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Quote from Deptacon View Post :
Go to the HDMI wall plates for 3 a blue box for 1 dollar....cut a hole...install the the wires BEHIND THE wall, and boom, you house is now wired for wall mounted TV and HDMI...without a "hole in the wall" takes all of 20 more minutes to make it professional guys
I agree it is not difficult to do this, but to me it really doesn't matter as neither the hole behind the tv nor the hole where the wires will come out of the wall will ever be seen.

If the TV is ever moved I would not want an HDMI wall plate in the middle of my wall, so that would need to be taken out and covered anyway. The wall plate on the bottom could stay, as I would probably put it next to an outlet, but to me a simple hole will work just fine.

There is also the Optical Cable I am using to connect to the HTIB, not sure if they make a wall mount for this?

And I'd rather go to Home Depot anyway.