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Final recap:

Quote from Numb_Butt View Post :
Champions - B
Pop Goes Trivia - A
Are You More Intelligent than a Middle-School - B
This Day in History - C
Quote from RealtreeGirl View Post :
Sunday Watch and Win #1: Stay Sober

Sunday Watch and Win #2: A

Sara Evans appeared as a celebrity judge on what decorating reality show?: Design Star

What organization was Trace Adkins a member of during high school? : future farmers of america

Make sure you dont type FFA.. you have to spell out the entire answer!
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5pm & 9pm code: Oklahoma
No where to put it though.
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Keith Urban Sacvenger Hunt Code: kurban
Quote from RealtreeGirl View Post :
Top 20 Countdown Scavenger Hunt Code: topsuper
Quote from RealtreeGirl View Post :
ACM Orange Carpet Scavenger Hunt Code: orange
Quote from stef23 View Post :
Phil- gaccode
Quote from amberfyre View Post :
6&10pm: Louisiana
Quote from ericcartman View Post :
Facebook code: sweepstakes
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Unofficial Sunday Twitter Code: Superfan
Quote from ericcartman View Post :
7pm & 11pm code: Kickin'
8pm & 12am code: PLACE

Thanks to all that helped out this week. ApplauseRockWorthy
Now, everybody... Go get a life.CrazylaughBiggrin2Rofl2

BTW, anyone up after midnight tonight, try this link for an additional 10,000pts.
1-25-10 weekly link for 10,000 points: please copy and paste so they don't see a lot of traffic from SD.

Also after midnight, hit all the featured links again before they go away.

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