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A place for questions
SEARCH TIPS -- thanks goes to rayzac99 , redsolar, Slickdeals, and widgit

There are three basic ways to search on

  1. AND - I am looking for either a measuring cup AND measuring cups
    Using quotes in your search will not give you the logical AND results. Instead that is actually an exact phrase search. For the logical AND results, just type the words you want without quotes. (example: "measuring cup", with quotes, brings up posts or threads containing that exact phrase only. But typing 'measuring cup', without quotes, will bring up any thread or post containg both 'measuring' and 'cup' in any combination.)

  2. OR - I am looking for either a measuring cup OR measuring cups
    Logical OR is set up using | ("pipe") character. Usually located on the same keyboard key as \ ("backwards slash")
    For example, if you are looking for measuring cup or measuring cups, type in the search box "measuring cup" | "measuring cups" (with quotes)*
    *Please Note: measuring cup | measuring cups (with no quotes) will not bring you any search results.

  3. NOT - I am looking for a measuring cup, but NOT measuring cups
    Logical NOT is achieved using the minus " - " sign
    For example, if you are looking for keyword free but not shipping, type in the search box free -shipping

Other Tips:
  1. Keyword must be between 3 and 64 characters
  2. Keywords are case insensitive (LaPtop is considered the same as laptop)
  3. Search for the model number of an item, (e.g. SKU or ASIN) instead of the name
  4. If you have a coupon or promo code, search using just the code
  5. Just search the store name
  6. You can also search by title only
  7. If you are not getting the results you want, try different keywords
  8. Check for spelling errors

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