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I decided to go to OD and check out the notebook. They had 3 in stock for $479.99 regular price and none on display. They will definitely go on sale tomorrow at $319.99 with instant rebate. I took a look at the MSI A6000 they had on display and I am actually impressed with the build quality and the CPU fan duct was on the side and the T6600 was running nice and cool and I couldn't hear the fan with my ear right up next to it. The 16" LED backlit screen look nice and crisp with good color reproduction and not too much blue tint like other LED backlit screens. The device manager was locked out but the specs on OD's program showed Atheros AR9285 half height wireless N card which is only one stream and can only connect at 150mbps rather then 300-450mbps like Intel 5300-5350 wireless N full height cards. If the A5000 doesn't have a full height mini pcie slot that can support Intel 5300-5350 it is for sure a no go for me. I also noticed that there was a "warranty void" sticker on the bottom plate. I think this is a very bad move from MSI. They are basically telling you that you can never upgrade your RAM with more capacity such as dual channel 2X2GB DDR2 800, or upgrade hard drive to 7200RPM or SSD or even just a bigger hard drive without voiding your supposed 3 year warranty first. I have worked on tons of different notebooks and none of them have the voided warranty sticker on the RAM and HDD compartments. Of course you can probably break out the heat gun and gently peel the sticker over. ;-) Would any of you brave MSI A6000 owners be willing to take the bottom plate off and see if you have a full size mini pcie slot or only half size slot? Also please install NVIDIA System Tools 6.05 from and see if you can adjust CPU FSB and GPU speed from the PERFORMANCE tab in the NVIDIA control panel. I am pretty sure you should be able to adjust both and overclock in software mode safely. If you are able to overclock properly and the notebook has a full size mini pcie slot that can fit both half height and full height mini pcie card I might just have to get one of these tomorrow. Please respond ASAP. Thanks! bulb