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I finally had some Utopias a couple months back, and then again in March. It comes in a copper-enameled ceramic bottle (with a bottlecap still!) in the shape of the Sam Adams brew kettles and is 25% ABV which makes it the beer with the highest alcohol content.

It really drinks more like a cognac or brandy and you don't want to have much more than a couple of ounces if it's your first taste. None of my buddies (including the guy who works at Sam Adams that I know) enjoyed it at all, but I'm pretty sure that's mostly because they aren't liquor drinkers. It has a light maple syrupy taste to it. I thought I tasted some cinnamon or nutmeg too, but that could have just been my imagination. It's not carbonated, so the burn on the way down is definitely the alcohol Smilie

And, not that you guys can really get this stuff, but I had a bunch of different types of Sam at different stages of their brewing cycles. I'm quite sure we had the Boston Lager, Boston Ale, Black Lager, Scotch Ale, and Summer Ale. Let's just say the beer is much better at the end of it's fermenting cycle than it is at the beginning nod My buddy took me & a few friends on an unofficial 2.5 hour tour of the Cincinnati plant. The plant is FAR from being ready to be toured by the public, but that's what they are working towards. Since it's on the site of the old Hudepohl plant, some of the areas are really quite old and dingy, but it was definitely a better tour than the one we took in St. Louis last year.