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Quote from COWBOYDAVE View Post :
I am willing to do the Trivia and help with the scavenger hunt codes. Since it is what I am looking forward to anyway. Just remember they start at either 5pm EST or 6 pm EST
Thumbup I thought I could count on you. The e-mail I got said 6pm.

Quote from tntdrum99 View Post :
Cowboy...or anyone? Real Quick, Why is Slueth not showing up for me anymore? did it move somewhere? I see people posting answers to it. Is there a weekly link (like the one on bottom of page 1 of this thread) that I can look for as well?
There is no slueth code on Saturday & Sunday and it doesn't usually go up for Monday until mid morning. Also, when they have a code good for multiple days you usually only get 2500 points for one day.

Do you mean this link for 10,000 bonus points? laugh out loud
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