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Founders Devil Dancer (Triple IPA) - this is a very tasty brew. More to the malty side, but still retains a fair amount of bitterness. I get grapefruit and a bit of pine in the hop aroma & flavor. Alcohol is definitely present in the taste, though at 12% that is expected - gives this reviewer a nice Irish sunburn all by itself. And as good as 120 Minute is, the three things I'd change about it are to make it more carbonated, weaker in alcohol, and a bit more bitter... and that kind of works out perfectly for what Devil Dancer brings. I don't know that the 120 hop profile is exactly the same (it's been awhile since I've had it by itself - generally I make a black & tan with WWS!), but it's pretty close I'd think. All in all, I really like this beer and even though it's expensive ($16/4pack), I will buy and enjoy it again.

Quote from 120 Minute Man View Post :
I could have added some bender as well but since I'm not a big brown ale fan I decided to pass. I am getting two cans of cynic with the order as well.
Bender is delicious, though!

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