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Quote from p0opstlnksal0t View Post :
well the t4300 rates about 200 points higher in passmark so its has a nice bump in processor speed over the celly... I dont think you would notice this difference in the real world... that being said, after tax on both this deal looks to save you about 80-100 bucks... I personally think the quality of lenovo is better than msi... but thats not to say the msi is bad quality. what integrated graphics does the lenovo sport? intel x4500?
Unless you live in CA or NJ...there is no tax on the Lenovo on Newegg...and if you want to be technical the MSI should be a B&M deal that means you can't use BingCB...Newegg 2% makes the Lenovo $392 vs MSI $348...I would rather spend the difference on the Lenovo for obvious reasons but that is just me....and yes the Lenovo has the X4500 which in the benchmarks is actually nearly the same as the integrated 8200M (but I'd still prefer Nvidia over Intel anything related to a GPU) - but neither will be able to satisfy serious gamers so there is nothing much to worry about there.

Quote from vsp View Post :
With BING, this would come to around $300 including tax (mine is 5%). So, the difference between the Newegg's Lenevo and this one would be $100
this MIGHT only be a B&M deal...don't think anyone can be too sure until Sunday.

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