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First off, I want to thank all of you who sent me personal messages or posted in this thread your condolences and/or prayers for my family and me at this difficult time with my mom passing away about a month ago. I'll be replying back shortly to all of you. I'm just starting to get back into life and haven't done much beyond Rite Aid.

Speaking of Rite Aid, here's a good deal on liquor (not that I'm drowning my sorrows in I don't drink much).

Smirnoff Vodka 750ml is $9.99 at Rite Aid in Southern California. PURCHASE 8 and save $70 (through Thursday, December 24). Use 4 - $5/2 (12/13 RP - coupons do not say one per purchase or one per customer), a $5 off $20 and this $50 pdf rebate on 8
$9.99 x 8 = $79.92 less 4 $5/2, less $5 off $20 (there is no liquor restriction printed on the coupon) = $54.92 less $50 rebate = 8/$4.92. = .62 per bottle (plus tax and stamp for rebate). That's CHEAPER than drinking water...

I'm sorry I did not see the rebate earlier as during the Friday/Saturday 2-day (12/18-19) sale it was $8.99 and would have been FREE + $3.08 overage in the end.

This rebate doesn't limit the like amount of the same product unlike the rebate form from the RA ad which has a limit of 3 of one kind of Diageo brands. This is only 8 items for $50 and the mail in rebate from the RA ad is 10. Nice deal!

For those who don't have the $5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon, it's in the wiki in this thread 5th from the bottom $5 off $20 VV (Rite Aid Video Values). Be sure to DOWNLOAD the coupon and then print. Don't print it off the google docs site. The quality is much better if you download it (for scanning at the checkstand).

UPDATE idea!!!! Break it up into 4 transactions (since the rebate form allows multiple receipts) with each having a $5 off $20 RA coupon. Add a .02 or higher item (to make it to $20) and get another $15 off to make it a $10+ MM. That should pay for more than the tax and stamp...FREE LIQUOR and make money on the deal!

$9.99 x 2 = $19.98 + filler to bring to $20 less $5 off $20 RA, less $5/2 manufacturer = $9.98 + filler. Do 4 times. Less $50 mail-in rebate. Equals $10MM.

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