with their loyalty card program.

I asked for their scan accuracy policy and this is what they replied with:
Also, please find below our scanning accuracy policy at your local Safeway stores:

We guarantee the accuracy of our electronic checkout system. Safeway will give you the item free, if the price on your detailed receipt is different (higher or lower) than indicated in advertisements or shown on the shelf price tag. You will only receive one of the items for free with the remaining items at the correct price.

If the item is on sale and register rings up the regular price, the store will only pay the difference on the item. If a customer is overcharged on a Buy One Get One special, not only will they receive the free item, they will receive the overcharged item free as well. It is subjected to a limit of one.

This does not apply to liquor, tobacco, or fluid milk items. In these cases, you will get the item at the sale price instead of free.
I was also told that my store doubles coupons and that was a Bigeye to me so in my reply I said I will let them know what kind of trouble I run into when I ask for my coupons to be doubled.
And I asked for some documentation as to the last time they gave a loyal customer a car.

Thanks to MSTHANGDR for the use of her # it worked perfectly here in NW AZ. woot
I didn't find any Bertolli's or Ronzoni blinkies or Kraft salad dressing Qs so the 10% really helped!

Today I received an info-cat that says:
Buy iTunes gift cards and earn $5
Buy $30+ in itunes gift cards and receive a $5 coupon for your next grocery order!
Offer valid in one Transaction 4/1-4/14/09
As a sd'er I don't really like to pay for music but it might be of interest to someone trying to convert some CATs to gift cards.

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