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Quote from JSRANCHMN View Post :
A.)Why can't I figure out multiple quoting?
I click the multiple quote button on post and then another and then go to the open field. I try pasting after I select the multiple quote. Is it possible that I am one of the only people who doesn't get it?

B.)Why can't I find any information on multiple quoting?
To multiquote, click on the multi-quote button on each post that you want to quote, except the last post. On the last post that you're quoting, click on the regular 'reply' button instead. When the reply box comes up, all of the quotes *should* be there, including that of the final post.

Quote :
Why isn't there a prominent location for advanced posting with a listing below like:

Advanced Posting:

Adding and naming a hyperlink
Hyperlinking: Info in this very thread Smilie

Quote :
Starting a Thread
Click the button that says 'New Thread' that's at the top left of any forum Smilie

Quote :
Enhancing your post when posting a deal (Suggestions)
1.) Put multiple links when posting a deal with original prices and sale prices
2.) Add a product review from a reputable source when posting a deal
3.) Include a link for the rebate
That type of info and suggestions are in almost all of the FAQs for each forum, which are stickied at the top of each forum. Unfortunately not everyone reads them.

Quote :
I have to tell you, I am getting frustrated and feel confined. I have been around for awhile and did not want to post a deal because I didn’t know how to insert a link and name it instead of along string of characters. I need encouragement man! What I requested above would be considered encouraging.

I just feel like answers are buried too deep in the website.
hug It's true, a lot of the information on how and what to do is spread around throughout the forums. That's why McSlick put this FAQ megathread together, to try to bring as much of the information together in one place as possible. nod