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Quote from snickles78 View Post :
i know people are using the acronyms because we aren't supposed to mention other sites (?) but can someone clue me in to what the other sites that area always being mentioned are Smilie
AFC, a full cup dot com is where the early scans are being posted.
Couponers Wanted requires membership but that's where the Jewel UPC list often appears.
Hot Coupon World (HCW) and Couponmom are databases.
HTH-- not sure which other abbreviations you were looking for.

I've often thought we should have a glossary link in the wiki for newbies. I'd be happy to do a single post if folks would suggest things to be included. Then would just need a wiki-guru to link it. So for starters:

AFC - A Full Cup dot com, another couponing website
Blinkie - Coupon from the machine on store shelf that dispenses coupons (has a blinking red light)
BOGO/B1G1F - Buy one get one/ Buy 1 Get 1 Free
BTFE - Box Tops for Education; found on GM products
CAT - Coupon from the coupon printing machine provided by Catalina Marketing or the machine itself
Coupon Mom - Coupon data base
Cow - Catalina coupon for free milk
CRT - Cash register tape
CW - Couponers Wanted. Couponing website. Membership required.
DND - Do Not Double.
FAR - Free after rebate
GM - General Mills
HCW - Hot Coupon World. Coupon data base.
IP - Internet printable (coupon)
ISO - In search of
MB - Market Basket; chain of grocery stores mostly in MA
MM - Money maker
MMAR - Make money after rebate
MQ - Manufacturer's coupon
NBPR/NWPR - No beer/wine purchase required
OOP - Out of pocket
OYNO - Off your next order
PC - Price Chopper; another supermarket chain
P&G - Proctor & Gamble
Peelie - Coupon found stuck to a package that needs to be peeled off Smilie
PSP - Pre-sale price, i.e. regular shelf price
Q = Coupon
RP - RedPlum. Either the website or the weekend paper insert.
SP - Sale price
SS - SmartSource. Either the website or the weekend newspaper insert.
S&S - Stop & Shop; another supermarket chain
TGD - ThatGirlDawn, our beloved leader
TP - Tear pad (or toilet paper)
WH - Wild Harvest. Brand of natural foods or the natural foods aisle at Shaw's
WM - WalMart
WT- Wine tag
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary; not all stores doing the same thing

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