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I have for trade:

Would like in response: MCR codes, Pepsi codes, GC's (Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Best Buy, etc), or Xbox Live Points. Will look at all PMed offers before deciding.

Thank you for your time

Good trades: vegasmommy, Gerund, ARoxyChik, Blah956*

Good PS/MCR trades: Stephica, Ashb*, Slothsd, ScottyBigGunz, Skylar658, Lisalag4, MCRWinner, Nym57Santana , Hoe*, Dartboard, Nickehyz, Tiggerguy, MDLover, Goosiepiano*, Awshucks, TheOldinOut, Smjj

* = Multiple trades

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Coke - $20 Cash Card (Won Oct), Coke - 2 Movie Passes & $20 Cash Card (Won Nov), Coke - 2 Movie Passes (Won Dec), Coke - $20 Cash Card, 2 Movie Passes (Won Jan), & SD - T-shirt( Won Feb).

My trade items and wonderful traders list. None(Link)