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Being a former CVS employee I had 2 managers ...

1 that always would mark down items 70 % - 90% nearly every (bi) week (ly) , we always had clearance.
The SECOND - was an ass , NO Clearance , no service , no nothing , a typical DICK.

that aside...
since once the local distribution office ships us an item , its in our inventory till we sell it (in most cases)& it is a cut out of that particular stores budget.
--> if we don't sell an item & it cant be sent back it just sits in the back.

--> depending on the store managers (which vary from 1 location to another) you may have good clearances on stuff that they dont want piled up in the back
(trucks come in WEEKLY)

----> there may be better deals at the CVS that is not closes to you...

**edit** - clearance items are set by the managers & can be unique to that store , the manager goes into the computer system & sets up an "EVENT" that causes the item to ring up the clearance price @ the register ... some items , even though may be part of the "EVENT" may still be on the shelf (priced incorrectly) & even show up wrong on the "PRICE CHECK" machine (since they are set to display national prices & sales)

--> check @ the register or ask a clerk to use the "IR GUN" - that is the best way to check the price
- Big Grin happy hunting.

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